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If you see me online - feel free to say hi, tease or challenge


Hetero / Sub

** The self proclaimed (and opponents varified) man with the golden luck and the silver tongue😜 **
***after a match with Bente she claimed the "man" part is unbelievable and "little bitch" is more accurate.... no way thats true! >\\<
...but dont tell her a called her a liar, i need to get out of the cage she pulled me in🙈

Riley Reid came strong from the get go, demanding obedience... not gonna lie, that was tempting, but i was not gonna just roll over before the match even started, so... i found myself rolling over while clutching my sore balls. Alot. Que obedience, hard pegging and the name additive🙈🙈🙈

After a loss to Calliope, for next 5 games i have to skip from emberrasment each time the opponent play with my leaking dick.

**Blue- balled by Frikka
I was a very cheeky boy and so my balls got rightfully punished.
Every time my balls are getting touched of any kind in a match, I may either:
1) remember the pain, hold my balls and skip my next two turns or
2) remember the pleasure and roll a d6.
1+2 = nothing happens.
3 = I have to edge once instandly
4 = I have edge twice instandly
5 = I have to edge three times instandly
6 = i have to edge once but have to hold the edge for 30 seconds.
This rule is valid for 5 games. 0/5.

The newly appointed... emmm... maid of the EF women's locker room🙈
Whenever i cum for the next 7 days (untill 24.9) i must say "sorry sorry about my icky sticky mess ladies. Please let me clean it up. " ~~
~~Jessica Danger is cruel🙈

Active rule: after a league loss to Hitomi, i have to skip when i recieve blowjob actions from my oppone ts for the next 3 games

**pfp set by jordanR for a lose to her in the wrestling ring. To change it i must have a 5-0 win streak, bots not included.
Just a clarification - no im not into faminization😣
...and now after a match with lilly and another lost bet the goal rise to 6 in a row. I really feel like i should get used to that maid dress 0///0

**got caged after a lost to (not so) innocent girl, now for the next 10 games i need to look for the key each turn (roll 5 or 6). I can only choose actions that make use of my dick after i found it. 7 done.
In addition, i have to cum automatically any in any chastity cum tests. Thank god there are not too many of them...
Lost to her again, and have a new rule added - for the next 5 games i have to lick pussy whenever i got the chance. 1 done.

*got won at day's auction by novel lover for a bid of 60 (highest bid so far in all of day's auctions, kinda flattering) and now im hers for a week... and she intend to share me with nina... *gulp

Hi, not so new anymore new guy here. Im a 24 yo uni -student- graduate, pretty much a geek, and for something actually important on this site - a sub leaning switch. Profile will probbably be updated in the future, but until then - nice to meet you all😁
Just so youll have a picture in mind - im 1.78 [m] tall, average body type (not very athletic but also not skinny or overweight), dark brown hair and eyes and wear glasses.

P.s: English is not my native languge, and while im usually good enough in using it, sorry in advance if i make some grammar mistakes😅

**pfp set as shiroe from log horizon for now, the main similarity that led to choosing him is that we are both smart nerdy boys with glasses. If anyone have a better option im all ears😅 - overwritten by bet pfp😔

Some updates after few days of playing with actual people:
Turned out the majority here are very nice... when they dont make you beg them not to be😅.
RP / dirty talk / any interaction really make the games so much better. Especially if there are bets or post match treat / torture involved.
Never been an exibitionist, but playing with an audience is... more exciting😳. Gonna keep setting on public for now.
Speaking of audience - severe luck of team solidarity, guys😜.
The interactive mods are really good, but trying to give elaborate instractions is not always the best call, especially if it means your sub has to try and keep on edge for over a minute while you are typing... (if you read it - sorry again😅). Didnt get to feel how they are on the sub side, hope to find out soon (edit - just found... wow😳)

Also, about my playstile - when we rp i try my best to keep the story going. Sometimes that means not taking the best action if i really find no logical way to weave it into the action sequence, but dont expect me to throw the game unless you got me in a full submissive mindset😜.
That if you want it competitive. If you want to just toy with me... w-well... that can be arrenged👉👈

Just in case you need an edge, some notable weakneses:
Teasing and humiliation.
Wrestling and phisical domination.
Cbt (major weakness😳)
Ass play (though not irl)
Clearly dominant behaviour.
In other words... if you want to dominate in a match just do it and ill follow suite😅

Notable games:
Profile picture was set as a shrimp for a while after an interactive with Princess Ava... please dont ask😣

Taylor: after an accidental meeting with the cute supposedly innocent Taylor our confrontation quickly escalated to the point she was so submissive and I was able to add a pink collar with jewels around her neck and I made her orgasm while fucking her with a leash attached to her collar, she rewarded me with a blowjob of her own and i cûmmed in her mouth so much some of it overflowed and trickled down her face. To end her I managed to fold her up and hold her helpess in the MatingPress melting her brain to the point she fainted and I dragged her helpess body to my harem of horny slaves. (Her phrasing btw, if anyone wondered)

Maggie should not be underestimated. When this little girl challenged me in the wrestling ring i was skeptical and even made fun of her small size and tiny tits... big mistake. The match ended up with me begging her to finish me off and having to edge multiple times to please her😣.

challenged alexa in the wrestling ring... and HOLY SHIT. That game was so much worth a few hours delay in my sleep. Dont let her pfp and name make you mistake her as another wannabe wrestler - that girl is a real mind hunter. I was saying earlier to her that she played my kinks like a violin, but she did not - SHE MADE A FUCKING ORCHESTRA FROM THEM! I swear, i was shaking from exitement half of the game, which could have lasted a whole day had i not needed to sleep. Now i owe her a proper punishment round, and i dont know if i should dread it or dream about it. Hope to find soon... miss alexa.
Finally had the long due "round 4" with her (for those unfamiliar check out ultimate surrender or evolved fights), and, well... it started out much more gentle and sensual that i unticipated. But that was just the begining... as everytime with her the game went for hours, at the end of which i was lying there exuasted, spent, humiliated, with sore jaw, ass and balls... caressing her collar on my neck and smiling, knowing i managed to satisfy her, at least for now.

Svetlana... a brat if i ever seen one. Acting so high and mighty, but cum like a slut - fast, loud and with A LOT of begging to not throw her to the crowd like a common whore.

Had a title shot againt the wrestling champion sydney. The match started pretty even, but than my luck and her severe luck of it (pan intended) gave me a massive edge. In fact i was dominating so bad that i felt bad for her and desided to be a good sport and miss 2 chances to finish her... only for that desicion to bite me in the ass. Or rather - in the nuts. Twise.
Needless to say, shes still the champ... but it was a fun match😄

Met the baroness at the wrestling ring for what was supposed to be a regular match... but then luck intervened. Rediculous, bullshit - nearing, luck. To be fair, RNGesus was fair in that game, and fortune changed its face a few times - but that just led to an intense, suspense - leaking match, that i won with 1 HP! 1! It was epic. At the end i could not left a worthy opponent unrecognized (plus i was fucking exuasted) and instead of humiliating her i got a promise from her: we will fight again. We will fight even better. And at the end of that fight, one of us is gonna become the others bitch😈

Got an offer from alexis to help me with my pfp situation by giving me a free win, and never suspected the cute loli... untill she screwed me up. Literally. For the life of me i cant figure out where she hid the strap on... when i woke up from the daze i got informed that she decided to keep me. Now i both dread and untisipate what she can do to me...

I underestimated lindsay and found myself overwhelmed by her - from her soft tits,to her grappling holds, to her dreaded strap on, and up to her amazingly tight pussy that have sealed my defeat.

So, maybe the maid dress stuff was a blessing in disguise... becouse that what let me meet Riley. An amazing woman with a weakness for cute stuff (and appearently i fit the bill😅), who showed me how great of a dom and a sub she can me. From relentless teasing to pain play to gentle domination to submission and masochism... she truly is a jill of all trades, master of... well, all of them. Riley, if you are reading this, thank you again for an amazing game mistress... and also, repeat the cycle twise today my slut😈
Had a second playtime with Riley today... what can i say - the first impression certainly wasnt an extragaration. For anyone else wo get lucky enough to play with her, let me give you a few tips: first of all, dont underestimate the "brat tamer" line in her bdsm test. Bratty behaviour will always result in pain.... but will also come with a chanse of redemption. Succeding in this will get you a reward, and if you are a switch - this reward can even come in the form of taking controll for some time... but everything have a price. Lets just say that if she ever offer you to "cum like a girl" - make sure you cleaned yourself beforehand😳😣
A third session with Riley... and the first one that i dommed through and through. One think you dont apreciate properly from your knees is how cute and precious that girl can be... almost too much to hart her... well, almost😈. The best thing about her though - she know what she wants and she tell you that. She aim for an honest conversation. Guys, gals and ect. - forget about big tits or fancy gear - that is the real quality measure. Anyway, about the game itself... i may love cats more now😏. And i really really cant wait to the moment when she gets out of the chastity... though i imagine i will rack up quite a debt to repay untill then😉
The sessions with Riley became a regular thing now... that girl is not only kinkier than me, her kinkyness is addictive. It can start as a cute, almost SFW conversation, and continue with her convinsing me to try chastity play. Well, not actually owning a chastity cage we had to settle with me not being allowed to touch myself during her masterwork teasing... it became noticebly harder when she remembered i had a thing for facesitting... and even harder when she remembered the same for ballbusting😳
Luckily, ever the switch, she gave me an option to get her back for the ordeal and use her tight ass as a sextoy... and a few pussy and tit slaps later (karma is a bitch😏) even her pussy has opened up for me for the first time!
The best part is - it seem like she became as addicted to me as i am to her... becouse sorry liv, but it looks like her chastity is getting broken sooner than planned! 🥳

In a total random public chatroom got noticed by Hattie Raye, who after making me blush enough with her teasing declared me her boyfriend. I wasnt really asked in the matter... not that i would object, probably😅

Joy M's wrestling challenge. Since i forgot my last bet against this furious beauty, I now have to finish 4 bot matches in Twr without a single loss. For every defeat i take, I have to deliver 30 edges followed by a ruined climax. If I fail the 4 in a row, the count gets reduced to 3 in a row but i have to restart the challenge with every defeat and start from 0. After the 3rd win I am allowed to orgasm & win the right to rematch with Joy M.
- completed!

Playing with bots can be a good way to kill time. Losing to bots in a humiliating way in public mod can be... dangerous. It can attract attention. It is especially dangerous if it attract the atrention of someone like Rachel... sorry, Miss Rachel, as she quickly tuaght me to adress her... what started as an innocent (well, relatively to other things here) bot game became first an interrogation and then a public use, leaving me with sore nuts, blushed face and a new inspiration for pegging fantasies... but at least she allowed me to cum in the end >\<.
She also left me a little... emmm... memento to remeber our time:
 Miss Rachel

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