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Looking for games for my challenge this year (more info in my profile)

19 yr old subby here 👋🏻

I’m mainly looking to find people to talk and play with, I’ve got a bunch of kinks but the main ones are:
Tease and denial
Orgasm control

Looking forward to meeting you don’t hesitate to dm

Last ruin: 31st March 2021 (total ruins this year: 5)
Last orgasm: 26th April 2021 (total full orgasms this year: 10)
Trying this thing this year that I’ll only cum if the person I play with lets me, other than that I’ll stay denied and won’t touch til I get a game and only hump if I get too excited 🙈

Ruin/orgasm/denied time table (ps sorry for those who gave me some but I didn’t add cus I just thought of this)
Ruin - Ella 24/2/2021 ❤️🥵 she made me cum without letting me touch so I had to hump my pillow 🙈
Denied - Julia 26/2/2021 she edged and edged me only to deny me at the end
Denied - Samantha 28/2/2021 she edged me a bit only to tell me to put it back in my pants
Ruin - Diana 4/3/2021 she teased me and told me to edge only to let me cum from humping
Orgasm - Ella 15/3/2021 ❤️😘 after she teased and told me to hump/stroke she told me to cum hard on her face
Ruin - Diana 20/3/2021 after telling me to edge by humping she finished off the session by telling me to ruin 😰
Ruin - Ella 22/3/2021 ❤️❤️she teased, edged me and made we watch a video, after she played a game of Rock Paper Scissors and I lost and had to ruin and eat my load 🙈
Denied - Bella 26/3/2021 she made me stroke and hump but I ended up edging without her permission so she denied me early on
Orgasm - Ella 29/3/2021 ❤️❤️she teased and edged me with gifs untill she finally let me cum hard 🥵
Ruin - Ella 31/3/2021 ❤️❤️ She barely let me pleasure myself as she teased me then made me cum with 1 finger
Orgasm - Ella 3/4/2021 ❤️🥵 she teased me and said naughty things and then made me copy a video and cum on my face 🙈
Orgasm - Ella 13/4/2021 ❤️❤️ She teased and made me hump til she finally let me touch and cum 🥵
Denial - jjo 19/4/2021 jjo edged me plenty 🤤🤤 and during the game was talking to ella about denying me at the end in a different language 🥵🥵
Orgasm - Ella 19/4/2021 ❤️❤️ I lost this bet and I had to cum and will be denied for the next 7 days 🥵🥵
Denial - Ella/Gabi 23/4/2021 🥵❤️ I played a game with Ella then lost a bet (I can’t touch or hump), then ella agreed for me to play gabi in bullet chess every loss was 1 more day added to my denial, I lost all of the games and received 15 extra days with denial on top of my previous one, I also can’t touch or hump unless any girl gives me permission, either here or on discord, pls help 🥺❤️. Few hours later I lost more games my denial is now 30 days
Orgasm - Ella/Gabi/Jess 26/4/2021 🥵 after long teases and edging I accidentally exploded 😢🥺

Always looking to play and chat to new people 😁

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