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Cariel's alt for BeB (with family name now)

Bi / Sub

Although Cariel is a extremely submissive dragon girl, she can sometimes very rarely (almost never) stand up for herself. Why is she wearing less clothes while fighting? Because the lack of clothes make it easier for her to move around, and to make herself a more tempting damsel for the villains. Okay yes, 99% of time any efforts Cariel puts in to a fight is just fore play before she gets captured and taken away to be fucked. No matter what I put here I just know that somehow in some way Cariel will end up losing with 99.99% chance. Other important info is that Cariel fights with her bare fist and barefoot. (I don't have the patreon, this character was made to play with someone else I know)

The minotauress Labyrinth
After Cariel had received a letter from her mistress, asking for her to come and rescue her from the dungeon, the dragoness immediately set out to go raid the dungeon and save her mistress. Unfortunately for Cariel though, her adventure would be cut short when she would reach a giant slime lake that defeated her. After she was milked and forced to orgasm for a few hours, she was set free from the slime lake. It was then that she was surprised by her mistress appearing and taking the exhausted dragon girl away. These events lead to Cariel becoming a slave in the dungeon, but serving more specifically her mistress and sometimes obeying to the lord of the dungeon. Altough Cariel has never been told what title that she has to use for the dungeon lord, so here's the dumbest one I could come up with: Miss Mistress Mademoiselle Duchesse du taureau and noble of the supreme court of Isa I

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