Violette, Slime Vampire Kitty (Level 1) mail warning

Bi / Switch

Hewwo and welcome, friends and others. I am Violette Ivory.

Maybe you know my Moms. They are both pretty famous in this city: Julie and Kichi.
My aunt Anna is very important to me. She is like a big sister and a cool teacher in one.

I love to meet new people. Really. Don't fear me. Maybe I will bite you, because I share the vampiric hunger and all the abilities with my Mom Julie. But I have on the other hand all the abilities of my Mom Kichi, so don't be suprised, when you end in my slimy tentacles.

If you want to know more about me, just talk with me. Don't be boring, have fun, and everything is a big YEY!

Alt character of this , if you want to play with one of my alts, just say it.

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