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Wrestling character from Alissa

A new challenger entered the ring. Ready to take on the first she saw, who happened to by nobody but the queen of the ring Alya. She started of confident. It wasn't that she never fought before after all. And after some struggles for control she soon even managed to take her to the mat. Playing with her seemingly surrendering toy.

It all changed suddenly as she got too overconfident and allowed Alya to please her too. Suddenly finding herself unable to fight the pleasure this skilled fighter was sending into her body. She ran right in the trap and ended up squirting all over the ground as Alya showed off, why she had this reputation.

In the end all she was able to was staying concious long enough to notice Alya marking her butt and taking the young girl to a safe spot where she claimed her price fully in private.

After that Alice dedication to claim her pride back grew. She would need to train a lot, but she would be back and finish off what she started.

Right in the next fight she took on another big name again. This time following Schnee Weiss invitation to a fight.

After a short moment of checking each other out, Weiss easily managed to surprise the inexperienced fighter with a sudden attack. Making Alice find herself in a tight hold before she realized the fight really started.

While fighting for control in this position she still managed to at least fight back a little. But in an attempt to break her opponent with pleasure, Alice ended up getting just the same treatment without a way out of Weiss strong pin.

The two girls soon ended in a moaning struggle to hold back their pleasure. Rolling around with no one clearly getting the advantage. Both only focused on not being the first to break.

Alice ended up giving in first. The pleasure just getting to much as Weiss pulled out her strap and pinned her to the mat while fucking roughly.

After catching her breath shortly she still managed to repay this, but the spell was broken and despite not giving in, Alice ended up getting worked up again quickly. And even with using toys to help out she surrended to her second orgasm around the skilled fingers of her opponent in no time.

Weiss didn't give her a break as her fingers kept working the wet pussy of the moaning Alice. Shortly even allowing herself an orgasm over Alice face, but staying on control and playing with the body of her beaten opponent.

After having enough fun Weiss pinned Alice again. Pumping the fingers inside of Alice sore pussy and forced her to squirt her defeat all over the floor.

After the match was cleared, Weiss took care to show off her appreciation for the young fighter, before giving her an ice blade. Almost like collaring the beaten girl. Making sure that Alice would never forget this defeat.

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