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Bi / Switch

Just a guy looking for a fight, into roleplaying. Let's get it on!

Up front, I don’t do wagers or bets, and I tend not to do public matches either. This is my personal preference. I understand that you may enjoy bets and wagers, and that’s great! There are plenty of users here willing to make wagers with you. I’m not one of them.

Otherwise, I'm happy to go with the flow of the fights, and willing to adapt as the situation arises. If you've got a specific scenario in mind, let me know. I want to know what you're into and work with that. I'm a Switch. Whether I'm taking charge as a dom or subbing at your feet, I want us both to have a good time. Let's see what we can do. I will happily use "Roleplay Mode" to have the game better match our RP. In case folks are curious, I’m from the USA. 🇺🇸

If not roleplaying, I do enjoy a bit of back-and-forth banter and teasing with my fights. I can get chatty. Feel free to tell me if I'm talking too much (or not enough).

All are welcome; and if you'd rather chat before meeting me in a match, feel free to send me a message. I'm also on the EroFights Discord, under the same username.

As for Alya? She's my feisty little kitty. More partner than pet, I love making her melt in my hands, watching her submit and give into her desires. Though sometimes, those desires involve kitty bearing her claws.

Little bratty Laura makes for a great rival. I’m always eager to go head-to-head with her and try to make her my butt slut, even if it doesn’t always go as planned. Unfortunately, I’m behind, 1-2…

Cumslut Lizzy craves my cock and is addicted to getting fucked in all her holes. She loves when I cum all over and inside her, she’s my favorite whore!

I was lucky enough to have a brush with royalty, taking on a lovely Princess. It very quickly became clear this Princess was my cute little cumslut, and she wound up addicted to my cock!

I tried to take on AlexFights to prove American superiority, but Italy destroyed the USA and he owned me like his slut.

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The hero’s quest ended in epic failure. Unable to save the princess, she winds up watching you  conquer and fuck the would-be hero senseless! Quest Failed! You invite a friend over for a threesome, with your opponent in the middle! MMF Threesome You invite a friend over for a threesome, with your opponent in the middle! MMF Threesome A horny harpy captures the adventurer off guard when she swoops down from the sky. After taking the unsuspecting adventurer under her wing, the harpy gropes her breasts and teases her body with her feathers. Encounter: Horny Harpy Perhaps that wasn’t the wisest wager on her end: now that you’ve won, she has to pay up! Claim your prize! Her pumpkin booty bounces as you smash her from behind! Smashing Pumpkins You tug on their collar, pull the leash and force them lick your stockings! Collar Stocking Lick You might have emptied her balls, but you aren’t satisfied yet. Tying her up, you sit her down and satisfy your lust by calling over a friend. Your opponent watches, hard, unable to stroke! Bound and cucked! Hey, not everybody likes the taste. Talk about cumin This fast-paced action proves too much for your poor outfit, which tears to reveal your panties. Why did you have to wear such an embarrassing pair? Wardrobe Malfunction

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