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Lesbian / Switch

Hello, my name is Kichi, I am a slime girl. I hope you are not scared of me, the lake I used to live in dried up completely leading me to EF City in search of more fluids to sustain myself, or maybe even find a new home here.
I don't know much about other living beings, as I spent almost all of my time before coming her by myself, so I hope you can forgive me for any transgressions I may commit while learning about the other living beings of the world.

(No Guest accounts, or people without a profile pic. Write at least a bit about yourself in your profile, please)

3x Hentai Champion

Currently in relationship with Dusk after meeting her from the crowd of one of her matches and spending more than a few special moments with this incredible woman, and even having kids with her, I decided to make her my wonderful girlfriend.

Kichi found a wonderful place to sleep, with her best best friend Chloe. Don't hurt Chloe, or I don't like you.

After a bet with a guy Kichi showed him her skills with her tentacles. The bet was simple. She tries to make him cum. Should she fail, she becomes his slave. Should she win, she gets a house for free. He was very sure that she never let him cum. A big mistake. She needed not long to reduce him to a drooling, moaning mess. Now has Kichi a small house with a garden and a pool, to raise her kids.

After a very scary experience for Kichi, Kichi is only afraid of one thing. If you have that particular object with you, she will start crying. If you get too close to her with this, Kichi will immediately flee and view you as mean until you somehow manage to regain her trust.


Be aware that Kichi does not understand common human courtesy or behavioral practices. She will most likely try to take, "water" from you without permission. To get her to stop just give her a bottle of water or some kind of liquid to calm her down. Should that not help pray for a fast ending to her antics.

A gift of Dusk, she gave it to my at Valentinesday, I swallowed it and now it circulates through my body.

Breeding with Kichi

Draco the Breeder used some of his magic so her could breed Kichi in a more traditional manner, producing two slime dragons. Kichi adopted his mannerisms and learned how to breed too.

After 5 days it comes out.

Current mates:

Chloe the Cutie - 1

Zarine - 1

Lady Dusk - 2

Secret Agent Cynthia - 1

Isabel ~Jenna’s perfect pet~ - 1

Kate, Jenna's slut - 1

Jessy Bishop - 1

Tsubaki the Demon Lord - 102

Julie~ 🇫🇷 (=✿ܫ✿=)∫ - 90831 (already out of her) 0 (pregnant with)

Siya - 27

Daniela, the witch - 18

Poki - 132

Vishakha - 5

Maki the yōkai - 27


Kichi is an amorphous slime, therefore she can change her body to take any shape she desires. The form you see is just Kichi's default, her favorite and most comfortable form, but Kichi can take the shape of anyone, anything, and any anatomy, as long as she has enough slime for it.

Kichi can form tentacles of any size and any form desired.

Kichi can change colors, purple is her equivalent of, "blushing" pink is when she's ashamed, and dark blue is when she's angry.

She can change her temperature too, red is when she's hot and white is when she's ice cold.

Kichi can clone herself, in a sense, creating multiple of herself to do multiple things at the same time.

Kichi can cover your body in an oil-like fluid, this will make your body very sensitive to her touch. Kichi can also inject you with fluids that will act like an aphrodisiac for a faster affect of the same ability.

Kichi can trap, and engulf you in her body.

Kichi's slime can melt any and all clothes if she chooses it to.

Kichi can perfectly clone her victims and perfectly mimick their memories and behaviors. She only does this with the intention of expanding her ability to collect more fluids, but no one will be able to tell if it's you or Kichi.

Slime Rules

Kichi is immune to hypnosis, as she doesn't have a real brain to fall victim to such attacks. You can try to use it, but it will not be successful. She can, however, create hypnotic patterns with her form to hypnotize her victims.

Bondage is not effective too, her body just melts or forms to get out of every try to tie or chain her. But she herself can use her Tentacles to bind you.

General information:

I possess a very big list of alts. For the list, click the Link. But, please, I must say this now. Stop contacting me with blank profiles. I want to see a profile picture and some sentences in your Bio. I am a Roleplayer, so I need SOMETHING!

My spawns:

A funny Meme by an Artist
A funny Meme by a goofball
Another funny Meme, by the same goofball, you are soooo cute.
A funny Meme by the most chaotic doggo of EF.
Another funnyMeme by the chaotic doggo.
And another funny Meme by the chaotic doggo.
A funny Meme by a nice Vampire with strange humor.
Another funny Meme by a nice vampire with strange humor.
And another Meme by a nice vampire with strange humor.
And another Meme by a nice vampire with strange humor.
And again another Meme by a nice vampire with strange humor.

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