Jeanne VS Linlin Mira : History listed publicly (78 turns)

A weekly show at your local night/strip club

You find yourself in a dimly lit night club that doubles as a strip club too, plenty of area both for dancing, and for having some private fun, as well as several small "stages" around both zones. Usually, some sexy dancers occupy these stages, but once a week, a much grander event happens, two dancers duking it all out in front of everyone in a sex brawl, trying to get as many tips as they can through being raunchy (Music for feels: )

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(right, give me a sec)
(of course)
(anything to fix in title/description?)
(hmm dont think so)
(so, gotta get rid of our clothes other than underwear)
mmm that is a sexy interaction in the making^^
(oh right, thought I forgot something, one sec
/remove their pants
/remove their top
/remove their socks
/remove my pants
/remove my top
/remove my socks
(and rp mode is back off)
(anything else, or ready for me to kick off?)
*As the DJ announces that the show is about to begin, the two lucky dancers step out into middle of stage together, showing off to audience as they spin around with their backs to each other, revealing their skimpy underwear, bright red in case of Linlin's, or as bright as it can get in this lighting, sending a few blown kisses and winks to her favorites in audience*
Hope you enjoy it :P
(whoop, didnt want to click enter if you had something else you wanted to discuss)
hope everyone enjoys it hehe
I know I will
(totally fine)
*As we walk to our ends of the stage/ring I bump my butt into yours, trying to trip you up a bit while I wave and blow kisses to the audiences in my bright pink underwear*
(and yep, playlist playing in my headphones :P )
*notice the two dancer entering the stage from the bar and count how much monney left i got*
*she stumbles just as planned, all a part of introduction, all carefully planned to show their bodies as much as possible, Linlin's bra shaking as she leans down. She soon turns around and seems to slap Jeanne hard in face - only for it to be a sound effect played by DJ, the actual slap being more of gentle flap*
aahh! you bitch! *I scream a little overdramatically* You'll pay for that! *I grab your hands and push against you, with you eventually falling over I "Jump" onto your belly and sit there with your hands gently pinned above your head*
*take a sip of my whyskey glasse seeing the start of the "fight"*
Bring it on! *she shouts as loud, barely containing a giggle, easily sliding up and sitting up, catching Jeanne by the back of her head and drawing her into kiss from below, her hand bobbing in the air for folk to cheer on*
*I shove you off and walk back to my end of the stage, my ass jiggling with every step* I'll have you submitting in no time! You stand no chance! I'll win this no problem! *I barely contain my giggle as we both know what the outcome'll be very well already*
thats an interesting show .... *get closer to the stage*
*she walks back to her own end of stage too, but instead of looking at Jeanne, she does a spin towards audience, her hair flying around, Linlin grabbing her panties to accentuate her girlcock for all to see* "That's right, one of these girls is on clear advantage, but if first tip goal is met, we'll make sure the other dancer is just as prepared, her favorite strapon tossed in" *DJ shouts out to crowd through speakers*
*I smirk and quickly shush the crowd behind me as I sneak up behind you, clearly occupied with something else as I grab you by your shoulders and put you down on your back* seems she *wants* to lose, guys! *I shout out the the audience as I signal for some cheers as I set down and wiggle my ass on your face* She's got no idea what she's in for tonight!
I'll show you who's a true loser! *she slides back, slightly blushing from Jeanne's ass being so near for her to lick at, deciding to instead grab her from behind and get a hand under her, rubbing her panties, letting the crowd see Jeanne's body without obstruction* Look how much she moans for me!
*throw 200 bucks on the stage*
*I let out loud, exaggerated moans, moaning like a true ponrstar for the audience as they watch you rub my exposed pussy* f-fuckk get off of me! *I crawl away from you and back to my corner* you couldnt handle me for a second if I really tried, hun *I wink and spin around and spread my ass for you, the thin G-string barely covering anything at all* but you're welcome to come try
Well, know that I'm a dirty fighter, dear!~ *she shouts loud and runs up to Jeanne, grabbing her by armpits and lifting her up to give her signal to jump, her knee soon following through, stopping just a touch away from her jewels, another sound effect played by DJ to make it seem real* "Oooh, that one will leave a mark!"
*as she runs towards Jeanne, she kicks the money that's thrown off to a side where people can't reach, one of the stuff collecting and counting them, checking if they're not fake*
*noctice something getthing bigger in the lovly red panty and prepare some cash*
*I return to my corner clutching my my crotch* f-fuck you bitch! come here you! *I grab you by your hair and 'pull' you into the middle of the stage where I bend over, pull my panties to the side before I tug at your hair and you stick your face between my cheeks* good bitch! know your place!
*cash flys on the ass of jeanne*
Aghhh! Anything but your ass!~ *she plays it up as if she was afraid of getting herself thrusted into Jeanne's ass, in reality actually being quite into it, actually licking her up a bit, as well as using that moment to work her panty knots off, throwing them down to Trix to thank for her generous tip earlier, giving her a wink* Silly Jeanne~ Thinking she won't get her due justice immediately!~
*grabb the pink g string with a wink and take a lick before letting 100$ fall on the stage*
oh please, we both know you can handle neither of these *I look back and wink as I spread my cheeks for you, putting ass and pussy on full display* but I wont complain, it's your own doom *I smirk and swiftly get in behind you as you were busy staring* how many people wanna see her lovely tits? *I shout to the crowd. Them all cheering for me to rid you of your bra which I quickly do, tossing it to the audience for someone lucky to enjoy*
*slap on the stage* 1000 bucks if i get the red string panty as well!
*As Linlin is about to turn around and get her own move at Jeanne, a fanfare plays out over the speakers* "Looks like someone just gave an anonyomous donation large enough to get Linlin's panties. Dearie, show the crowd that hidden weapon of yours!" *Linlin seems to pout a moment for that announcement interrupting the flow, Linlin deciding to make it into a show for that one someone, getting off the stage for a moment to approach Trix, spinning around her while rubbing her body in, her panties slipping off during her spin by Trix's feet, giving her a kiss as she finishes and hopping back on stage, her girlcock wiggling energetically around*
*enjoy the kiss, rubbing the huge pack of green bucks against the girl cock before thwoing it on stage, picking up my prize*
*I scoff* ladies and gents! I dont need no charity to get you all a show that you'll all love! now let me hear some cheers if you wanna see my tits! *The room fills with the cheering of the audience. I start jumping up and down a little, letting it hit it's high before I reveal my now jiggling tits* you're welcome one and all! *I smirk and wave before I shoot my bra off into the audience*
*to give
mm the real fight start!
*As Jeanne does that, many more smaller tips start flying into stage, her show encouraging all folk to try and influence her throw direction. While Jeanne does so, now it's Linlin's time to get from behind, grabbing Jeanne from behind in a choke hold (or something that looks like, her arms being extremely loose), her girlcock peeking between Jeanne's legs, grinding against her pussy* Ready for the real show, dear?!~ *she shouts to the crowd*
who wanna bet?
slide it deep!
"resist jeanne"!
*I push your arms away and spin around, now face to face with you* always, we both know you dont stand no chance *I smirk and get up, grabbing you from behind and keeping you there as I start groping your tits*
*Linlin moans out loud as her tits get groped, but manages to slip one of her legs behind Jeanne's, making them both go on ground, Linlin soon sliding back and squatting down to teabag Jeanne, dunking her nuts into her mouth* Lick em good dear! Make me moan louder!
"go on jeanne mate her cum by teasing her balls!"
*more money flys*
*I manage to just barely lean up and get a good grip on your nipples before pulling down on them, making you fall over and now we're both in a 69 position* why dont you worship my pussy instead? we both know it'll be what you end up doing anyways, sweet cheeks! *I smirk and raise my arm into the air before smacking your ass. And the sound of a spank echoes through the room... from the speakers*
"am i dreaming or she is getting ahrd from the spanks?"
PSHAW! As if I ever would wor--- AGH!~ *Linlin jumps up a bit from the spank, moving a bit backwards as she does so, her tits landing into Jeanne's face* Succumb to your doom, Jeanne! Nobody has got out of my soft pillowy jail!
It certainly seems to have encouraged her to go just that little bit harder
*I keep spanking your ass until eventually you've loosened your grip enough for me to escape* until now! *I smikr confidently and slide you down my body until I've got you trapped like you had me* lets see how yyou escape these then!
want a drink?
*her body slides sideways, getting them back into 69, a large rack in each others faces* Oh I'm not escaping! I'm going to prove mine are better than yours by dueling them~ *as she eagerly sucks at one of Jeanne's breasts, ready to endure her licks and sucking*
Only if you let me buy the next round dear
*slap your ass* deal, follow me to the bar then <3
oh please, we both know mine are better! *I roll away from under you before I sit down on your lower back* lets get you properly stretched for what's next *I wink to the audience as I grab you by your tits and pull back, making you lean back into me* although yours are far from bad *I give them both a squeeze*
*I let out a gasp but follow soon after, chuckling at her audacity* Do lead the way then~
*we finally reach the bar as the crowd start getting wilder as the figths goes rougher* what do you wanan drink dear? *sit looking your particularly short outfit*
*she stretches far back, giving in to Jeanne's move, deciding to make it a show of her body, leaning over to kiss her as her breasts get groped and played in front of everyone* That's right~ I bet all these people below would love to be in your position right now!~
*I let your eyes roam over my outfit without any shame, winking at you before relaxing in my seat* You know, I've never had a Bloody Mary before, seems only right to try it while watching my first lesbian wrestling match~
I bet they would *I smirk and kiss your cheeks before I slip your head between my soft tits* now just sit there and enjoy, there's no reason to resist is there? *I slide lower down to sit on your ass instead so I can get you properly back to enjoy my tits*
*you notice that i hold both the pantys of the fighters in ahand of mine, my body traped in a latex catsuit* then two bloodymary barmaid please <3
its your first match? you are lucky you kinda started by seeing the all stars
Are they now? I'm certainly in luck then to get to watch them in action with such delightful company as yourself~
You're not wrong, but you have something better to smother me with!~ *Linlin chuckles loud as she slides down, grabbing onto Jeanne's hips, pulling her pussy down on face, mouth wide agape, tongue lolled out, grinding herself all over it, her legs flailing wild to imitate how desperately she's trying to escape her "smother"*
say the perfect babe half naked in front of me *smile as our drinks are brought to us*
mmmh fuckk. I sure do, I'd say too bad you''re lacking it
(all cool, dw)
*turns back to the fight and see one of the opponent ridding the other* mmm my look at this amazonian fight
but I cant complain at all actually *I smirk and grind on your face as I reach down and start to stroke and tease your cock, using one hand to focus on teasing the tip while my other focuses on stroking your shaft*
Speak for yourself, that catsuit leaves nothing to the imagination *I say with a chuckle before returning my attention to the fight, licking my lips at what I see onstage*
*Linlin's legs and arms spread wide, giving in a bit to all the action, getting a touch too turned on by Jeanne's stroking, that pussy being very alluring* "RUH ROH! Looks like Linlin is in tough position! Come on, give her a loud cheer to light the fire back into that lovely girlcock of hers before Jeanne strokes it out!" *DJ encourages the crowd, more cheers and tips soon appearing*
*the next time you turn your head back to me, you are in ofor a long sloppy kiss with a rubb of your inner leg*
"resist lin!" "stay hard" "leave her alone jeanne , youa re too afraid to ride her!"
*Not wanting to be outdone, I break the kiss to crawl into Trix' lap, making myself comfortable while leaning against her and ensuring I don't obstruct her view* "Come on Linlin!" *I shout a bit too eagerly for a first timer*
*hold kotocutie liek i would with one of my puppys, my arm around her in a possessive gesture whilei nibble her ear* got a favorite?
*looking around on the edges of the stage I can give an educated guess on what it's time for in a few moments and I'm proven right, cause after a few minutes of stroking your cock a strapon the same size as your cock is tossed into the middle of the ring *I smile and release your cock, quickly going for the strappy and putting it on* hope you're ready for it, sweetie *I look down at you, still laying on the floor while I stroke the rubber cock* well then, time for the true fun *I smirk and move in behind you, putting you on all fours and grabbing you by your hair as I slowly slide the strappy into your ass* lets make some noise party people! *I I pull on your hair and pound your ass, making the audience clap everytime I thrust into you* there we go!
*I just giggle as I let Trix have her fun, keeping my eyes on the stage with an impish grin.* "I'd have to say I favour the blonde" *knowing very well both have similar hair colours*
(btw Lin, what do we do if a tap comes along when it doesnt fit the RP?)
(just in case)
(why wouldn't it ever fit? :D The show does look like wrestling, so why not have taps :P
(With a lot of DJ commentary to follow it through
mmm lin is my favorite but it feels like she is gonna give us the first orgasm *whisper in koto's hear "she is a huge buttslut"
(all part of the show
(I meant if it doesnt fit the current situation)
(could be another tip goal too?
(tip enough to make one of girls "tap"?
(let's just get back to it)
(I'll just get creative if it happens)
(sure, better see it when it happens than speculate
Is that so~? I guess I should be expecting the first round ending soon then~
*clap allong on koto's hips*
Huh, don't tell me......~ *Linlin looks around surprised as Jeanne gets her strappied tipped in, and is soon put into position to get pounded, her whole body bouncing as she moans loudly, her face making a silly ahegao face* "Oh no! Jeanne is quickly proving to all why Linlin is known here as "Buttslut Nympho". It sure seems like there's less and less chance for her!" *the speakers continue booming the commentary that follows the match*
yeah it seems like it
if she doesnt manange to flee
mmm look at her subby rock hard shecock, ready to burst at each thrust <3
Do they make her point to the floor, or is there a splash zone in the audience as well?
*soon I realize there's a rather large puddle of wetness forming beneath me and I know just how to use it *I smirk and pull back on you, making you slowly reverse back until you're right infront of it *I smirk and let go of your hair* lick it up, slut! *I spank your ass while I'm still ballsdeep with the strappy in you*
somoene wanan get a looser facial on her first day? <3
Oh so it does happen? Good to know for when I feel a bit more daring <3
hihi its a secret but i heared that you may even pay the opponent of lin to let a member of the public finishe her with her mouth hihi
now that sounds like a VIP privilege if anything~
*Linlin's face goes flush red as she's let down into the wet floor. While she does know that it is all the show and their main goal should be to get as much money for club as they can, it does get her worked up to fight back a bit more earnest, not wanting to be made into loser, deciding to fake her subbyness for a touch more before quickly slipping out and sliding down below, helped out by Jeanne's drip inadvertently* I am not out yet! *she screams, her fingers shooting to finger Jeanne hard, almost like a spear* If you're so wet, clearly you're close to gushing for all!
*lick my lips* indeed
mmm seems like she isnt dead yet
*i pullyou closer to the ring with me*
*i align 2000 dollars on the stage in front of jane*
mind giving us a looser shower?
wha... n-no! sh-shut up! *I push you back onto your back and sit down on your belly* dont make me finish you off already! *I start stroking the shaft of your cock while massaging your balls* how's this then, bitch!? *I shout before I lean down and start sucking on the tip of your cock*
hihi not this time it seem
Aww, you don't have to pay for me, you'll make me feel indebted to you ;3
Not good enough!~ *she shouts back and once again manages to slide and sit up, a deja vu as the two are once again in a deep kiss* I think Jeanne has poor memory remembering what happens when she sits on me!
i dont have to .. but i want to *gets behind you lettin the money on the stage and push you front row with me*
sorry, I've just had you end up as a loser chair for me to remember not to do it *I give your ass a spank and the sound effect once again echoes through the room* and you seem to forget what kinda equipment I'm packing! *I grab you by your butt and manage to lift you onto my strappy, forcing you to ride it right on the edge of the stage*
*we see the she cock bounding like crazy while the eyes of lina re rolling*
*I just grin and let myself get put in position, already thinking of how to show my appreciation in a bit*
Mmmgh!~ Fuck!~ *she once again moans loudly, getting into Jeanne's fucking a bit too eagerly, but quickly gets back to her senses, rolling around to avoid falling over, dragging Jeanne by arm for both to fall into another 69 in middle of stay, Linlin going for Jeanne's pussy with her fingers* Get me once - shame on me! Get me twice - it's a race!
oh no you dont! *I roll you off of me and grab you by your hair, pulling you in for a long, passionate and sloppy kiss. Eagerly stroking your cock while I kiss you* you're going down, why dont you accept it already?
*slid emy hand from behind between koto's leg* god it makesyou dripping to watch from close? <3
HAH!~ Try me! I'll show you how much of a power bottom I am! *she taunts Jeanne, rolling around to be by Jeanne's pussy, once again pushing it on face, but this time not acting as if she's helpless, actually trying to get Jeanne off and show her superiority from below, her hands bobbing in the air for all to cheer*
I wouldn't say dripping wet but there is a certain amount of pleasure to be derived from it~
no you dont bitch! *I grab you by your hair and keep you in place* eat out your goddess and I might choose to be a little more kind with the post match show! *I lean back and grope your tits while keeping you in place* good slut
then how about i help you making it dripping? <3 *srats gently caressing the crotch of the new girl, without anone notticing, very close to the stage*
*Linlin feels that she overstayed her welcome, staying down for a bit longer than she expected, genuine moans starting to sound from between Jeanne's legs, Linlin wrestling mentally just how much she wants to fight back, thinking of next move*
*I say nothing but grind into your fingers, keeping quiet with a smile as I keep focussing on the match*
*whisper in your hear, teaisng the shy clit*
welcome to the night life here <3
time to see how good you truly are *I smirk and get off of you* let's get you into position *I roll you onto your belly and left your ass into the air, I then take off my strappy and slide it into your ass, fucking you with it while stroking you* come on slut, let it aaaalll out!
is resisting cumming (74% chance of cum) => Came!
*pull asside the bra of koto to expose her skin fully to a potential orgasm*
*I just roll my eyes but reach behind me, the zipper of the catsuit soon pulled down so I can feel for myself just how excited you yourself are at the moment*
*i was wearing nothing under my catsuit and its two pierced nipple hard as a rock ,and a very excited clit you feel*
mm ready? <3
Nooooo! Not yet! Please, spare me! AAAAAGH! JEANNNNNNEEEEEEEEEEE!~ *Linlin tries resisting and escaping Jeanne's hold, but soon she realizes she has not a slightest chance, her voice going higher and higher in pitch until it's just a squeel, her cock throbbing wild until it starts spewing rope after rope of cum, most of it going straight to ground, but Linlin leans with a hand to make sure that bits of it shoot out into crowd too, aiming blindly*
Ready as I'll ever be~
Fuuuuuuuuuuck me!~ *she groans as several fanfares play out, DJ announcing* "FIRST ORGASM GOES TO JEANNE! MAKE IT LOUD FOLK, IT'S ONLY GETTING HOTTER NOW HERE!"
*the money i gave is now coated in thick semen and i got myself a shot on the face*
mmmm <3 got anything koto? <3
good slut *I spin you around once more, your ass laying in the puddle of your cum* closer to submission now *I smirk and lay down ontop of you, keeping you there as I grope, squeeze, fondle and suck on your tits*
*I got a bit on my bare chest but sadly enough most of it is now on the floor. I turn my head and lean closer to tryx, licking the jizz off of her face before showing off the bounty in my mouth*
*grab your hips for a hug, coating my own breats of looser semen while we share the bounty in your mouth*
*Linlin continues groaning, needing a bit more time to recover, her girlcock spewing last drops of cum for now, moaning as she continues getting played by Jeanne* No! Please! Not yet!
I think there's only one way to finish you off, isnt that right *I look up and smile as I grind my pussy against your cock*
*I break off the kiss before leaning forward, licking your chest clean while looking up teasingly*
*look at you from above with a smile, lowering my zipper to expose my pusys fully and push you to get on your knees betwene me and the stage*
Oh I have a better idea!~ *she grabs Jeanne by shoulders and flips her around to face away, wrapping hands around her waist and chest as Linlin thrusts straight into Jeanne's ass, going deep and hard from get go, hoping her lube hadn't dried off by now, or that at least her cum helped it all out. She got them both of ground, pushing Jeanne closer to edge, showing off her body to crowd* Come on, Jeanne~ They got my cum, now squirt for them just as much! Make it rain!
is resisting cumming (88% chance of cum) => Came!
*I push back, instead leaning into you and letting my fingers explore your cunt while I keep looking at the match* "How rude, trying to make me miss parts of my first fight~"
*i bite my lips seeing the glorious jeanne beeing handled so roughtly her fat breats bouncing widdly in front of me as i feel koto's fingers*
*slid emy own fingers in her panty to do the same*
(and the same to all other watching. Hope you enjoy the show :P
f-fuuckk LIIIIIINNNNNN!!!!! *I barely even last 10 seconds in the position, finding it too hot to even try and resist* wrooong hoooole you biiittcchhhh!!! *I cant help but start fingerfucking my own pussy before I start cumming and squirting all over you and the audience* "it's all even at 1:1 now folks!" *the DJ says as I collapse on the stage*
*I press a quick kiss into Trix' neck but otherwise keep my eyes on the show as we jill each other. I didn't expect my first evening here to be so liberating but I most certainly love it!*
*but you're relentless and you keep pounding my ass mercilessly*
(hello to anyone I havent greeted)
*mufflea moan when we receive jeann's squirt on our b ody, feeling your finger getting alittle to effective on my slit*
*i poke my head in*
((hello puppy <3)
*even while we get covered I don't let up, slender digits learning more and more of the redhead's weak spots as I mercilessly tease those*
*she continues her pounces for a short bit more before pulling out and pushing Jeanne to the side, deciding to try another thing to make everyone's minds go wild, getting down and floor and starting to crawl over their both fluids, getting her breasts soaked both in her own cum as well as Jeanne's love juices, shaking them at crowd excited*
(heya, Jaqie!
(Hello my queen <3)
(Hey linlin!)
*i muffle another moan but stay dignified as she cum gently on her fingers*
getting down on* floor
(hello Jaqueline <3)
(Hey Lilith~)
(loved our last game, how about a rematch?)
*After letting Trix ride out her orgasm I pull back my fingers, licking the sticky digits clean while maintaining eyecontact with her*
*I pant but slowly regain my senses as you're busy putting on a show for the audience* I'm far from done, slut! *I grab my strappy and put it back on and then lay down ontop of you, the strappy sliding back into your ass with ease* mmmh someone got real stretched huh? *I give your ass a playful spank before I start grinding and then thrusting the strappy in and out of your ass*
*I walk in and take an open seat*
*push my own fingers deeper , making my pace quicker and quicker my forehead against koto's forehead*
(I would love one some time lilith, but i gotta get ready for work soonish)
(i will have to go soon too)
*I moan and ride those fingers, pinching my own nipples to get myself more excited as I watch the two stars onstage still go at it. they certainly have a lot of stamina*
*massgae the clit with my tumb, looking on the stagetime to time*
*Linlin once again goes agape, tongue stuck out and moaning loudly, though her composure settles back even quicker, feeling match be more in her hands* Oh please~ It's you who's got stretched just as much! Or have you already forgotten my pounding?! *she bucks back hard out of rhythm into Jeanne, making her fall down on her back, Lin soon dropping on ground to lick Jeanne up slowly* I am sure you can let out so much more for me!
*I push my own fingers inside as well to make Trix hit a particular sensitive spot before I cum with a quiet gasp and a not so subtle look in my eyes*
how am I supposed to forget it? I aaahhh didnt say I didnt get stretched! *I quickly see where this is going and with me in a state unable to resist much pleasure I quickly scramble to my feet and go to my side of the stage*
*kiss you a last time , letting you ride your oegasm as long as posisble before vanishing in the croud after slipping my phone number in yoru bra*
(got to go everyone thx for the ameing show <3
(Thanks for the scene Trix and Koto!)
*Linlin gets on her feet just as quick, managing to catch out Jeanne from behind, running a bit too quick into her as she doesn't even get a chance to aim, her girlcock diving straight back into Jeanne's puckered hole, making sure it stays stretched* That's right! Let's show the audience just how well you fit me now!~ *as she fucks her while standing, sending several spanks, speakers going wild with sound effects, playing it few too many times*
(it was my genuine pleasure~)
(yep, was great)
(feel free to continue interacting or just enjoying the show :P
(just gonna enjoy it for now I think. Already had enough excitement for a first day~)
*your cock slides out as easily as it slides in and of course I take advantage of that, jumping away from you and backing into a corner* you'll have to try harder than that!
(There is never too much excitement)
*she takes single step back, beckoning Jeanne to come back* Oh please!~ That's not why we all gathered here! Is that right crowd?! I think Jeanne needs a bit more encouragement to show just how fierce she can get~ *she spins around calling out to crowd, riling them up while keeping an eye on Jeanne*
well, you asked for it! *I run at you, almost tackling you to the ground *I smirk* not so confident now huh? *I grab your legs and lift them into the air and then shove my strappy deep down your ass* take this then!
(feel free to cause some then <3 )
Nnnngh!~ So fricking hard!~ *she winces and grunts, feeling a touch more uncomfortable being flipped over like that, taking a bit of time to slip out, and get her legs to fall on ground, herself sitting up to reach for Jeanne's kitty and finger it while rubbing her clit with thumb, pressing and squeezing Jeanne from both ends as if those fingers were a slow pulsing vibe*
(hey, Arma)
(came to enjoy show during work? :P )
(you got me right, Linlin but really enjoying the show!)
you know what, I think we better make this more equal! *I smirk and slap away your hands* lets get to the true fun *I push you onto your back gently and hover my pussy above your throbbing, leaking cock* not doing it unless we get some noise up in here! *the crowd erupts with cheers as I lower my pussy down onto your cock* mmmh there we go *I smile and grope your tits while I bounce up and down your cock, my ass jiggling for the audience*
*she lies down on floor surprised by Jeanne's move, getting caught out completely off guard, only thing she's able to do is looking dumbly at what's happening, drooling at Jeanne, her cock throbbing more and more as it's inside, wonder if it's end of her, thanking herself for not going to early for that treasured honeypot of Jeanne's*
*I grab you by your arms and lift your upper body up so we're face to face* you *will* be mine *I lean in for another long, passionate and sloppy kiss as I bearhug and ride you*
Mmmmmgh~ Noooooo!~ You won't get me so easily!~ *Linlin moans, wrestling against Jeanne's hug, pushing a bit up into it, just enough both not to break Jeanne's ride, as well as extend an arm long enough to reach around towards Jeanne's anus* "Are we seeing what we are seeing, people?! Is Linlin going for her famous Double-Pronged Prodding?!" *DJ calls out as Linlin's fingers pushes into Jeanne's ass, her hips starting to buck back from below as well, fucking her from both ends*
is resisting cumming (74% chance of cum) => Came!
Come on, work her, Linlink! - I shout from the side, blushing because of the scene in front of my eyes.
*I just lean into you, moaning like a pornstar, unable to make myself stop riding you, the pleasure overriding every other thought in my brain telling me to stop myself from this, but I can and I cum hard riding your cock, my legs trembling and my moans filling the room*
f-fuuuuckkk Liiiiinnnn!!!
Nooooo mercy for Jeanne!~ *Linlin yells out loud, keeping her assault without any pause, trying to extend the orgasm into submission, her fingering and fucking going even more intense despite how much harder it is to thrust against Jeanne, her pussy squeezing out that girlcock tight*
you know, that move actually explains the padding those fighting rings get
(whelp, looks like my ballsy move fell completely flat :D )
*I'm just hugging you tightly, my arms and legs wrapped around you, legs still lightly trembling as I just sit on your cock, still moaning and riding through the powerful orgasm*
n-need... a break....
*she shakes her head, far too into fucking to listen to her partner, losing control for a moment, only letting up from ass fingering, freeing herself from the hug only to lean in and lick at Jeanne's breasts, groping the other one* Soon.... Soon.....
redrew a set of actions
redrew a set of actions
(given I'm not getting anything but normal cum tests then you could be good still)
(only barely
*I stand up, barely able to do so due to my shaky legs, but I shove you back onto your back and sit on your face* lick me! be a good chair!
*I grind my pussy on you as I enjoy the time I have to recover*
*it might have not been visible to crowd much, but Linlin's breathing was getting quite quick by now, her muscles burning from overexertion, feeling she really needs break just how Jeanne called out, taking that opportunity as Jeanne rides her face, submitting to her domination for a moment again*
(I'mma have to go sadly enough, y'all enjoy the show~)
*I mercilessly grind my pussy on your face, refusing to give you any breaks, by now your face is completely soaked and you're getting low on air* mmmh she's such an amazing chair, guys!
*she groans loud under Jeanne, her body still burning, feeling that might be a bit of a mistake as now her face was burning just as hard from embarrasement and arousal, getting tempted more and more over*
redrew a set of actions
*I decide to finally give you a break* lets give her some air, guys *I smirk at them and grab you by the hair, walking you over to the audience, putting you right on the edge of the stage where many hands start groping and touching your body*
*she drools over crowd, her legs wobbling greatly from exhaustion, the groping and feeling up not helping a tiny bit, especially when one of the audience members decides to be cheeky and grab tight on her cock, loud yelp erupting out of her*
*I smirk and take off my strappy, and lie down next to you, out of reach from the audience though as I start fucking your ass with the dildo* nice work guys! she's so close to blowing!
Mmmmmgh~ Fuuuuuck~ *she moans weakly, feeling her ass getting pierced around, a momentary jolt going through her body to give just enough second wind to go a bit to side and pull Jeanne in next to her, letting crowd go over both of their chests and bodies with their fingers* So are you, don't lie!~
(huh... I feel like the game's saying something...)
(so close, but no cigar :D )
(losing by tap is boring though)
(and that cumtest is guaranteed too
(get your prize, winner :P
(punish me for greed ;)
*I manage to scramble away from the audience and so do you* come here you! *I grab you and put you on your back* time to give me a niiiice biiig reward *I smile and wink and I suck on your tip before I start deepthroating you, my tongue moving in circles around your tip while I use a hand to massage your balls* give in! *I say with strings of drool and precum hanging from my mouth and chin to your cock*
give it to me!
*I plunge my mouth down your cock again and wait for my reward*
is resisting cumming (100% chance of cum) => Came!
(would've been fun if I misclicked and tapped by accident)
*Linlin's legs flail wildly, this time not in act, but true desperation, one last time to get out, before finally admitting to Jeanne's prowess, tapping down on mat at the same time as her cock erupts with another load, rewarding winner directly with her first prize*
(heh, would have made it harder for you, but still shitty situation for me)
*I let you shoot all of your load down my greedy throat and once you're done I get up and walk around the edge of the stage, showing to the audience that I swallowed it all*
(doesnt it take away HP?)
(iirc no, only heal me
(aahhh ok then)
*I stand obove you, offering a hand to get you up*
*she sticks her hand out, needing all the help to stand up after that*
*I pull you up into a hug, trapping your cock between my thighs just to tease you a little further*
*she gasps, a bit more cum spurting out as her girlcock gets teased again, but she just smiles, lifting Jeanne's hands up in the sky, shouting* Cheer for your winner, folk! Her pussy and mouth tonight prove stronger! *she then looks deep in her eyes, in a much quieter tone, only audible for those close to stage, her voice much more serious and cold* But next time though.....
what about next time, sweet cheeks? *I give your ass a playful spank and pull you closer*
*her seriousness all fades into a smirk as she gets spanked, giggling out* Oh you know~ More of same, just maybe with slightly different outcome... We need to rehearse better what we did after first orgasms~ *she says much quieter, not wanting anyone to overhear that* That drove me a bit too.... lusty~
*I lean even closer and whisper* they loved it, made it feel more real... since y'know, it was real *giggles and walks with you to the showers* come on, we need a shower
*she continues holding onto her, using Jeanne's shoulder as support as they walk on out of stage back to personnel only area* Mhm~ Both of us......
mmhmmm *slaps your ass and shoves you into the changing rooms* you better be ready for round two! *I follow behind you...*
(gee, that was one of the most fun games I had here on EF
(this setting's definitely sticking on somewhere for future usage
(absolutely, probably the best RP I've had on here)
(need to get it setup during primetime, get more audience in
(maybe even get someone to be dj and/or commentator)
(agreed, felt a little empty at times)
(ooh that's a great idea)
(I'll probably poke on EF discord about it
(and we can continue it in the changing rooms another time too ;) )
(mhm, absolutely, leads perfectly in :P
(and GGs! I got lucky with some of my end game actions there)
(Yup, though as I said - I went greedy. Was actually miscalcing you going to 1, not 2 LP. But not like it mattered, not getting followup to submit you out
(btw - think this room needs better title for a log and as a "series" name
(have any ideas?
(maybe a name for club?
(are we getting sued if we're calling it the vanilla unicorn?)
(not sure if rockstar would be happy)
(I think we need our own EF name :P
maybe put it up as vote too at discord?
(that's a great idea)
(Will do that after dinner then
(well, cya some other day then, not enough time for another game, maybe not even much on site itself
(cya, thanks for the amazing game)
(the same, loved it all

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