Rathia the Yinglong (Transgender) (Level 4) mail warning

no more wyvern now :D

Lesbian / Switch


my theme

(You can DM me if you want to play, but high probability that I won’t reply for a long time, too troublesome to reply ,haha~)lol
(irl i m a man)
(I am from Taiwan, so Chinese is my language, and my English is suck. Please forgive me if there are any mistakes:P)
Rathia's human form
Dungeon mode
beb mode

Welcome~my friend~
Rathia here

as you see
l'm very beautiful and horny futa girl,
also a Strong sexyfighter

Maybe you have discovered that, I am a little different from ordinary humans...
Slowly shaking my dragon tail , my huge wings are stretched out, and the sparkling wing membranes are incomparable to even the most dazzling diamonds under the sunlight

when you were face to face with me, in addition to being attracted by my beauty, you must know one thing that you are in the lair of an apex predator now...I showed my sharp fangs and licked my lips
fufu....this kind of carelessness maybe could kill you...Lifts your chin and smiles at you*But ...you are very luckly~ I don’t want to eat anyone today,Because you are not qualified enough to be my prey~hehe❤️
yep,I am indeed not human, I am a wyvern that used transformation magic to turn myself into a human form. Unfortunately, my heart is still like a wild beast and is always in heat...Ah~*I rubbed my pussy and cock with my white hands, my blue eyes were struck by lust, faintly glowing with passion.
~What should I do?

hun~Your cute little eyes seem to show that you are very unconvinced,right?
Maybe~ you can try to challenge the dangerous and charming dragon queen

As long as you're sexy, horny and dominant enough, I'll never reject you~
fufu~ I hope you can walk out of the ring alive...
Why? Because horny chinese dragon.... Rathia is joining the battle
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appearance and personality

Cup size: E
Height: 172cm(human form)
75m(dragon form)
Hair color: white~ Turns red when I use my dragon energy...
eyes color: Aquamarine~same,Turns red when I use my dragon energy
Clothing: nice Cheongsam~Sometimes wears very sexy armor

What? If you ask me what dragon energy is?, hehe...I will tell you,
This is magic transformed from my life force... that it is your end too.....

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how to play

Hehe~ I am the berserker dragon. A better and more violent sexfight is my lifelong pursuit. Beat me as much as you can, fuck me, make me feel humiliated, and make me to be your exclusive little bitch sluttly and whore!
Because if you don't, I will do these things to you!

Of course, if you're not a dangerous and horny person, I won't make things difficult for you.
But I think I'll be a little disappointed...

Fufu~ by the way, you'd better not think that you can let me take the initiative to lift my big ass for you without a fight~
My perfect slut dragon ass is not that cheap :D
Unless I happen to be a little horny at the time......

*Image Title

about my origins and ability,
hehe,As you all know, I'm not a real human...
According to my master and adoptive mother Nara, I was originally a dragon egg she picked up on the black market. She bought me for a lot of money, brought me back to Jingu City and raised me. She taught me the magic of transformation,It allowed me to walk in the human world in human form. Until I was fifteen years old, I left Phoenix City and went to the hometown of our wyvern race....Heaven's Mount. After many years of business, I have my own home there. The locals regard me as a protector, even...a god, a guardian beast, haha, and I happily accepted this identity and established a The Knights protect the local area
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However, there is a reason why Phoenix raised me and allowed me to grow.
they regard me as an important subject of occult experiments. The ultimate goal of this experiment comes from their great cause. They hope to resurrect the Chinese dragons that existed at the same time as them but are extinct today.
This is an unparalleled and powerful race, but because their numbers are too rare, they mixed with humans, other dragons, crocodiles and other creatures, and gradually disappeared into history over time.
And the wyvern's DNA, It is the most similar to long among all dragon types.
They will use the DNA of the Chinese dragons. and magical energy poured into my body, which made my body become extremely powerful and less and less like myself...
However, although I am now a Chinese dragon, I still retain some of my wyvern characteristics waves the wings in my back

I'm proficient in shape-shifting magic, In the dragon form, I can release more powerful thunder and lightning and dragon energy at will, like a god descending, sweeping everything around me. In the human form, this ability will be transformed into a powerful thunder fist and the magic of controlling thunder and lightning. fufu~ It’s best not to intrude on my territory at will, otherwise you will be responsible for the consequences....

and this is my powerful dragon form~
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(yep,still monster hunter style :P,In fact, the real yinglong looks like this)
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Now, let the battle song resound through the sky, and let us have a real, hearty battle !!!

thank Amberˇ~ˇImage Title

Important person

Cassy, Cute kitty who led me here~ likes fish and can swallow anything
Amber,My knight, loyal minister and mistress, her breasts often squirt due to stimulation, she seems to be inextricably linked to a purple guy,She and Niko ,Marie are allegiance to me.

My nemesis Katy, the competitive succubus

Cariel,A very cunning little dragon girl , also my prisoner. She seems to enjoy being caught and imprisoned by me on purpose....

Alyssa,My boss whom I haven’t seen in a long time , also a cowgirl

I hate Ethan's box,idiot box :3
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I challenged Aquariusin beb, Then I lost, which resulted in me now being 1% succubus (the other 99% still wyvern),Able to use some succubus magic, such as summoning tentacles, stronger hypnosis, and charm :P

(Waiting to be added...)

my rules and things i don't like

(I don't like pure sub or dom, I don't want anyone to be my good girl, I'm not anyone's sextoy either, if there is such a thing, I will leave after politely apologizing)
(Respect is the most basic demand. If you can't satisfy it, I will leave too , But not so polite....)
(I can't read minds, If you have any demands I will try my best to fulfill them, please speak out.)
(Please pay attention to the time zone~I use China Standard Time)
(I don’t like Being greeted constantly, it makes me feel not free)

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(this is old wyvern Rathia,Actually just changed my hair color ,and dragon form)

(The pf is under construction, please wait patiently...)

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