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The guide to "Hentai game" game

Because if LWR and TWR have guides, why not Hentai?

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*Lin finishes setting up old fashioned video camera, making sure new tape is added and spinning, Linlin and her apprentice in white karate gi's, both wearing white belts even if those are not their actual ranks*
Hello there, viewers, Linlin Mira and her young apprentice here. Thanks for buying this VHS casette to learn more about "Hentai game" game. We hope after this short introduction you will be more prepared for future bouts. *they both do a bow to camera, then walk to their spots on tatami, giving a bow to each other before getting in combat stance*
Why don't you show first move, apprentice?~
*the young girl immediately goes for Linlin's crotch, tickling her girlcock* Haaaah~
Tsk tsk tsk, starting with showing what to avoid, eh? Notice that most moves will affect either person's 'Desire' to have sexfight and get other off, or their personal 'Pleasure' and urge to orgasm. However, you might also notice you didn't get an advertised effect.
Aye... *she scratches her head, confused* I thought it would push you 3 points in D and 2 points in P, and yet you only show having 1 point of P. How so?
*Linlin giggles, patting her trainee* Simple - one feeds the other. Desire you always gain at same rate. However, the amount of Pleasure depends on how much has one succumbed into that Desire. Because I have almost none of it right now, Pleasure is only about half as effective. If you hit me with something that said to move it by 8, I would get only 4, and so on.
You however~ *Linlin flicks her fingers* Are set for 80 desire right now~
/change their desire 80
Wait, what? How?~ *she looks about, her cheeks bright red as she looks lustily at her master*
Master's privilege~ In any case, now that you're so heated, watching how effective this will work~ *Lin moves like a blur, getting behind her apprentice, both gis moving to side for a moment to reveal perfect entrance for nympho master, thrusting in* Think this is worth just 7 Pleasure?~ Think again~
Waaaaagh~ *Trainee moans out high pitched, recording momentarily cutting out audio, editors finding that too ear piercing, before soon returning it, once she's back to more composed moaning* Mhm, turned it all the way to 11, fuck!~ But at least only 1 Cum point, not 2. *she grins, taking that as consolation prize*
As you can see, the effectiveness of Pleasure attacks change depending on one's Desire. Good cut off points to think off are 0-40-100. 0 does half damage, 40 does advertised amounts, and 100 Desire means double Pleasure damage. Pretty nifty eh?
Ohhhhh... and the same with Cum Overdrive? 0 Pleasure meaning I only took half of what was expected, 40 Pleasure dealing what is written, and if I had 100 Pleasure, I would have taken double?
Exactly, you catch on fast - hope our viewers do too, making this VHS worth every cent
Actually, we're doing this for free
Oh right, to make it more accessible for everyone. Right right.
Anyway's let's get to our next lesson - cumtests.
These will only start appearing when you have worked up enough Pleasure in your partner, but even then, you gotta be careful. Guess I'll let myself look like a fool, and do same mistake, watch~
/change their desire 70
/change their pleasure 40
*Lin glares her eyes again, a quick spell swapping trainee to have 70/40 in her stats, and that one errant point in Cum Overdrive*
/change their pleasure 41
/change their pleasure 51
First of all - the Normal Cumtests. These will cost you either 2 or 3 Energies, very rarely, and riskily, 1 too. *as she instructs viewers and her apprentice, she quickly pulls out, instead kneeling in front of young girl, licking her clit in slow motions, two fingers searching for her gspot*
is resisting cumming (4% chance of cum) => Resisted!
Nnnngh~ *Trainee's legs quiver, but she holds out, her lusty moans not resulting in anything more* So soft...... But it felt so easy to resist this.... is it because I am not that worked up?~
Exactly. The formula is bit complex, but I heard all the details can be find in the little FAQ pamphlet that is found on website where our viewers will get the VHS, but to give a very short gist of it - CO point is worth more than pleasure which is worth more than desire when counting cum chances. 50/50/10 in bars is a point from which it is possible to start cumming, but any other combination that comes to same total will do same, while 100/100/20 is inescapable - you're guaranteed to cum.
*Trainee nods nods at all the info, lying down and spreading her leg up, ready to cum, Linlin immeadiately jumping to opportunity and penetrating her again, this time driving deeper than before*
So how do I know how much will this take out of me?~ *she shouts through her moans*
chose to cum!
Simple - cumtest damage comes in two parts - Base, and Cum Overdrive. The latter part is simply how much Overdrive you have - because you have 6, it's 6. Meanwhile, base for all Normal Cumtests is 35. Add those two numbers, and you get 41 Life Points pounded out of you
*It takes a moment for trainee to compose, audio in recording once again muted as it exceeds safe levels, time forwarded a bit until she's calmed down, looking amazed at Linlin.* So you're saying I should expect to do anywhere from 36 to 55 damage in one go?
Good girl~ *Lin pats her head* So once in a real sexfight, you need to weigh your chances, whether to go for two or three orgasms, potentially making it harder for yourself to win.
But that's where Special Cumtests come in, right?~ *she says as she starts rubbing every erogenous zone of herself, working up to another edge*
/change my desire 90
/change my pleasure 90
/change my cum_qty 10
Exactly - get one of these rare-ish always 4 Energy costing moves, and if they work out, the task becomes much easier, for their base damage is not 35, but 50.
Ah lookie there~ *she snaps fingers, several portals appearing about Trainee*
So you're saying that it would take anywhere from 51 to 70 Life Points. So with me having 10 CO points, I'm guaranteed to lose if I fail... Well, I gotta make sure I don---- WHA!?!?~ *she screams out, those portals letting several tentacles come to this world, binding trainee in air as Lin walks up in front of her, smug grin in her face as she gets another go with her apprentice*
Best job ever~
chose to cum!
But you are right. 41 damage with initial cumtest would not be enough to win in two shots normally, with help of my lovely friends, that's a completely different story~ *trainee at that point squirting hard at Linlin's torso and breasts peeking through her gi, her mouth plugged by one of tentacles to spare viewers and audio editors*
Fuuuuuuuck~ *after a couple of minutes, tentacles slink back to their dimension, two girls snuggling together for aftercare* Well, I got most of it. I feel we forgot to speak about something though....
*Linlin nods* Well, only forgotten, because at the time of recording the system is still in its infancy, undergoing changes constantly and getting evolved with each iteration. Our lovely Clara, together with several other friends and colleagues, has worked on new Bondage system, making so that people actually get stuck in those pesky ropes. For now, it's a simple system of "either try and escape at 33% chance" or "escape for sure with additional cost", but there are big plans for it, adding much more actions, both for rigger and rope bunny, so it is not covered much in this guide.
And that is all?~
Why yes - end of the day, this is all about managing bars and trusting chances to work in your favor. Sometimes luck favors you, sometimes it is abysmal, but that is life. Gotta learn to take your punches and roll with them, revel both in winning and losing. Outside of that, it's nothing complex~
*Two girls turn to camera, giving light nods as they're not in position to bow again* Hope you enjoyed watching this premade recording meant to teach both newcomers and oldtimers on how "Hentai game" game works. With how clothing are optional here, as well as it having actions to satisfy most sexualities and kinks, hopefully it will find much enjoyment between everyone, and make future fights all the more feistier. Right, Linlin?~
Exactly~ After all - my motto is "Fuck or get fucked". And the more people interact in both ends, the more I will love them and this community~ ❤️💋
*recording ends with credits rolling, special thanks to Clara, Foxy, Shiky, and all other people who have worked on mode, making all of this possible*

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