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Experiencing alchemical difficulties

A clearly magical young woman, Reinette's skin is an ashy grey while her eyes and braided hair glow like a burning flame. Her frame is very slim and covered by a pretty violet coat and she's always seen with a rather large travel bag on her back, full of who knows what!

Hi, I'm Diana, an M2F trans girl into a lot of things, and willing to try most things besides bathroom stuff! I'm a switch personally but I want to use Reinette as a sub character, at first reluctant to whatever she's subjuected to, but growing into it. She's pretty open for prompts, and if you really just wanna throw something in, her bag's pretty versatile with what you could pull out! Also, apologies in advance because I'm very new to this site! If you're more into futa dom onis, check out Faith and I'm available too! Or of course if you just want to learn more about me.

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