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“Eh? What do ya mean you won’t fight me! Lemme fuck you up! You were the one who told me to be more vocal! Huh? Why wouldn’t that include this?! I’m gonna whoop your ass if you keep making things this complicated… Come here!”

Lucile was a mixed martial artist with an explosive personality which she doesn’t usually put on display. She’s by no means shy, however she’s always so caught up in her training that she seems distant. It was only when she was introduced to Erofights city by a friend (in an effort to make her get out more) did she really start to let loose.

“Gotcha! Don’t sit on your ass too long, at the rate this is goin for ya you’re gonna need it in tip top shape big man.”

Lucile has a knack for trash talk, it comes naturally to her and she’s always pretty vocal about it. That said if she is beaten she’s prideful enough to play along with the winner and get humbled.

“Damn… didn’t you say you were right handed? You got a helluva left girl. You want me to wear this?! You- ugh… yes ma’am… wait, you want me ONLY to wear that? Well… now we’re talking… yes mistress~”

At the end of the day Lucile knows sport. Regardless of if she wins or loses she enjoys her craft, and will never hold her art back. If you happen to be unable to handle that? Well then you’ll lose. And she’ll make sure you both have a good time if you’re up for the repercussions.

“Damn! I can hear my heart pounding in my chest. Hah, let’s call it a draw for the day, I’m beat. Gonna hit the shower. Why are you asking me for the men’s showers? You know that’s not where I’m takin you~”

Of course, Lucile’s thirst to display her skill has lead her to some… unsavory arenas. Underground rings. She’s won a few “prizes” in her short time, and while they love her and how she treats them… technically the means of obtainment weren’t legal anyway. So she’s got a bit of a record. Still, she’s been on the loser’s side before herself, she knows what it’s like so she’s gonna give her spoils of war the best time and treatment she can provide.

“Careful with your stretches beautiful, they’re important but you don’t wanna pull something. But speaking of important, basement, ten minutes. Don’t bring anything but that sexy body, yes that’s an order~”


Later on her journeys Lucile met some incredible people, but the one who changed her life the most thus far was a man named Draco.

Draco taught the martial artist of the art of ki, something she herself had been taking advantage of her surplus amounts without even knowing it. This energy was the very thing that propelled her so far in her career and she hadn’t even realized it.

Lucile’s years of discipline, dedication, and training had led her to being a prodigy in the art without knowing it had existed. So when Draco finally tapped into it, it flooded out.

Waves and waves of energy poured out as she exhaled, it consumed the room she was in and cranked up the heat a gentle [redacted] to [redacted] degrees Fahrenheit. With the natural entropy of the universe around Lucile cranked up. As did Lucile’s ability to move. Everything within a few inches of her functioned as sonic speeds and she broke the sound barrier a few times. She found herself able to create afterimages with her movements and travel long distances in seconds flat. When she inhaled. The opposite occurred. A similar temperature jump, her perception slowed down as did everything around her. When the time’s arrow is never fired then nothing will ever move.

Despite all of this Lucile still wasn’t using her newfound power right. All she managed to do was expel it as raw energy, raw heat or lack thereof to speed up or slow down her surroundings. It wasn’t until she made a deal with an old friend to break past the latest wall in her life. One with stakes she was weighing her life on.

“I want you to let me challenge your tower. Treat me as any other newcomer. If I lose enslave me, do whatever you want, I don’t care. I’ll be your property. Break me if you want too. If I’m not strong enough to win again I’ll either become strong enough to do so or give up in the process. And if I give up? Don’t free me anyway, at that point I wasn’t destined for anything greater than servitude anyway.”

Lucile went into her friend’s tower. Radio silence for one week, then two. It seemed as though she was gone, lost to her lust and toys for the tower’s thralls. And then two weeks later…

The Return

Someone else stepped out. It was still Lucile, but she had grown. Her muscles denser, yet her body slightly more compact. She could move easier and hit harder. She came out with a new set of skills too, and a hairstyle and outfit to match.

Lucile was enslaved twice in her time there. Captured and used relentlessly for two weeks. When she finally escaped she conquered the tower with new power she learned along the way. She had grown. She knew now she was destined for more. With her now greater understanding of Ki she had broken past that wall. Only a few more challenges remained.

Oh, and she knows how to use a sword now! She won’t say how or what she had to do to learn that though!


For some time following this Lucile’s life was tame. She was far stronger than she ever had been, among the most capable in martial combat. Then she came back into her life.

Zalama, the aspect of ambition, desire, and the want crashed and burnt everything there was for Lucile. It was only through the intervention of another aspect, that of stories, that prevented a tragic fate. Regardless, Lucile was not happy with that feeling of powerlessness similar to that of many years ago. Lucile was not satisfied with being that helpless girl again after her journey. With Zalama now contained Lucile wanted to be rid of her, but the threat of revenge loomed and eventually struck.

Several weeks later Zalama got lucky, a chance encounter with two other aspect’s led to the aspect of story’s to be undone. She was back to her former self, well beyond godhood. And the first thing she did was seek revenge. Sending a disheveled Lucile back to her friends, powerless for but a third time at her hand, on that night Lucile made a promise to herself.

Thus Spoke Lumin

Lucile spent the next week preparing for what she hoped would be the final bout, overcoming spiritual, physical, and mental limitations that would spell but a fourth loss to Zalama. As far as she was concerned. The playing field was even.

The ordeal was complicated to say the least, but eventually Lucile managed to grasp a victory, a mortal reaching beyond the nine realms to grasp at a fate allowed only by god’s. A human, devoid of the deity’s blessing of magic stole her fate from the hands of any god, aspect, or outside influence. A mere human redefined fate with nothing but a soul burning prismatic colors into the night sky. Nothing but human will, and human will alone.



Following the events of her duel with Zalama Lucile began to lead a calmer life. She spent a lot of time in the ecological anomaly that spawned from it. Along with this she began to take back up her low stakes sexfighting again. Her first opponent whom she sought out was Anton whom she accepted the “subby slut challenge” of. Lucile having been in such high stakes powerful bouts as of late was overconfident, and while she did have him on the ropes for most of the match he countered with proficiency in the craft at the very last moment when her guard was down. Lucile came and accepted her defeat. Kneeling and thanking him for covering her with his cumshot. Now his submissive slut for three days she was given a rule.
For the next three games Lucile must take any opportunity to give her opponent oral and tell them how much she enjoys servicing them as well.

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Those gloves

“I accept my punishment.”

“Can’t stop, won’t stop!”

“Don’t stop!~ Don’t stop!~”

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I won, didn’t I?

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Ropes still a challenge though…

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Training during slavery

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