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Brought back from the Beyond (RP Only)


Bi / Switch

Well hello! I know you've most likely found your way here and I should most likely explain my story. Of course it is intertwined with another story in a sense, meaning you'll most likely need some sense of context~

My son, you may know him as Draco Adelmund or "Draco The Breeder". I was gone from his life for quite a while but a Powerful Being brought me back to life. As a sort of gift to make up for things that happened to my son. And now I am here, among the living once again. Not as a zombie if you're wondering~

It's been a bit of an adjustment coming back in a new age. But in the end, I've decided to try and break my son's record. He isn't the only one who wants a large family for himself~

I also got a womb tattoo from Lady. I am her baby-making factory and her Fae cock will continue filling me greatly with her cum.

Womb Tattoo

(This character is played by Draco The Breeder)

Arika: 129

Esmeralda Torres: 93

Lady Of The Lake: 49,446,886

Neshi: 12

Amara: 3

DA Pianoman: 4

Jessica Gazmere: 149

Kichi: 17

Jaqueline: 135

Cassy: 13

Jacob: 17

Total Eggs: 54,236,901








Pregnant Tribal

Secondary Cow

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