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Risa vs. Torii; A fight for Ayano's hand

Somewhere near Tokyo, [a delivery girl named Ayano]( has made a habit of tempting cute girls she makes deliveries to, especially transexual women with big cocks she can dominate. Two of them, Risa from Kanenome Girls' Academy and Torii from Tokyo University of Modern Design, find out about one another one day and comes to words over it. Coming from very different viewpoints and backgrounds, they argue about who truly deserves Ayano's attentions. Ayano, amused about this, suggests the two prove who deserves her more with a sexfight, and they book a night at a love hotel to do so. Ayano joins the two girls to see just who has more to offer her... (DM Risa if you have a reason to join chat)

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/change my desire 30
/change their desire 30
(silly me forgetting to pause :P
*Ayano closed the door to the love hotel room and made sure to latch it, even though this wasn't exactly the sort of place people tended to casually wander into rooms. Ayano wore shorts, a stylish chemise, and a mask, things she's worn from her bike delivery job. As she turned to the room she saw Risa and Torii had already gotten nude and were staring daggers at one another next to the novelty heart shaped bed the room had. Both girls were university students... not to mention very well hung, both of them sporting girlcocks over twenty centimeters in length. Still, she'd dominated both girls in the past and their cocks, Ayano purring behind her mask at the memories. As she walked over, she heard Risa already talking,* I'll have you know Mistress Ayano is a very respectable woman. Yes she's experienced and... a bit naughty. But she knows how to treat people and how to be very polite. She definitely deserves someone who can treat her like the lady she is. Not just as some sort of... perverted worship figure like you seem to treat her as.
Bahhhhhhh... Don't you see she needs to get loose? *Torii was waving off Risa's comments, getting herself on her knees on the love bed, stroking her cock to hardness to get ready for what was to come, a bit impressed on how Risa's small body could hide such a sizeable member beneath* She already has to show her manners and politeness to all the clients she visits, don't you consider she might want something different once she's out of her day job, eh? And who better to worship her than a gyaru that looms over her, but knows when to yield to superiority?
*Risa huffed and got on the bed too, stroking her cock. She did have to admit that Torii did loom over her as far as height and build went. Risa had always been proud of her breasts, for instance, but they were nothing compared to her gyaru opponent's considerable assets. Height, muscle, breasts... everything was bigger on Torii. Well, everything besides her cock. If anything, Risa was maybe a centimeter bigger there or so. Though maybe it just looked that way because of her smaller frame.* All the more reason to give back all that she gives, no? To show the kind of devotion and dedication that she has to show in her job in return. To pamper the pamperer. Not just slobber all over her like... like some sort of degenerate.
Well of course you pamper her~ *Torii crawled to the other girl, immediately proving to Risa the size differences they had, grappling with her, a tit battle to set them off, Torii's nipples brushing over Risa's, pummelling them* That includes also being a body pillow, soft and stretchy enough for Miss, and what could she ever hope to get with a scrawny body like yours?
I am NOT scrawny! *Risa huffed... even as Torii's larger breasts pressed deeply into hers, almost engulfing them in their large, tan softness. If there was any consolation Risa had at the tit battle, though, it was that her tits were a bit more firm than Torii's, slightly pressing into the massive pair. Still, she wasn't going to take this lying down; They were both already nude and hard, and she could see Ayano had found a chair, sitting and watching the two of them closely. Risa turned back and suddenly pushed the bigger girl back, crawling over her and aiming her girlcock at the gyaru's lips* Let me show you just how "scrawny" I am! *She pushed into Torii's mouth, snapping the gyaru girl's fashionable choker as her throat bulged with the sudden entry*
(+1 Risa
*the girl got energy, Torii couldn't deny that, and definitely the cockiness befitting her endowement, and for that she was now gagging and coughing once she finally managed to kick Risa away, those feet staying in her vision, toes curling about as they slowly neared her body* Ghuuugh~ So under the little nerd's uniform we have quite a beast hidden, in desperate need of taming, huh? Well, good thing I'm an all natural when it comes to teasing~
*Risa fell back, looking up at Torii's feet and how she was laid back. She frowned and shook her head as she sat back up* Oh? You think teasing will get to me? Me, a woman from an all girls' academy? Please; If the teasing and cliques from a school like that aren't worse than anything you can do, then I'll eat my own sperm. *Risa stretched as she said this, getting on all fours and stretching her legs behind her, showing off her flexibility and athleticism towards Torii.*
*Torii wasted little time seeing that Risa was getting on all fours, pouncing on top of her and starting to roughly tickle her sides, her body pinning down the smaller girl as the two rolled about wrassling* Then this shouldn't be a problem right, no matter the spot I go for~ *as she tickled on, it wasn't just the usually ticklish areas like sides and pits, but more intimate ones too, behind the ears, just under the balls, or the very tip of Risa's cocktip that got tweaked and spidered on*
*Risa proved to be... very ticklish. Verbal taunting and teasing was one thing, but the girls at school rarely TICKLED her, and soon she was rolling on the bed laughing. In particular, her armpits seemed to be the most ticklish, and she fought to get away from the larger girl's assault,* H-Hey! Hah... aah! N-No fair... tickling! W-What does this... have to do with Mistress Ayan-no?? *As Torii sat on her face and tickled her pits Risa tried to get her off by going for the other woman's butthole, licking it both to pleasure her as well as give her something to focus on besides the tickling.*
(+2 Risa
*Torii jumped the moment her hole was teased, slapping Risa with her cock for daring to go there, and soon thrusting her own cock deep into Risa's mouth once she opened her mouth to say any objection to it* The fact that I'm unpredictable, unlike you~ A mistress needs to know that her girls aren't just mindless drones and be inspired to try new things, and what better way to do so than subverting her plans from time to time?~
(+1 Torii
*that cock filled her mouth and made Risa groan out; It was true she was a bit predictable... but she couldn't retort at the moment. Torii was heavier and taller than her, so getting her off was proving to be a pain. So she did the best she could and instead reached up, wanking Torii's cock even as it pushed in and out of her mouth, making sure the tan girl was feeling every stoke into her.*
*Torii was definitely feeling it, though question was whether it was more Risa's lips or hand that teased her. Nevertheless, not wanting to be outdone, she reached back to grasp Risa's cock, only to realize she couldn't wrap her whole hand about the beast, needing to reach with the other hand too, and in turn, slow her facefucking* How do you even walk with that cock in that posh academy of yours.... I'll need to find a tailor that does your uniforms after this...
I have a garter! *Risa manages to say as Torii turns enough for Risa to force that cock out of her mouth. She brings her other hand up and wanks Torii with both hands, gulping in breaths* Still, not too surprised you need to ask. You're big, but not big compared to your frame. You shouldn't have any trouble normally, no? *It was her attempt at mocking, even if it was a very tame and civil way of doing so.*
*that still earned a sneer from gyaru, not taking the comment well, pushing the other girl about for daring to say that, and flopping her cock right between Risa's buttcheeks, grinding a few times before starting to press against her* Maybe not as big as it could be with my body, no.... but more than big enough for you!~ *thrusting hard in, trying to fill her as much as she could*
*It did make Risa groan out, filled as her ass was suddenly by the cock she'd been mocking. She had to admit, it was a big one, a girthy monster that practically knocked the wind out of her. It was bigger than Mistress Ayano's... but not as skilled, thrusting in hard and pressing roughly. Still, the weight and heft of Torii combined with those deep strokes so that Risa couldn't exactly escape, just riding and gripping Torii in return.* Oooohhh.... mmf... I'll get you... for this...
(+2 Torii)
*To hold her down for longer, two large hands grasped the firm melons on Risa's chest, kneading and swirling them about, Torii giggling right next to her ear* Will you now?~ I would like to see you throwing me off~ You're not the only monster in the bed~
*It was a dare Risa just had to stand up to. Showing her flexibility again she suddenly twisted under the tan woman, pulling off and ending up on her back under her. She didn't give Torii long to react though, making up for not only that taunting but the earlier breast taunting by shoving her breasts around Torii's cock, milking at it with considerable breasts for her size. She nipped at one of Torii's nipples as she did this,* True... But I think I can turn you into a little kitten.
Me, a kitten?!~ *Torii launched her knee up high at that comment to push Risa off, angered by the situation* No one but Miss Ayano is allowed to say that, no one!~ I'll not be responsible for what will happen if you keep that up...
(+1 Risa
*Risa grunted and fell back, rolling away from Torii. She looked back at Ayano... who was now sitting there naked, looking at the two of them and stroking her cock; She winked to Risa and Risa turned back to Torii,* Oh? Are you saying you could be a little kitten if she was involved? *Ayano laughed and slinked up out of the chair* Let me show you, Risa dear... *Ayano slinked onto the bed and expertly played with Torii's cock for a moment, sucking on it while Risa watched in jealous awe; She Ayano was and expert at teasing and sucking cocks, but to see it in action like this on someone else... She couldn't help but join in, wanting to prove herself too, both of the girls looking up at Torii*
Nuuuuuuh fair, missssssss~ *Torii groaned out, having to admit Ayano did have the touch and knew just what she needed at each time, the two mouths on her cock, easily contrasting, Risa's being just as precise, but not as knowledgeable of personal intimacies. Knowing better than to raise hand against Ayano, Torii instead reached for Risa's ass, several fingers shoved into it to stretch her some more* I'll show you I can be a lioness instead!~
(+3 Torii
*Risa groaned against Torii's cock, not wanting to disturb Mistress Ayano either. So she responded in kind instead, reaching back and pushing two fingers into Torii's back door, fingering it hard as she looked up,* Oh yeah? Just a lion, hm? And if a lion goes up against a honey badger like me, do you know what happens? *At this point Ayano backed off again to watch, having proved her point and waiting to see where this anal exchange went.*
(+2 Risa
A what?~ *Torii did not catch that at all, nature lessons not being core of her loose curriculum at the university, the point floating across her mind without the right impact* Aren't badgers tiny?~ Are you saying a mighty lioness wouldn't be able to easily show that badger who's the real lady?~ *Risa soon is pushed into the bed, Torii clambering on top of her on all fours, one knee resting right on top her balls, slowly grinding them down into mattress*
(+1 Risa
*Risa squinted, growling almost like an animal* Oh? Just because you don't know animals or what I'm capable or... Isn't any reason to act like a neanderthal. I'll show you what I'm talking about! *Risa pushed Torii off with a foot before climbing up behind her, pushing her into the bed and sliding her cock deep into Torii's ass* I'll show this loose ass of yours just what a smaller, smarter, fiercer cornered animal can do!
HAAAAGH!~ *she had to once more admit the size advantage Risa was having, Torii not experienced with taking girlcocks that big, but she seemed to hold her will long enough to kick her off once again, trapping that monster that plowed her between feet on followup, tightly squeezing it between two soles that rolled about* I thought you were the one with loose ass after what I did...
What, this thing? I'll admit, it's not bad. But you don't know how to use it, and it's not all THAT big. All it's probably good for is cumming for Mistress and giving her her treats. *Risa smirked and wanked Torii's cock in return, using her own feet, the two women laying on their backs facing one another.*
*that made her look at Ayano longingly, hoping that she would come the moment either of them had treats to offer, not wanting to disappoint her miss. Soon though her attention was back at Risa, and she had to do something to not let herself get demean, jumping onto other girl and making their girlcocks grind and size up against each other, their difference looking really minimal with Torii cheating her position a bit* And shutting up naughty little girls that try to work on technicalities, thinking she's oh so that much larger~
(+4 Torii
Yeah? And who's the one who thinks she's oh so much bigger and stronger than me just because I happen to be more feminine than you? *Risa wrapped her arms around Torii and pulled her into a bear hug, showing what her training and early morning's had done for her physique, crushing their bodies and cocks more tightly together.*
(+2 Risa
Gnnnnnghhhh~ *stuck in a bearhug, Torii tried to loosen up as much as she can, but her larger frame happened to be a hindrance here, unable to back off from Risa as she squirmed, her curves bumping against the tight hold as she tried to slip by, cursing her small size quietly* You little twerp...
You keep using the word little... I'll make you stop using that by the end of this! *hugged to her like she was Risa had a relatively easy time moving her body down, cock slipping off Torii's and between her legs, only to press up into her pucker from below, pushing deep as she held and fucked the tan skinned girl*
(someone forgot to roll :P
(+3 Risa
*another groan followed through, but thankfully, Risa seemed to have trouble to maintain her hold from such a position, Torii not needing to move far to instead pin the other girl's mouth, thrusting right back into it* Nice try~ But for someone so dilligent, you're forgetting how to prepare your partner properly~ And that can be done as messily as one wants, so don't be afraid to slobber and drool~
(+5 Torii
*Risa groaned loudly around that cock. She was impressed, it was true... but she wasn't done. And she aimed to prove it. She grabbed Torii's hips and pushed her back, crawling after her as Torii's body flopped on the bed. Risa grabbed the squirming girls hips and lifted them* That's because I don't need to prepare this gaping hole of yours, not even for a cock as big as mine! *She shoved in deep, fucking Torii hard, showing her just what her cock could do*
(the die seems to be cursed tonight
(+4 Risa
(Maybe it needs to build up
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*and yet again, even if Risa was forceful and definitely a threat if let to have her way, for someone as loose in her life as Torii it was little worry to scramble out and weave about the nerd, her unpredictability making it hard to know which way would she dodge* Tsk tsk... you should spend more time on your instincts than making sure to line up the perfect thrust, silly gal~ Just getting your hand alone already does wonders, look~ *as one hand lurched for Risa's ass, stretching her without going at any sensitive spot, that instead the job of other hand, fingers tight around Risa's cock, pumping it yet again, as much as she could wrap about*
(+6 Torii
*Risa grunted, cock twitching in Torii's hand and filling it with her girth* My instinct? Oh... you mean like this? *She sat up suddenly, unexpectedly, sitting on her knees and shoving the taller girl's head down onto her cock. She proceeded to facefuck Torii firmly, holding her down* Maybe put you in your rightful place?
(+5 Risa
*Torii seems to have literally chewed off more than she could handle, staying down on bed as Risa worked her throat roughly, gagging and drooling all over it. She wasn't sure how exactly her own hands stayed active, teasing the same spots, but she hoped that soon would get Risa off her, for she couldn't stay long like this if she wanted to not be humiliated right in front of her miss*
(+7 Torii
*As Risa fucked Torii's throat she turned and played with Torii's cock and ass in turn, trying to overwhelm the gyaru's senses, wanking and fingering her as she bounced on Torii's face*
(+6 Risa
Ghuuuughhhh~ NNnnngh~ *Torii looked frantically all about for an advantage, finding it much closer than she anticipated, Ayano having stayed close to their bed, stroking slowly at the sight of two sex-crazed girls twisting about without either getting hold of other. Feeling it be her only chance, both gyaru's hands grabbed Risa by her head and yanked her right on Ayano's cock, forcing her to suck, Torii wasting no time to get behind and use her own girlcock to slam Risa's face all the way into Ayano's length* Can't you see Miss Ayano needs us?!~ Worship her like I do, see how much better that is~
(well well, three turns...
(So was waiting for Ayano. Makes sense.)
(noticed you were adding +1 on penetrating, so +8 Torii, I guess?
*Risa's eyes watered and she immediately went slack. Torii's cock back in her tight ass was good, but her chance to resist it was completely foiled by the taste of her Mistress' dick. She groaned out and gave in, sucking on Ayano as her fat ass clapped back against Torii, whimpering out*
What's the matter, nerd?~ Admitting I was right?~ Ain't she a cutie, Miss Ayano? Maybe we should keep her for a while after that?~ *she giggled, giving a bit of reach around while she had chance, both hands holding Risa by girlcock instead of hips to thrust in, using that to stroke her up and down*
chose to resist cumming!
*Risa squirmed and squealed around Ayano's cock, Ayano chuckling out and looking up at Torii* Now now... you're both cute. Why I've gotten so hard watching the two of you.
And you're to be rewarded for having such two cuties to be part of your group~ *Torii needed, pulling Risa back a bit to free her from Ayano's mouth, only to pump much rougher and deeper into her anus, her wild thrusts finally managing to hit her in more sensitive spots, gyaru girl jerking her at the same time right into Ayano's face* Miss, hope you're ready for a treat you were waiting for so long~
is resisting cumming (32% chance of cum) => Resisted!
*Ayano grinned, kneeling down* Oh absolutely... make her cum for me. Use that cock of yours and bully her, my dear... *Risa wasn't quite ready to blow yet though, still fighting the pleasure in her mind. In fact, with Ayano out of her mouth, she was starting to slip out of her stupor...*
*Torii kept up as long as she could, but the pounding was getting a bit tired, and seeing Risa not getting much closer to cumming was certainly not something to enjoy* Eh? How the?~ *she leaned over to watch at not nerdy at all cock below, wondering if she misunderstood how much it was throbbing* The heck?~ I was sure!~
I told you... I-I'm a honey badger... and I don't like... being made a fool of! *Risa bucked Torii off now that it was just her and fought for position, ending up on top with the two facing one another* I'll... I'll show you what a real cock can do to please someone! *She shoved in deep in missionary position, hilting up against Torii's balls before fucking her violently*
(+7 Risa)
(two >.<
is resisting cumming (34% chance of cum) => Resisted!
(Do we want to do -5 for a stun? Or keep having it build up until orgasm?)
(till orgasm, reset fully after, methinks
(Okay. So Torii +9, Risa +7)
*that was new for Torii - someone stretching so far and yet still managing to clap balls against balls, pummelling her to submissiveness, least for now* Oh ghod..... Just how big was it?
*she could little believe what was happening*
*As Risa fucked Torii deep she reached down, punching Torii's balls repeatedly with a smirk* What's the matter? Balls not measuring up to mine? This small, cute girl?
(Torii +8
*Torii could do nothing else but squirm, Risa overwhelming her with the persistance, not able to even think of resisting something so large and looming spreading her in meanwhile* GHUUUHUGHHHHH~
*Still, Risa was starting to feel that ass too and changed tactics, pushing Torii over and starting to tongue her ass instead, milking her cock with both hands* Such a cute dick you have... You heard... Mistress...
(Risa +8
chose to resist cumming!
*Torii's ears perk up at mention of Ayano, almost wanting to facepalm herself at the obvious solution. If miss didn't mind, she had no need to play fair, and so Risa soon once again found herself launched into her mistress's girlcock, forced splay against it as another cock was pummeling her depths and spreading her wide* Oh, just cute?~ I am pretty sure you'll soon have different words in mind than cute~
(Torii +9, two turns
*Risa moaned out, inwardly cursing Torii for needing to use their mistress like this. But... she couldn't deny the effectiveness, whimpering as she felt Ayano's perfect cock rubbing around her face. Ayano smirked and popped it in and out of Risa's lips, making sure to slap it some against Risa's face* Oh my Risa... are you going to take that lying down like this?
Oh yes she is, Miss~ Let's see if that first time was just a fluke~ *Torii added, this time immediately settling down into pistoning Risa down into mattress, not wanting to wait about and toy with her, feeling that might be the wrong path* Show our miss you will take it just like this~
is resisting cumming (61% chance of cum) => Resisted!
(errr... test message?)
(you seeing me?)
(now I do
(Oof. Clicked Test like 10 times and it was doing nothing.
*Risa moaned out... but it didn't seem to be a fluke for now. The bespeckled girl took the pounding, groaning out but not cumming, Ayano pulling away from Risa's face* Better make her cum, my little Torii. I would think you would have by now...
*Torii was shaking her head - just how the heck was the little runt in front of her not cumming. Only after a few more thrusts did she figure a possible issue - being a bit too hard on her balls, wondering if that was blocking off her pathways. Trying to mix it up and "help" Risa out, the gyaru gal flipped the other girl on her back and got a couple of pillows to push her ass up a bit, pounding her without touching those poor balls, hoping freedom made it easier* Sorry, miss Ayano!~ I'll find a way to apologise...
is resisting cumming (74% chance of cum) => Came!
*Risa could only take so much though and finally came hard, her eyes widening and her big cock jerking before starting to shoot cum out everywhere, the black haired girl squealing and thrashing from the deep, hard fucking.* No! Nononono!!! Ah! It's so big and deeeeeep! *The words were squealed out like a pig as her body convulsed, finally giving in to Torii's big member splitting her open.*
(Risa +8, Torii +0)
(And is it just me or does Long Game not drain Desire and Pleasure as much as usual?)
(Guess it works both ways...
(This might make this go in a more rowdy way than expected
*Torii made sure Risa shot some towards Ayano, winking at her, satisfied that her theory was right, or least she thought so. Wanting to share in the reward, she pulled out and wrapped her hands about Risa's legs in hopes to she would stay there, suckling on top of her cock like lollipop, draining that cum* Let me show just how good my clean up feels whenever miss Ayano needs one~
*Risa's eyes fluttered and she groaned out, lashing out with a foot to get Torii away from her. Anything to stop the constant pleasure to her overloaded cock*
*She ended up pushing Torii back, pushing the cock up into Torii's ass, fucking her deep and hard as she panted* Feels... so good... but not... the sort to give up!
is resisting cumming (74% chance of cum) => Came!
(Well, if the orgasm doesn't happen...
(three turns, both at +0
NNNNNGH~ *Torii was just as overworked, and she certainly didn't expect Risa to fight back, despite the brute that she carried between her legs, underestimating its resilience, and now paying for that, as it was making a complete drooling fool of her, groaning loud as her own cum now shot wherever she was pointed at in just as big a blast* Miiiiiiiiissssssss~
*Risa immediately clapped her breasts around Tori's cock, milking the cum out of her and lapping it up, sharing some with Ayano as their Mistress leaned in to get some. As Risa sucked on Torii's tip, Ayano sat back, crossing her legs and licking her lips* My my... seems it won't be so easy deciding between the two of you. Then again, if you weren't both good, I wouldn't put up with having you as mine.
*she smiled, appreciating the kind word of her miss, least that she could do during her stupor, feeling like a powerless to two girls, the combination of hard fuck and harder orgasm leaving her completely spent for now, blissful dumb smile on her face*
Now then... *Risa panted out, sitting back and pulling Torii onto her lap* Let's fuck the rest of the cum out of you, bitch. I'll admit you're dangerous, but you're nothing without resorting to our Mistress' help! *she held the bigger girl up and fucked up into her deep, starting to get back her confidence*
(Risa +1
(I was like, "No need to add to stuns, want the other person to act". But part of this whole thing is stunning someone so much all they can think about is your cock.
*Torii grunted and mewled, the words making her blush and squirm, especially as she still felt too weak to fight back against the pleasure that Risa was subjecting her to* Ghhhhhaghhhhhh~ Are you alone like that in that academy of yours..... Feel like I chose wrong field of study for this.....
Mmmm... Perhaps you'd like to study my dick then? I'll give you an extensive course... *she kept fucking up into Torii from behind, not giving the bigger girl any respite, hoping to prove just how wonderful her cock was.*
(Risa +2
*Torii cried out and then covered her mouth, blushing bright red in front of Miss Ayano, showing herself as no better than a slut, Risa's cock overwhelming her thoughts, the pounding it gave getting more and more oppressive and pleasing, wanting little else* Ooooooghhhh~ I----- I-----
*Risa grabbed Torii's balls, making sure to squeeze them as she fucked up into Torii from below.* You what? Hm? You love being pounded like this?
(Torii -1
Aghhhhhhhhh~ Stoooooooop~ Sooooo mean~ So..... No, I won't say it~ *Torii cried out, unable to control her thoughts well, watching Ayano shake her head at Torii condenscendingly, tsk tsk tsking, that making Torii blush even more than the pummeling she's taking*
You won't? Let me... show you... just what I can do... with this big fat penis of mine! *She pushed Torii over onto her side, lifting up one of her legs and starting to fuck her like an animal, breeding the gyaru woman's ass like a pussy, pummeling her prostate and stretching her wide*
(Risa +3)
is resisting cumming (44% chance of cum) => Came!
*The bed creaked loud, almost as if giving way for the steamy action happening on it, but Torii was the one that yielded quicker, yowling and whimpering as she took methodical, yet rough thrusts, her body wracked with pleasure that stupefied her, craving more and more of it* Yesssssh~ Mhoooooore~ *she no longer looked at Ayano, knowing it was not going to be a good look anyway*
*Risa watched that tan cock cum again, putting a foot on it and milking it out* You want... more... mmm... I'll give you... all you can handle, Torii dear. *Ayano's expression wasn't grave. Indeed, her eyes were alight and her cock leaking pre. Her two favorites were so passionately fighting for her... surely she was the luckiest mistress in Tokyo!*
(Risa +0)
chose to resist cumming!
*well, one of them was passionately fighting. Torii, meanwhile, was currently being a slut for more, unable to move about, her cock constantly leaking either cum or pre, barely able to endure the footjob* Ghuuuuugh~
*Risa promised all Torii could handle... and being a good girl like she was, she always tried to keep her promises. She rolled the insensate girl onto her front and positioned her cock at Torii's pucker, rubbing her head around it* That's right... give in to me. Let your cock admit mine is better. *She shoved in with a smooth, deep motion, starting to pound at Torii's ass*
(Risa +1)
( it's certainly rolling different than the start.
IT IS!!!~ *she yelled with no restraint, her state of mind too wracked to remember why exactly she came here. Something about Ayano... but she was not sure of that anymore, Risa taking more and more of her thoughts*
*the smaller girl pinned her opponent for Ayano's love to the bed, railing her ass, making lewd sounds as cum and pre mixed together and aided in her ravishing of Torii's insides, that big cock of Risa's filling her snuggly despite her taunting earlier about being loose*
(Risa +2
*Torii was ready to yield at this point. The little girl more than proved her point, and everything that happened from now on seemed to be more for Risa's than her enjoyment, not daring to stop her* Take me~ *she quietly whimpered between her thrusts, pushing herself deeper into bed from shame*
As you wish, Torii... *Risa got up into a squatting position and claimed Torii's ass, fucking her like a beast, ravishing the big girl's tight tunnel.* I'll make you... into a real woman... for me... and mistress... *One foot moved to step on Torii's cock, humiliating the thing as she felt Torii ready to yield to her*
(Risa +3
is resisting cumming (26% chance of cum) => Resisted!
*she might not have mental fortitude by now, but her body still held on, whether a sign of it still craving more, or giving last chance to Torii, unclear, as the gyaru was not able to show it well*
(Note; Fine with you doing whatever or changing things if you think it makes a better or more sexy story dear.
(*shakes head* Nah, definitely enjoying this way of ending too, don't think the rolls are any longer necessary though. Might just go for subby non cummy actions instead if this test wont yield me :P
*Risa turned Torii over, getting her into a more feminine position and fucking her missionary, claiming her while looking down at her opponent's face. She pinched one of Torii's nipples hard, smirking at the face Torii made as her "superior" breasts were teased roughly* Give in, become ours... to play with...
(...I will admit to greatly enjoying it too.
is resisting cumming (37% chance of cum) => Resisted!
Miss.... your girlcock... please~ *Torii nodded at Risa's idea, calling out for Ayano, blowing her the moment she approaches, gulping it just as greedily as how she made Risa do it earlier, her thrusts making it in a complete mess as it looked more like Torri whacked herself at Ayano's girlcock than blew it*
*Risa chuckled, reaching down and wanking Torii's cock* A good idea. Shouldn't leave Mistress Ayano out of this... *Ayano nodded, smirking down at Torii trying to please her, not being delicate with her mouth or face*
*Torii's tits were out forward too, sliding up each time she was thrust at too hard and forced up Ayano's body, immediately taking over with her pillows to continue pleasing her miss, nodding happily as seeing her happy* Yes, anything for you both~
*Risu kneed Torii's balls... then kneed them again, hard* Such a pitiful cock, trying to one up me. Tell Mistress Ayano what happened to you.
chose to resist cumming!
*Torii grabbed them in pain, massaging and caressing them* I've been a cocky slut who thought she could easily tame the little twerp like you.... I completely understimated the monster that you carry beneath and truly are, though, now dominating me like I was nobody~ Hell.... it might even rival miss Ayano's...
*Ayano actually grinned* Oh? Then you better make her cum now, Risa dear. Show her what a cock that could rival mine does to a little cocksluts mind. *Risa nodded as Ayano pulled away, shoving Torii down and claiming her. No Ayano, no stepping. Just her superior, thick, pulsating, hard cock, showing Torii what it could do.*
chose to cum!
*Naughty and lusty things it does, Torii's face bright red, tongue lolled out, eyes rolled over, before she just slammed it deep into the sheets, loudly groaning into it as her hips drove down, cumming hard beneath Risa's cock*
*Risa was not satisfied though. Even as Torii came Risa came too, cumming deep in Torii's ass. But she needed more... so she kept fucking Torii down into the bed, reaching down and grabbing Torii by her face* Had... enough already? Because... I haven't. *She slapped Torii's face before sitting back up, grabbing Torii's blonde pigtails and using them like handlebars to fuck the gyaru's slopping, cum filled asshole*
*Torii didn't yield a coherent answer, although it was clear she was not moving out of her position, taking her pounding as she deserved and needed it, shivvering and clenching each time she came herself* Ghuuuuhghhhhh~ Miiiiiish ~
Miiiiiish Riiiisha and Ayano~
*Ayano strokes herself hard before going to fill Torii's mouth, shoving her cock deep and cumming down Torii's throat, fucking it as she cums. Both Torii's top and bottom become filled with fucking, sloppy fuckmeat, penises that use and abuse her to their desires. Risu gives control over the pigtails to Ayano and the two start fucking her back and forth, pistoning her between them as their cocks throb and fill the tan woman.*
*Torii nods, encouraging both to both go harder and swap from time to time, enjoying the two cocks equally, hands focusing on caressing thighs on a girl in front of her, feet doing same behind* Don't stop, misses~
*Ayano looks at Risu and smirks, pulling out of Torii's mouth* Let's finish this. *Ayano pulled Risa out a bit and pushed her cock alongside Risa's, pushing in... until she was being double penetrated, moving slow as they stretched and filled her together, the two pale cocks frotting together*
*Torii almost immediately passed out as the other cock entered her, only barely able to hold out, hand reasting on each body to feel their warmth and heat for her, thankful of their attention, another spurt of cum shooting out of gyaru girl towards both other girls* Fuuuuuuuuck~ You know me too well, Miss Ayano~~~
*Ayano leaned down and kissed Torii, even as her cock went soft, feeling Risa's cock throb and start cumming as well from the combination of the frotting and fucking, emptying another load into Torii's ass...*
*Torii groaned out, leaning in to hug Ayano and gently rub her back* Thank you for the opportunity, Miss~
*Risa finally pulled out of Torii and so did Ayano, both of them looking down at Torii. Each laid on one side of her, their still hard cocks laying across Torii's belly as they snuggled close. Ayano was the one to speak up,* You're welcome, pet. Thank YOU for allowing me to see you so thoroughly fucked. Your face right now is... so beautiful. *She leaned in and kissed Torii deeply as Risa rested on and sucked one of Torii's massive breasts, their hands and cocks petting and stroking the spent gyaru's body*
(*bows to the silent audience, spent*)
(*nuzzles and takes care of Torii, leaves things as is.*)

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