Emy (Level 7) mail warning

I'm ready for everything ^^

Hello ^^

My name is Emy, I'm 25 and I'm French.

I'm pet slave of Subby Queen Mary after a game who she control me and she accept to become my mistress.

I am both submissive and dominant even if I love to submit as soon as I can once the fight has started. I don't have a toy connected to the site but that doesn't prevent it from having fun during the game. Very often I ask what to do (this is what excites me the most and gives me pleasure) but I can also give orders.

I am Miss Elenor's slut, we fought together and she very quickly submitted me to her will and I loved being under her command.

I'm Kira unofficial submissive but I like feeling that way and can't wait to obey her again.

December 2022 : I'm pet of Xayah. She win a game and she became my mistress.

I dominated players but I don't really have any contact with her anymore so I don't mention them here.

Do not hesitate if you see my profile, you will have fun with me as a dominant or submissive and maybe you will have an important place in my bio.

See you soon. Kiss

== Results from bdsmtest.org ==
100% Degradee
100% Brat
97% Submissive
95% Voyeur
93% Slave
91% Rope bunny
90% Degrader
87% Rigger
87% Brat tamer
84% Switch
83% Master/Mistress
83% Dominant
81% Exhibitionist
81% Primal (Hunter)
77% Owner
68% Primal (Prey)
60% Pet
54% Non-monogamist
53% Masochist
50% Experimentalist
25% Sadist
11% Daddy/Mommy
10% Vanilla
0% Ageplayer
0% Boy/Girl

wc Is lesbian
autorenew Is a switch
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