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Competitive Sexfighter and Wrestler - looking for some fun! ;)


Name: Victor
Ring Name: The Ripper
Gender: Male
Age: Redacted
Height: 5'10
Weight: 145 lbs
Orientation: Straight

Alignment: Tween
Gimmick: Take the attire of my opponent as my trophy

Preferred Fighting Styles: Erotic Wrestling, Sexfighting

Fight Preference:
Competitive and/or Fair bouts (with both fighters trying to win)!

Other Notes:
I do not mind if I win or lose - but I will be writing to win. Sometimes the correct answer is that I don't. What matters is that we have a battle of the minds - and have fun dishing it out on each other until one succumbs and can take it no more!

Open to a number of kinks and fetishes too.

Feel free to reach out - I don't bite (mostly!).

Trophy Showcase
Elf Princess Minriel tried to prove that Elven Princesses can take Human Alphas on; but ended up contributing her bra to my ever-growing collection!

World Championship

These are all Bot Matches and not played against another human. This is a fantasy piece, where I play as a contestant/aspirant, going around the globe and facing various opponents along the way - hunting for bra trophies along the way. Gotta collect 'em all!

As I keep winning, I will face against the more famous names of the industry. As I lose, I'd be relegated down to the more amateur fights - even local neighborhood fights!

Rule: Cannot strip the opponent of their bra

Current titles:

- Venezuelan Sexfighting Champ (16/09/2021)

Current Level: Continental

W-L Record: 4-3

Form: (recent first) WWWLL

Title Hunt!

  1. [National] Sexfight - Vicious in Venezuela - vs the 32 years old Veteran Kesha Ortega (36F) - 2-1

The veteran Venezuelan goddess proved to be a fake - just like her tits. Fucked out in a Full Nelson!

VICTORY - Promoted to Continental Level | Trophy: 36F Red Padded Bra

Eastern European Escapades.

  1. [State] Wrestling - Budapest Brawl - vs the 20 years old Sarah James (32DD) - 2-1

The young Hungarian got fucked from below while riding me in a cowgirl.

VICTORY - Promoted to Country Level | Trophy: 32DD Black Gymshark Sports Bra

  1. [City] Wrestling - Bogota Beatdown - vs the 33 years old Isabella de Santos (34B) - 1-1

The Colombian superstar ends up squirting all over the mats to my fingers!

VICTORY - Promoted to State Level | Trophy: 34B Orange Sports Bra

North Carolina State Bash time!

  1. [State] Sexfight - North Carolina Bash - vs the 26 years old Nina North (34D) - 1-2.

Nina blows her way to victory to contend for the State title.

LOSS - Relegated to City level

Looking for greener (easier?) pastures.

  1. [National] Sexfight - Czech Title - vs 44 years old Fernanda Jerson (34D) - 1-2.

Underestimated my older opponent, who made short work of me, as she forced me into a self-facial before gang-banging me with strap-ons with her friends to celebrate her title win! Humiliating!

LOSS - Relegated to State level

Moving across the continent in search of the first win ...

  1. [State] Sexfight - New York State Title - vs Joanna Angel (34DDD) - 2-1.

Ruined her orgasm, before she got me with a Titfuck in her bra. Finished her off with an anal squirter to get my first win!

VICTORY - Promoted to National Level | Trophy: 34DDD Pink T-shirt Bra

Making the debut ... painfully ...

  1. [National] Sexfight - British Title - vs Ann Denise (30E) - 1-2.

LOSS - Relegated to State level

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