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Story first, gameplay second. RP mode is preferred.

I am just the storyteller. None of these characters represent or reflect me in any way. I am not my characters just as Frodo is not Tolkien.
4/6/21 Update: Aasimar? I barely know her! The last character of wave two is here, rounding the current character count to six. I'll probably leave it at this number for a while. If you ever want the raw HS1 character cards, just let me know and I'll send them your way.
4/4/21 Update: The cleaning crew is here! Two new characters have been added to the inn- both are maids, but with very different personalities and backgrounds.

The Rustled Crow Inn; one of the last known sites of respite in the dying world of Crux. Inside theses walls, the dreary disposition of the crumbling outside world is instantly juxtaposed by a warm and cozy atmosphere.
Gentle crackling of fire, pleasant music, and clinking of plates can be heard throughout the establishment. The fire casts a gentle orange hue throughout the building, and a tall half-orc woman greets you with a wide, toothy smile.

"Welcome to the Rustled Crow!"
A look of concern washes over her face, followed by a smirk.
"My, you look tired! Don't worry, I know just what you need."
Without missing a beat, the half-orc cups her hands around her mouth, projecting her voice across the entire building as she yells.
"Girls! Come greet our new guest!"
"Yes, mam!"
A young woman calls from behind the bar, nervously walking closer. Soon, several more follow behind her.
alt text
alt text
The women stand in an orderly line before you. All of them wear slave collars around their necks as they stare at you with varying levels of fear in their eyes.

The half-orc's large lips curl into a coy smile.
"Take your time, adventurer. When you're ready, choose one of these fine women to accompany you to one of our private rooms."
Horror fills one of the girl's eyes - the small green one - and she speaks in a shaky, fearful voice.
"Pl- please, mistress! Not again! I can't do this anym- Hm?!"
The dark skinned woman holds the sobbing goblin from behind, in an affectionate and caring embrace.
"There, there, little one. No need to cry. I'll protect you."
Her silver-and-gold eyes meet yours with a hint of sadness as she speaks in her soft, motherly voice.
"Stranger, I ask that you choose me in their stead."
The half-orc returns a stern glare, snapping back with a fierce tone
"Enough! Back in line, both of you! This traveler is tired, and they will chose whoever they please. You will not influence their decision!"
Hope drains from the tiny goblin's eyes as she replies with a soft whimper.
"Y- yes, mistress."

All characters in The Rustled Crow Inn are 18 years old or older, and are entirely fictional.
The world of Crux is a homebrew grimdark fantasy setting. It depicts a world of magic and monsters in it's twilight years, as chunks of the known world are slowly breaking off and floating away into the unknown void as the world's inhabitants drink their sorrows away while awaiting their impending doom under a sunless red sky.
What was once a vibrant floating landmass full of life and color, is now a crumbling array of broken floating islands, completely disconnected from each other.

This setting contains very dark themes such as references to abuse and sexual violence. I do not recommend engaging with this story if you are sensitive to these topics.

If I ever describe something that you are uncomfortable with for any reason, please let me know out of character and I will do my best to keep our story enjoyable for everyone involved.
As far as limits go, I have none so long as everything stays in character. Feel free to be as kind or aggressive as you want.
Also, I am still very new to this website, so please be patient with me. I'm still figuring this out.

In order to engage with this story you will need to choose one of the girls to interact with. There are currently six characters to choose from. More will likely be added in the future.

Mae is a 5'4" Human woman with light caramel skin, long blue hair, and emerald eyes. She wears a wide-brimmed witch's hat and cyan lipstick has been applied to her lips.
Obedience: 5/10
Willpower: 6/10
Toughness: 4/10
Fear: 6/10
Hates: Anal (receiving)
Loves: Oral (giving)
Weakness: Sensitive nipples
Partners: 4
Condition: Missing / Rescued. Available as long as you're okay with all interactions canonically taking place in the past, before she escaped.
Traits: Wild Magic Surge - May accidentally summon creatures or cause other random magical effects.

"A wonderful choice. Maerielle here is well suited to your needs. We acquired her from the auction after she apparently gave into slavery just as some zealous villages were about to burn her alive. She may be hesitant at first, but she knows her place well - and if she acts up just let me know afterwords. I'll be sure to remind her who's in charge.
Oh, and one more thing; you best not bring up the burn scars along her lower legs and back. It's a very sensitive topic for her. Oh, right - and she's absolutely horrified of fire."


Zoe is a 3'4" goblin girl with olive skin, violet hair, deep brown eyes, and extremely wide hips. Several restraints cling to her body - their chains rattling with each movement.
Obedience: 2/10
Willpower: 4/10
Toughness: 3/10
Fear: 9/10
Hates: Vaginal (receiving)
Loves: Anal (receiving)
Weakness: Sensitive ass
Partners: 1
Condition: Shaken. Available.
Traits: Nimble Escape - Zoe is able to quickly change positions, even when held down.
Fury of the small - Zoe is able to keep pace with extremely rapid thrusts.

"Hmm... Careful with that one. She may be small, but she's got fight in her. No matter how many times we chain her down, she always seems to put up a struggle.
Oh, and don't worry about her size - goblin biology is different from ours. Their vaginas are elongated on the inside, and their wombs sit higher up than us taller folk - so they can survive larger insertions. Not too large, though. We had two of them until a minotaur came to visit... Poor thing didn't stand a chance. It was quite a grizzly scene."


Lairith is a 5'7" tiefling hermaphrodite with pink skin, pink hair, and glowing magenta eyes. Four horns sprout from her head, curling back in an arch, and a spade-tipped tail sways behind her.
Obedience: 7/10
Willpower: 8/10
Toughness: 8/10
Fear: 2/10
Hates: Choking (receiving)
Loves: Vaginal (giving)
Weakness: Sensitive neck
Partners: 0
Condition: Healthy. Available.
Traits: Hellish Resistance - Lairith is able to break free from hypnosis faster than most.
Pact of The Great Old One - Lairith is able to summon tentacles to aid her.

"Ah, an adventurer of culture, I see. Lairith is more than capable of serving you. We acquired this one only recently. Apparently she was a prisoner of war, captured from the kingdom to the north back when it was still around. I know! - I was shocked too! With how thorough the Inquisition was at eradicating these half-devils, I wouldn't be surprised if this was the last of her kind."


Rae is a 5'4" drow woman with violet skin, silver eyes, and long silver hair. She wears a revealing maid's outfit, and several whip marks are scattered along her backside, from her neck all the way to the bottom of her thighs.
Obedience: ?/10
Willpower: 9/10
Toughness: 7/10
Fear: ?/10
Hates: Oral (giving)
Loves: Vaginal (receiving)
Weakness: Sensitive lips (kissing)
Partners: 0
Condition: Healthy. Available.
Traits: Resolve of The Fallen Princess - Rae is able to recover from being mindbroken much faster than most, but the experience will still leave a lasting impact.
Life Domain - Rae is capable of healing small wounds on others, though her collar prevents such spells from working on herself.

"Oh. Well, I see why you might pick her based on looks, but maybe one of the other girls would better suit your needs, hm? ... No? Well, if you insist. But I'd keep a close eye on that one if I were you. She might seem all aloof, innocent, and afraid, but something's not right with her. She has a habit of hiding knives on her, and she's tried to escape almost as many times as the goblin. Unlike the goblin, though, she almost succeeded a few times! She's a strange one. We'll punish her in front of the patrons and she'll be screaming and sobbing, but if we punish her when no one else is around she won't even flinch - she'll just stare at us with that hateful glare of hers."


Shells in a 5' half-elf boy with a strong feminine side. He has pale skin, blue eyes, and shoulder-length dark brown hair. He wears a maid's cap and an apron - and is the only slave who's collar does not have a chain attached.
Obedience: 9/10
Willpower: 3/10
Toughness: 5/10
Fear: 2/10
Hates: Rimjobs (giving)
Loves: Pain (receiving)
Weakness: Sensitive gag reflex
Partners: 0
Condition: Healthy. Available.
Traits: Skill Versatility - Shells is well trained to please patrons however they might ask.

"Interesting choice, for sure! Shells here is probably the only slave in this place that seems to always have a good time no matter what happens. Seriously, this one can take anything - and I do mean anything! Frankly, I'm amazed he's lasted this long with how much the poor boy's been through. Hm? Oh, you didn't know? Well, I guess that makes sense, the lad does have a strangely feminine voice, not to mention that outfit and makeup. But yes, Shells is a man - though I don't think he'd mind at all if you were to call him a girl."


Ally is a 5'5" human(?) woman with toned dark skin, pale blonde hair, and asymmetrical eyes - one silver and the other gold. Gold lip and nose rings adorn her face, along with matching golden lipstick.
Obedience: 6/10
Willpower: 7/10 6/10
Toughness: 5/10
Fear: 4/10
Hates: Spanking (receiving)
Loves: Thighjobs (giving)
Weakness: Sensitive skin (groping)
Partners: 1
Condition: Battered. Bruised neck. Recovering mentally. Available.
Traits: Radiant Soul - During an intense orgasm there is a 33% chance that Aliyah will accidentally reveal her true form. (Use the "/dice 100" command. Aim for less than 33.)
Healing Hands - Aliyah can heal very minor wounds with a touch.

"Oh, that one's Aliyah. A solid choice, for sure. Hey, would you do me a favor? Be rough with her. She's been a thorn in my side since we got her at the auction. Apparently she used to run some underground anti-slavery organization; freeing slaves and helping them build a new life elsewhere. Bad for business, obviously. When the guards finally caught her they seemed to think slavery would be a fitting punishment. Normally, I'd agree - but from the minute she walked through that door she's been acting like a damn mother to the other girls, and making my job harder ever since."

alt text
alt text

Optional Rules: The Dicegame

Before the session starts, you may choose to include these optional rules. This requires RP mode to be enabled during the session, which allows free re-rolls of actions and does not save wins or losses to your profile.
During a Dicegame session both you and the slave will need to roll dice in order to complete certain actions. You can roll dice by typing "/dice" followed by the number of sides that the dice has on it. So if you wanted to roll a d6 you would type the command "/dice 6"
The following are a list of rules set in place during a Dicegame session.

Pain & Pain Tolerance

Each slave's Pain Tolerance is equal to their Toughness times 10.
When you choose or describe an action that is specifically intended to inflict pain onto the slave, you will need to roll a dice - the size of which depends on how severe the pain is.
The storyteller might also decide to roll for the slave's pain if wind up doing an action that inflicts pain onto themself.
Mild: d4
Moderate: d6
Severe: d10
Extreme: d12
The result of the rolled dice is added to the slave's current pain level. When a slave's pain level exceeds their Pain Tolerance, that slave will need to roll a d10 when receiving any further pain. If the result is higher than their Toughness, they will pass out.
If the pain that caused the slave to pass out was mild, they may be woken by something as simple as a gentle tap on the cheek, or a nudge. They will likely wake on their own.
If the pain was moderate, they will require the equivalent of a slap.
Severe, and they will require several slaps.
If the pain was extreme, nothing short of a splash of water to the face or another extreme action will wake the slave.

Sleeping slaves must skip their turns until they wake up, and their current pain level is reset.
Each time a slave passes out, their Toughness will be temporarily reduced by 1.
If a slave's Toughness reaches 0, they will be unable to wake up until they take a 12 hour long rest.

Mind Break

Prerequisites: 1. Slave must have passed out at least once this session. 2. The slave's Pleasure must be at least 65.
Each time you choose an action that is 'hated' by the slave, they must roll a d10. If the result is higher than their Willpower they will be broken, giving in to their lust.
While broken, all hated actions are treated as loved actions.
The slave may reroll this d10 after each orgasm. If the result is lower than their Willpower they will return to normal.
Characters with the Resolve of The Fallen Princess trait may roll two d10 and ignore the lower result when attempting to recover from being mindbroken.


While under a hypnosis spell, slaves will obey your commands. They need to roll a d10 after each command that they carry out. If the result is lower than their Willpower then the spell is broken. If the result is higher then they remain hypnotized and forced to obey another command.

If a slave falls under hypnosis three separate times during a session and fails at least one Willpower check for each of them, then they will remain under hypnosis for the rest of the session - or until you decide to drop concentration on the spell. Their Willpower statistic will also be decreased by 1.
If a slave's Willpower ever reaches 0, they will be permanently under the effects of mindbroken and unable to resist any orders until someone decides to cast a Remove Curse spell or similar - which completely depends on roleplay.

Love Haze

Prerequisites: 1. The previous actions this session must all be consensual. 2. You must have done the slave's 'loved' action five times. 3. The slave's Desire must be at least 70.
If you exploit the slave's 'weakness' in the same action that causes them to orgasm, they gain the same effects of mindbroken for the rest of the session - or until you let them rest for several minutes.

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