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When you eliminate the impossible... whatever remains... no matter how improbable... must be... THE TRUTH

It's been already 11 years since Edgeworth with the help of his subordinates began a journey to seek justice and truth. The goal was to bring down people like him in the past - corrupted, disregarding human life or just purely evil.

During his fruitful career, he managed to convict many criminals including high-profile figures in prosecutor's offices, police department or the Prosecutorial Investigation Committee for various crimes ranging from blackmail, abuse of power to even murders, but Edgeworth knew his work is far from over. It was then when he learned about EF: A place full of depravation. It was time to make everything better there. No crime, no sorrow... Only the law.

Little did our prosecutor knew, that people here are corrupted in a different kind of way and he'll soon learn what must be done...


My name is Adrian and I'm 23 years old at the moment. You have to forgive me if my sentences or words are incorrect... English isn't my national language.
I like to write rp during my plays, but of course it doesn't mean I'm not open for some quick matches. Feel free to tell me what you want and we'll figure the rest. You also need to know I am switch and can actively transit between being dominant/sub.

In case of modes I like to play: It's either classic or hentai. Wrestling match is rather an occasionally thing, but if you would like to try something like this, then no problem for me. I also love to play in "rp" mode, but once again we can discuss and change the rules together.

Feel free to message me if you want to play, ask more about me or just to talk. I don't bite!

PS: (Girls with glasses makes me go wild)

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