Diana (Level 7) mail warning

Heavy RP (long intros, bring scenario), read kinklist before joining

Bi / Sub

Diana - Loving and Submissive

⚠️Disclaimer: Diana is a character based on my real self. I will never speak out of character even if you think I'm speaking out of character.

I don't do wrestling. Sorry.

80% RP and intro, 20% sex

I swear to god, if another person without a kink-list or profile asks me what scenario I wanna do, I'm gonna explode. If you wanna RP bring starters please.

About me:

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I'm sub, but I'm not passive. Everyone nowadays thinks it's either brat, or a piece of uninteractive log. I will actively describe and go out of my way to please my dom. Unless you gag me, then I'll try to describe what I feel, but it's harder than just talking. My fate is in your hands, you can use and abuse me, and I'm all for it. But I'm not against cuddles and loving passion sometimes too.

No non con, though, unless it's an RP about two lovers trusting eachother and trying kinky stuff like non-con. If my character doesn't agree to something in scenario and you physically try to force her, I will leave. (dub con is fine)

This website is just nice background, i like to take inspiration from the actions I pick, but I don't care who wins. I'm not opposed to bets, but propose something else, than who wins the fight, any other game for example, or just a dice roll (last resort).

I have two modes, a loving wife for my husband, and an extreme sub. For the first mode my kinks are being loved and talked sweet to. For the second its hypnosis, slavery and ruin of public life. (quite a combo, I know)

I don't do IRL play, you are a dom for my character in RP, not me (I can pretend I am doing IRL, if that's what you into). On that note, i prefer you not stroke your dick during it, as it's hard to write one handed. I myself use a vibe for that, so I can type with both hands, and will often finish myself reading our story later in bath.

I'm a sub, I'm not a brat. I can passively resist, beg not to do something, or scheme to avoid it, even lie.

I prefer not to dom, but if we play few times it sometimes can be a good change. I'm always a gentle dom, mommy. Not huge fan of brats.

Oh and here are some of my pictures:

Don't ask for more of them please, I'm tired of that.

Diana's adventures (all of them are long stories, dm with feedback):

One night, Diana dreams about being a female warrior. Fighting against bandits, orcs and an incubus, who turned out to look just like Mark, her old friend. Her dream goes unusually kinky for her and she even brings her friend Stella in action.

In an other dream, she is an elven driad, protecting the forest from invading demon. Realizing how strong the invador is, she makes use of his semen instead.

Trying to settle down, Diana goes for a stable relationship with Efighter. She does love him, and they way he is so shy, on top of being able to live that housewife life, which she loves, but after few years, she realizes she wants more out of life and moves out.

After many years, Diana reunites with her crush from high school, Mark. She decides she is not going to let him go that easily and makes a move.

In an alternate universe, Diana was born a slave, end ended up as a prize to a gentle and caring man, who grants her freedom. Not understanding the concept of freedom, arriving at his home she wants to make sure, he never sells her to anyone else. (not my proudest RP, I think I pushed a bit too hard)

Student Diana, known for being an easy girl, seduces one of her classmates. Things get quickly out of hand, once they are both in risk of being expelled.

After talking in fantasies about it with her caged boyfriend, misstress Diana, finally invites her ex over to fuck her in front of him.

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