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Looking for roleplay or competitive match with roleplay

Hi sweetie.
Lets be honest, I am stronger than you but that does not mean I won't let you pin me down.
I am a switch look for someone to play some classic (pref with a bit of roleplay).
So if you are looking for someone who could throw you off with ease but might just allow you to pin her down anyways send me a message.

I lean mostly towards dominant and will usually take charge, though if you get me in the right mood it might be possible to make me want to submit.
(Dont get your hopes too high up about it though ;) )

Another note: Lets just straighten something out for a few of you. It was not meant as a challenge for you to prove that you are stronger than me. If you want to be in charge the challenge will be to become it, even though I am stronger.

Special mentions

Romantic decided he wanted to challenge me to a fight for dominance. It did not exactly go too well for him though as by then end he was begging me to allow him to make me cum.
It would however seem that out first encounter had not proven my point to him, since he decided to challenge me again. You might be able to guess how that went for him tough. Not that I think he is displeased with the outcome though, after all he seems to have taken to calling me goddess now.

I met Kenny one day at he gym.
He seemed at little shy and out of place so I decided to show him the ropes.
He kept checking me out, but became shy and flustered when I confronted him whit it so I decided to have a little fun with him.
I might have had to take control in order to get him out of his shell, but I don't think he minded that at all.
Was it mean of me not allow him to cum until he admitted he was cute? Perhaps, but he is my cutie now and he seems happy with that as well.

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