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Classic Mode

Prefer Classic games (Open for bets - Including IRL actions but not yet comfortable with sending pictures)
But wouldn't mind receiving ;)

Lost Bets





I was confident I could win against Eleanor But she made me cum twice with ease and now I am her slave. And for the next 6 games I play if I get a Titjob I have to roll a dice
1-4 I skip my turn
5-6 I continue normal

Games completed = 6/6

As punishment for losing to Moira I have to win 2 games before I can have my next orgasm. I hope you all can maybe go easy on me?

I still cannot believe that I lost to POWER . She took all the money I had with me -_- and it was still not enough for her and therefore as compensation for the missing money she made me her very own mode of transportation

After losing Chelsea I had to win 3 games before I could have an orgasm. And if I lose 2 consecutive games I had to win an extra game before cumming!!
Games won = 3/3

Bets ~ Ideas

Option 01 - We both edge for our respective cum tests (edge 1 time) and if one of us go over the edge we ruin the orgasm and lose the game

Option 02 - We both edge for our respective cum tests but the number of edges is the value you have in your cum overload (This is a very interesting bet ;)) and whoever goes over the edge has to ruin and loses the game.

Option 03 - Open for your suggestions too <3

Wrestling Modes

Have never played Wrestling with an actual player (I have crushed Bots though ;))
But I am training intensely to win the Mixed Wrestling Title ~ REDDD

Interactive Mode and Femdom with Caprice

Want to play with a Male Dom?
Check out my Male Dom profile ~ This area is under Construction (IRL too :I)

Want to play with a Male sub?
Check out my Male sub profile ~ reddd

Dislikes = Extreme pain/ Toilet play/ Bondage as a sub (Interactive and Femdom)

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check Kinks: Feminization, Female domination, Male domination, Anal (male), Anal (female), Chastity belts/cages, Pain, Cock and balls torture (CBT), Humiliation, Bondage, Foot fetish, Lick Ass, Threesome/Audience participation, Cum play, Tickling, Hypnosis, Cock Worship, Latex, Medical, Monsters, Hardcore BDSM
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You pound her pussy from behind! She moans, loudly, and begs for more! Fuck her Hard You slap him hard. He has been a bad boy Slapped like a loser She is kneeling down. You grab her by the hands and start to pump your cock in and out of her armpit while looking down at her from the top. Enjoy her Armpit You stroke her from the back while rimming her ass! Handjob while rimming from the back! He is at his limit and with desire so high you are ready to do whatever you tell him to even if it means his definite loss. You order him to stroke Grabbing his head, you pull him towards your armpit. Stuffing his head underarm, you hold him in place and make him lick! Make him lick your armpit You hold your opponent down and start to tickle her armpits furiously. Will she be able to resist the pleasure? Armpit Tickles You grab hold of her sensually and start to lick her armpits! The touch of your tongue increases her desire, pushing her one step towards orgasm as she squirms in pleasure Lick her Armpits Having such a juicy thing under your lacey panties, what a treat! Will your opponent be able to resist you? SURPRISE!! You hold her head and make her deepthroat your cock. Holding deepthroat Knowing your opponent is the quickest way to victory. Using your sexy armpits as bait, you instruct your opponent to stroke their cock, increasing their pleasure and desire for you! Armpit JOI tease Hey loser!! did you think I will take your cock in my mouth even over the boxers. I want you to spit on your hand and stroke your pathetic cock over the boxers Lets get a bit messy shall we? Look at you pathetic thing eating your own cum because i told you to Eat your load, Loser You allow him to cum but he is not allowed to take off his boxers. You watch as his cum dribble down his boxers. How humiliating is that? Cum through your boxers You push your opponent on to the bed and make your opponent stare at your underboobs from under your shirt while you hump. A fitting position for someone about to lose! Underboob tease You are ready to increase your opponent’s desire towards you! You rhythmically start pinching your nipples, one after the other. Nipple tease You grab your boobs and lick all around your nipples. Sucking on them makes your opponent want to do the same! She starts to suck her nipples You hold her arms up bring your mouth close to her armpits and start to lick her armpit bottom to top Lick her Armpit You gently caress her pussy with the soft fibers of the brush as she squirms in pleasure Tease her pussy with the Paintbrush You tease your opponent by pulling your panties down almost exposing your pussy. 
And leave the rest to your opponent's imagination Pull your panties down Let’s cream those pants! You makes him cum inside his boxers. Talk about a humiliating loss! Cum through your boxers You pull your top down and tease your opponent with your pink nipples. Expose your pink nipples Everyone has a weakness, and you’re willing to go the distance to exploit it! You lift your arms up, exposing your luscious armpits to tease your partner. Expose your luscious Armpit You are in a bind! Your opponent is dominating you! But nothing a good friend cannot help you with. Your friend comes from the behind and penetrates your opponent! You get a friend to help you out! (Special) You slowly and sensually take off your saree, revealing your sexy body to your opponent. That's got to increase their desire! Saree Striptease