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A Ranch filled with Magical Girls and the like (RP ONLY)

Lesbian / Switch

This is a Ranch dedicated to people who have joined the Ranch. Shiori is the head owner and a Magical Girl Fox... who also happens to be the Demon Lord of Impregnation. This her Domain, treat it as such as you go through it. Whether it's for business, pleasure, or otherwise. If you wish to join, merely as the Fox herself and she'd be willing to let you in. If you're willing to wear one of the Cowbells provided~


Runic Cowbell
Once put on, the individual gain slightly larger breasts if you have any. More fertility. More voluptuous assets. And a mindset more geared towards being a cow. Once the cowbell is removed, the person goes back to normal.


Bimbo Cowbell
When put on, the person gains all of the previous abilities from a normal Cowbell but their mind is bimbofied. The effects can be permanent if worn from a week at least to a month at most. A day without wearing it generally resets the bimbofication process.

Futa dom

Futa Dom Cowbell
If put on by a female, they gain a cock and a more dominant personality alongside the general cow bell standards. It does nothing if worn by a male, so it's generally reserved for females. If the person is already a Futa, they just generally get a more dominant personality. Temporary much like the Standard Cowbell

Milky Cow

Cowgirl Cowbell
An enhanced version of the Cowbell that gives anyone who puts it on either larger breasts or breasts in general. It worn for long periods of time can expand their breasts quite large, almost to Double D cups. It is permanent if worn.

Succubus and Bull

Succubus Cowbell Bull Cow Bell
Both transform whoever wears it but in two different ways. The Succubus Cowbell turns the individual into a Succubus, making them subservient to Shiori and have a heightened lust. The Bull Cowbell, however, turns the person into a Minotaur. Making them prolific breeders in filling any and all Magical Girls on the Ranch~ or at least those who at members of the Ranch~

We have the Milking Stations, if you go there chances are you'll find at least a few being milked. Donating Milk is optional and does not require you to be a part of the Ranch.

Milking Station

If members wish to stay on the Ranch, there is a nice set of Dorms they can live in. Don't worry about the outside, the inside is much much better and more modern. It has all the conveniences one could need, including soundproof walls in case of late night sex~


For the people who wish for a more sultry and kinky experience, we have a bathhouse where the water is milk instead. All of which is produced by those who work on the farm. It auto-cleans so don't worry about having to clean up anything in there~

Milk Bathhouse

For those wanting a more personal experience, we have a rooms for sex related to the Bulls. Breaking the beds shouldn't be super easy but if you manage to, well at least you can say the sex was hot~

Bull Breeding Bedroom

We also have a nice Hot Springs for anyone wanting to relax in after a long day of work or are just visiting and wanting a nice get away. In the end; it's a peaceful place.

Hot Spring

Standard Members:

Bimbo Members:

Futa Dom Members:

Milky Cow Members:

Succubus Members:

Bull Members:

Yokubo Fox Lore


The Yokubo Fox is what happens when normal Fox Girls or Fox Spirits are consumed by Lust and Desire. Some of them are Demon Lords while others are just lesser Demonic Beings. In the end; the Yokubo Fox desires nothing but sex. While some are capable of handling their Lust well, others are less controlled in that aspect. Those that are in control are generally more Humanoid and don't have very animalistic traits aside from their ears and tail. The ones less in control have sharpened fangs, their eyes are darker and similar to that of a Fox, and their fingernails are sharpened into pointed claws. Of course in recent years, the Yokubo Fox has been less noticable. Until fairly recently due to a spike in Lust. Many Yokubo Fox's have a place of worship, a Shrine. On this Ranch is one of those Shrines, tied to Shiori.


There is quite a story here... and you may see it play out in the Logs here. Enjoy it all~

For those Interested

This is some information on Yokubo Fox's and how they work in appearance. In case you have any ideas or just want to get a general understanding of the species. After all, getting a general description of a Yokubo Fox can help quite a lot. Not to mention add a lot more to the experience.

The Height of Male and Female Yokubo Fox's are more or less comparable to that of a Human's. With Females being as short as 5'9 and as tall as 6'7. Males can only be as short as 6'5 and as tall as 7 feet. The Centimeter measurements are listed on the image below in case you use a different measuring system.

Height Chart

Yokubo Fox's have 12 Eye Colors. None of them mean particularly anything, they're just an eye color they can get. They can sometimes also have heterochromia or in more plain terms, they can have two different eye colors. So you may see a Yokubo Fox with a gold-colored eye and a silver-colored eye as an example.

Eye Color Chart

A Yokubo Fox has also six different hair colors. All of which are somewhat unique to the Race seeing as they aren't commonly seen in creatures like the Kitsune and Fox spirits. Generally, however, the hair color can be passed down in some cases. Like with Fox Girls. Their hair can also be two colors in a sort of gradient style. This can also apply to their tail and ear color.

Hair Color Chart

Female Yokubo Fox's can have breasts ranging from B Cups up to F Cups. The general reason for this is to make them desirable among some targets. Of course you'll find the occasional one that has smaller or larger breasts then the norm. A large part of this is for milk capacity unlike how some creatures work.

Breast Size Chart

Cock sizes for Yokubo Fox Males are different, generally being pretty reasonable for the most. They can be from five inches upward to seven inches. You might find some males with smaller or larger cocks. Now there's a pretty big reason for this reasonable size... not all Yokubo Fox's are Size Queens. So generally, it's to help with mating. Of course, Magic can enhance this aspect meaning this is somewhat of a moot point.

Cock image

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