Louise Stone (Level 9) mail warning

Just here to roleplay and have a little fun~ <3

Hey~, all you sexy people. Just a cute little thing looking to have a little fun.
Tight, lean, and maybe a little fiesty, though a sub at heart.

((Always happy to RP, so don't hesitate to drum some up! Not really into IRL, for the most part. I'm cool with making friends, but I am mostly just on here for some fun ERP. :P))

No's: Extreme pain, gore, toilet-play, death, ageplay, prolapse, weight gain/overeating, feet, armpits, being particular about uncleanliness, more may come at a later date...

Yes's: Being dominated, mind-control, bondage, roughness, buttplugs, collars, leashes, chastity cages, lactation, cock-milking, spanking, tentacles, oviposition, body modifications (usually through magic, miracle drugs... Surgery is out, though), magic, dom/mes who are fine with being on both the top and bottom, stomach bulges from large insertions, cum inflation, other sorts of inflation aside from weight gain/overeating, breast expansion, cock/balls expansion, cock/balls shrinking... hell, even cock/balls removal (but again, through magic, no gorey surgery). going all the way through, more may come at a later date...

Anything that comes between the No's and Yes's I usually take on a case-by-case basis, but do let me know if you're looking to do something that isn't listed here. ^-^ I'm usually a pretty laid-back person.

My first rule! After a protracted and close fight with Joe, he got the better of me, altering my mind such that whenever I'm forced into sucking a dick (by an action of my opponent), I become hypnotized. He didn't specify win or lose, so I'm gonna say any 5 games. (5/5)

After a long~ battle, I am now Sir Romantic's yellow rose, his maid.
Dawn's breeding cow
My ass was fucked into submission and balls drained by Archi J

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