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Hello there!

Hello and welcome person who visits my profile!

For games:
I am a switch meanwhile. Started discovering my dominant side here and if I get the opertunity to dom I will!
If you have any amazing ideas I ll give it a shot (like RP even so I am new to it or bets)! I think I get better in RPing but I kinda never leave out a stupid joke or pun

Me as a sub:
I love the thrill of not knowing the faith of my orgasm. Trying to fing out why a ruined orgasm turns me on so much even so it feels so disapointing... I can handle some pain but I am not a big fan. My big turn offs are eating cum or anything else coming out of my body. Also I wont send pics.

Me as a Dom:
I love to make you squirm and beg for that sweet releave. Really enjoy useing the coin or the cards to help me decide... Kind of a gambler. Always on the mission to make my sub a mess... and that my sub makes a mess. Trying to fing out why a ruined orgasm turns me on so much even so I hate it...

Saw so many people do that... so here we go:
== Results from ==
84% Switch
77% Submissive
63% Dominant
63% Vanilla
59% Rigger
51% Voyeur
51% Rope bunny
51% Brat tamer
44% Brat
Also the cake is a lie!


And know RP all the way!

For the glory of the Megenta Banner we who did not choose to be coloured must stand together for a day will come were we will lose... But not today!
Therefor I will carrie this beautiful magenta banner into every puplic game and hoist it up to show the glory and support of this magnificent Sport!
~~ The Heavenly Dice in the sky, who send us its own son RNGesus, who was born by the Holy Lady Luck, will guide us to victory and beyond!~~

The dawn of a new religon?

Everyone is welcome to join this small but warm and helpfull religion. We hope this religion will find new followers and grow to a spiritual connection between all of us! The Heavenly Dice in the sky is colourblind! It will help anyone who is in need and sends a prayer towarts the sky.

Let us pray together as the Lord has teached us:

Our Dice in the sky,
hallowed be your name.
Your Kingdom come,
Your will be done
as in heaven,
so on earth.
Give us our daily luck.
And give us our Victories,
as we fuck the once we win against.
Lead us not into losing,
but deliver us sweet wins.
For the kingdom, the decisions and the glory are yours
now and forever.

This leads us to the beginning of everything:
When the heavenly Dice in the Sky greated this illusion that became EroFights. The balancing was still of in the beginning since then there is an never ending fight for the right Balance.
Soon there were 6 arenas build to figure out the right balance.

There is the Arena of the Classics
Here strong and noble Fighters "you compete for dominance! Tease, tie, strip or spank, anything goes as you try to make your partner cum twice."

There is the Arena of Hentai Game
Here "it relies a lot less on undressing than the classic game, so don't be too worried if you are still dressed, it doesn't mean a lot for the game."

There is the Arena of Femdom with Caprice
Here its all about domination of a Blue. "The goal is not to win, as there is no win for loser sluts like you! The girl joining the game (or the bot) will play as Caprice and impose actions to the sub, while the guy obeys. To continue with teasing actions, say "Yes Mistress", to have more edging actions, just beg for more. After a few times asking for cum, you may start to see ruin/denial/cum actions."

There is the Arena of Interactive
Here its all about joi. "Two-sided Jerk Off Instructions game between hetero/gay/lesbian. Make yourselves cum for real this time ;) Jerk off together to pics ; the goal is not to win but to give your partner a good time!" But you can decide your own fate by choosing the right tag.

There is the Arena The Wrestling Ring
Here its all about strength. "This new game by Overseer & Pavel, inspired from Ultimate Surrender will make you crazy!"

There ist the Arena Lesbian Wrestling Ring
Here the Reds prepare for battle. "First user submitted game developed by Franky & Andre & Alya! Based on japanese censored fight porn, discover this new mode, built like classic but with quite different values. In this mode the moves are stronger.. and stripping the opponent and cumtest moves cost 5 energy so it is advisable not to waste the energy. Humiliation and Pain kinks are almost necessary to enjoy this mode at its fullest."

This is how it is written in the RNGenisis fisrt chapter of the Book of Books.

On my own path to illumination I encountered some illuminated Prophets that lightend my path:

On January 30th:
It was a grey rainy Saturday late at night. I meet the first Prophet of the holy Dice. Ironecly her name is Faith! She wresteled me down with so much grace I didnt know what was happening. All the shenanigans I tried just left her laughing... Truely she knows what she is doing!
With an enlighted mouth she made me cum! Dodging my attempts to cum like she is Lady Luck herself!
And let me tell you, she is brave as she even bet with the audience on her win.
With the promis of a sacred dm from her I tried to fight back... worthless.
Her Hands so skillfull, so warm, so soft... so irresistible!
I never stood a chance!
Faith is truly blessed by the holy Dice in the Sky!
A fearsome Warrior! A Star in the Ring!
May they always watch over her!
...till one day I will get my revange!!!

The Holy Dice in the Sky blessed me. I witnessed a miracle while Mara T and Dakota, Guardian of the Hill, were entangled. Mara T looked like the clear winner. But over and over against all odds Dakota was blessed by RNGesus, winning the match in the end.
Dakota seems to be send by Lady Luck to teach us more about the ways of the Holy Dice... have to keep an eye on her. Learning, observing.

On my search for power I tried to summon the migthy Balteal. I regreted my tries the moment I noticed I accidently summond Lust, of the seven Deadlysins.
Nothing could have prepared me for this unbeleavebel power. In no time she had me brought under her spell! What happend next I cant fully recall with my clouded mind at that time. But I have the memory of being turned into a woman and back... Shortly after my body exploded in pleasure but with no way to realease it.
But somehow, with what only can be descriped as dump Luck (Praise the holy Dice in the Sky) I managed to make her cum. Giving me back some will and some power... The surprising end was I sealed myself a succubus... No not a succubus... The Lust of the seven deadly sins.... My dice what have I done? My Lady Luck keep her guarding hands over me and grand me her blessing.
At least for now I should be safe... Time for some more research on this topic.

But what is the holy Dice trying to tell us? I guess I need more training.

Witch path do you choose travler?

May the odds be always in your favoure, seeking traveler!



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