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(Rp mode is on ^^)
(( :0 someone got packs I haven't seen before ))
(I got every pack >~>)
(( :0 *wowie intensifies* ))
(But not every pack enabled x3)
(( I reckon I am good to begin scribblin somethin or do we need to discuss anythin else ))
(Think we are good. Dont think we need to discuss anything anymore. Except the blindmode ;P Do you want it or not? ^^)
(Oh and the bondage with the turns)
(( Nah we can leave the statistics on ^^ ))
(( Imma play without seein your options too cause I like the surprise ))
(In that case.. *marks checkbox aswell* ^^)
(( ^-^ ))
(( I shall begin then ^^ ))
(Yus~ And i wish both of us a great time <3)
Mhhaa....*with a light gasp I part my lips from yours after we connected in another brief, intensive kiss. Still sitting on the floor in front of the couch, as neither of us wanted to part for a long enough moment to move to the bedroom...or even onto the couch as a matter of fact. With a light giggle as our foreheads stay press together I reach up, gently patting your head, while my other hand's fingers remain interlocked with yours*'re drive me a little crazy here Maxi <3
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
*nuzzling my head against yours and one hand intervined with yours, still pressing down to the ground and feeling your pulse there while you feel mine too i give you a bright happy smile. My ears begin to wag faster as i feel your other hand making its way to my head and beginning to give me caring, gentle pats. My ears are wagging faster and faster and brushes against your hands* Hehe ... so do you to me Yoimi. I am sure the temperature around us gotten a lot hotter since you are so close to me. And i am sure it will raise even higher. So... *with a lewd naughty glance in my eyes my hand going up to the first button of your shirt and carefully opening it one by one. My eyes wander down your body as your top is slowly getting striped away from my hand*
(I am such a slow writer x3)
((Maybe it takes a second...but absolutely worth it for this quality ^^ ))
Tehee...that is certainly true there...I will help you out of yours ina second *I let you unbutton my shirt completely, leaning back a little as I take one arm out of the sleeve, tilting my torso seductively as I let gravity do the rest of the work in taking off my shirt. After this I slowly trace down from your chin, along the edges of your body and down to your feet - lifting them, planting gentle I bite down on the socks and gently pull them off, before looking up at you with a devious smirk as I lick your toes lightly* MHmm...I will try every inch of you today Maxi...hope you're ready <3
((We can click pause after our moves so we don't get the timer ^^ ))
(True we can ^^ But still need to decide for a move first XD)
*seeing the bra hidden underneath your top as you lean back a bit and let it glide down your body, revealing your wonderful skin underneath it for me makes me smile happily. Your teasing finger as it glides down my body, tracing down over my clothing, along my shirt, my belly, my legs until they are at the bottom of my feet turns me on by a lot. Feeling your teeth gently tugging on my socks i move my foot to support you pulling them off. I stretch my toes for you as you are already so close and as both of my feet are bare for you i gently lay them on your shoulders and pull you just a bit closer, whispering into your ears* I hope so~ Cause i will do the same to you and lick every single inch of your body until you are a puddly mess for me <3
*my blush deepens as you pull me closer for that whisper, shivering lightly from the concept of becoming a lovely puddly mess under your gentle touch. With lightly more heated breath as I am also getting turned on a little bit more, I lightly tug at your skirt instead now, searching for the locking clip on your waist. Having found it, I gently unlock it, sliding my hands down under your skirt, caressing your thighs with the warm palms of my hands while my eyes, illuminated in an orange hue from the setting sun, shimmer at you in excitement* Tehee...promises promises...maybe you shall be the puddle tonight Maxi <3
*i raise my legs in the air, making it easier for you to take of my skirt and also moving my feet from your shoulders in that procedure. As my skirt falls down from the air, stealing the sight on me from your eyes for a mere second i quickly make my move to stand up, cupping your cheek with one of my hand and guiding a finger around to your chin, making you first look up onto my red thong which barely covers anything down there and then moving your head more and more upwards till our eyes meet again. The sunlight hits my back, making it shine and glister before i lean down and kiss you* Well maybe we both will end up as lovely puddles. But you already seem to lose your mind and wanting me to strip as fast as you can~ Is my body to much teasing for you?~ *i giggle as i shake my hips for you and you can see some water pearls running down my thighs*
*My mouth opens just a little bit as I look at the red thong, licking my lips slightly - my cheeks turn the shade which in the illuminated colours of the room is not much unlike that brave choice of underwear. As my chin is lifted I meet your lips in an eager kiss, gently poking your tongue with mine in a little show of my usual playfulness. I giggle a little bit and look to the side shyly as you shake your hips in a teasing manner...before I choose to stand up turn around in front of you, casting a backwards glance as I make a couple of steps towards the bedroom.* You're quite deserve to see me remove my own clothing too...<3 *There, I stop and bend down, slowly removing one of my stockings and dropping in on the floor - my cute orange underwear exposed as my skirt lifts in that bending pose. I make another two steps and repeat this teasing process, now at the threshold of the bedroom, peeking at your reaction between my own legs in a small display of gymnastics.*
*my eyes widen at the wonderful tease of yours and follow every movement of your hands, your body and your falling stockings to reveal those smooth legs and thighs of yours. I bite my lower lip as i follow you to the bedroom, still behind you i push my tiddies into your back and nibbles on your ear* Such a teasing girl~ And such a naughty girl aswell. You know exactly hot to turn up the heat. There is no doubt that you are the best firework maker the way you turn up the heat <3 *my hands holding you at your belly before one hand sinks inside your skirt and rubs against the orange shining underwear of yours* But i am sure your cute moaning will be even more hot~
Mhha*I try to respond to your teasing, but as one of your hands gently sinks inside my skirt and rubs my panties, a cute little moan escapes my lips instead. I relax at your gentle teasing for a moment, enjoying the feeling of you breasts pressed against my back, your breath on my neck, your soft hands on my belly...Eventually I slowly turn in your embrace, planting a quick kiss on your lips before I step back to the edge of the bed, cutely nibbling on my finger*..Me? A naughty girl? Oh..but I am so inexperienced...with bunnies in heat at least <3
Oh hehe~ You know... bunny are always innocent, sweet and never have any... any dirty thoughts in their mind. Except... maybe ... eventually~ *my hand moves to my own thong, playing and pulling on it for a bit to keep you all naughty and fill your mind with even more lewd thoughts* fucking until one of us cums their brains out... showering in their orgasmic juice or getting filled by the most wonderful creatures <3 *with my hips swaying i plant myself on your lap, kissing you deeply and driving you more and more crazy, leaving our embrace with a thin rope of saliva connecting us* Now ... how do you think we will end tonight. As pure innocent people or... *leans in to whisper in a very seducing voice* ...having an orgasmic bliss and moaning our wonderful orgasm to each other <3
(Up to you how you wanna play hypnosis ^^)
((is it like a roll => 5-6 I break out => otherwise you select some idea for me? ))
((otherwise I got an idea how to rp it - the main concept of it is being more and more mesmerized...hypnosis just speeds it up a little))
(Hm... i dont think we can do the idea with selecting. Would need to enable seeing your moves again for it ^^ Lets just go with the second idea and speeding up the process of your horny needy state ;P)
((gotcha :p ))
*with your hypnotic swaying and honeyed words, my mind slowly grows in a more and more heated passion, almost reaching the threshold of obsession. With a hungry, almost a little feral gaze I lick my lips from our shared saliva, quickly closing the distance between us as I press my upper torso to you fully, locking your mouth in an intense, passionate kiss. At the same time, one of my hands lifts yours above your head, while my other hand slowly finds it's way to the red thong, gently rubbing. I break the kiss with a heated breath.* I wanna...haa...hhear you...ahhh...*and with that, I kiss you again with an even greater passion, spiraling down into crazy intensity.*
*i feel your mouth and lust spraying over every cell of your body. Your eyes staring at me hungrily like a wolf stares at its prey, full of lust to jump at me anytime. Your hand rubbing against my dearest treasure, wetting my panties even more from my own lust. Our lips start again and again to make out with each other as you lift my hand over my head. It feels for a short period of time that you might be in control until i push my tiddies fully against your chest, making you fall flat on the mattress to continue our passionate wild kissing experience* Mhhmm~~ Mwwwaahh~ You will... hear it if you continue like that my sweetie~ *my ears sting right in the air as i say that, excited what you planning to do*
*I feel myself being pushed back easily onto my back, my hands grapsing at your neck and shoulder, pulling you closely to me as I whisper in your ear* My think yourself the predator Maxi? Pushing me down like this...fu're in my house now <3 *I nibble at your ear, planting gentle kisses along the edge of your chin before locking your lips in yet another loving kiss, letting you relax on top of me. While you do so, my legs wrap around you, preventing you from escaping from me for a spell, keeping you in this locked kiss for as long as I can.*
Mhm indeed i am the predator~ And you, lovely wonderful girl, will be my snack and playtoy for the night~ *i smirk and giggle over my own sentence for a bit as the nibbling on my ear sends shivers down my spine. My eyes roll back into my head for a second and i let out a loud and audible moan. Focusing back on the pleasure to give you i dont notice that your legs wrapping around my hips and restraining my legs from escaping. Still thinking i am in control i let my tongue to the work as i kiss my way from your lips over your cheeks to your neck, leaving one small hickey right on it as i press your hand together with my deeper into the bed while my other hand slides behind your back and digging its nails softly against your skin*
Mhhi hii...*I giggle a little bit as you did not notice how I sneakily began to steal some control from you. My hands wander up your back, releasing the clasp on your bra while I moaned alightly into your ear, diverting attention. Slowly, I've let my hands wander down your back, towards the red thong, gently nudging and pushing it down below your hips. It is then you realize this particular 'snack' is fighting you in a smart way...but with our legs wrapped and locked, I use them to roll us over, leaving you on your back and grabbing you arms above your head. Taking your shirt off proves to be a childs' play by then, as with those few, strategic motions I get you fully naked below me, smiling down deviously at your surprised expression* What's wrong got your tongue? Mrau *I plan a quick kiss on your lips, gently nibbling your tongue in the process before sitting back above you and holding you down on the bed*
(( :0 my early afternoon dnd just got cancelled, the dm has flu ;-; ))
(Oh nuuu)
(( means even more relaxed evenin for me today though ^^ ))
(Well mostly relaxed night ^^)
((po-ta-to po-tah-to ))
*catching me completely offguard leaves me confused for a second before our side switches and ending up with my back facing the bed and your legs keeping me in place. With my arms above my head and my hips bound to your thighs there is not so much i can. I playfully say* Ohh noo... h-how could that happen .. i ... *i blush a bit and wiggle my body, making my tiddies jiggle from the left to the right and back, up and down as i raise my chest. My hands playfully wiggle against yours and my toes curl up and raising up and down aswell* G-guess thats how the predator ends... as the prey *i giggle as my body shakes and my perky nipples are perfectly on display*
*I grin with satisfaction at your confusion, observing your gentle swaying with great interest, particularly tracing the jiggles of your chest around as I keep holding you down. I lean in to whisper..* And do you know what happens to foolish prey that fails to spot a trap...that's right...they get ensnared in the mercy of whoever set it up <3 *I relax my hold for a moment and quietly mumble some arcane phrase, my eyes glowing with a demonic, pink glow as you become slowly bound by a set of pink, rubbery rope, spreading around your body. One of the coils of the rope even spread a bit over your mouth. Immediately you feel as if tiny tendrils massaged you along any section where the rope pressed to your body, tickling and arousing you while I slowly crawl down to plant my face between your heated breath hitting against your most treasured spot, the intent of what I will do next quite clear*
*i thought getting trapped from your body could be the worst that happens but i was so wrong. Completely forgetting... or rather never even saw you using magic like this you bind me up quickly and exposed completely for your gaze. Even tho the rope feels like something rubbery its incredible solid to break. My legs are getting forcefully spreaded by your rope and to even top that i slowly feel very hot were the rope binds me, followed by some ticklish feeling. It feels like plenty of small fingers starts to tickle my sweet spot, my armpits, my nipples, my belly and my feet. I wiggle even more, trying to somewhat break the rope but surely it wont get cut off like that before i feel your hot breath on my lusty treasure which is starting to leak with juice from your teasing* Ngghh... ahh... hahahh~ ...nyooo... stohahahp~ Mhhmm~ *my legs try to close the gap unsuccessfully*
Not for the world *I look up at you, little hearts from you hypnosis still slowly fading and affecting my decision to push you even further. As your legs part so nicely for me, I rest my hands on your thigs and bring my face closely, gently kissing. I soon return with another kiss, playfully licking off any lewd juices that began to slowly drip out from my teasing. After a couple more seconds of teasing, I gently envelop you clit with my lips, pressing my tongue lightly along it's edge, slowly sneaking it's tip inside of you pussy as I humm in approval at the lovely sweet taste of the bunny I have never experience before. The humm vibrates a little bit more against your treasure, sending an additional set of feelings for you to endure.*
((If you wanna roll-roll => but at next struggle I plan to release you ^^ ))
(Funny i would even mentioning to break free soon x3 Also... i only have two different moves beside struggling so far u.u)
((Yup, tis the issue with gettin bound up :p ))
*your soft hand on my thighs already sending even more shivers down my spine. I squint my eyes, not wanting to look down at your lustful body which shines in lewdness from my hypnosis early on. Every touch, every breath of you is making me more sensitive and as soon as i feel the kiss down there, licking up my sweet honey you can just hear me moaning. The tickling of the rope slowly vanishes as you focus your mind more onto my body and not the spell. The flicking of your tongue against my lips, rubbing and circling around it to keep me even more aroused works perfectly* Ahhhh~~~ Fu-fu-fu~ Ngghh~ *i bite my lower lip to suppress even more moaning, calming my senses as best as i can before speaking through my moans* You will... nghh... get this back... once rope bunny escape~
*Indeed, staying focuses on experiencing the taste of your delicious nectar for the first time, the magic which was holding the ropes together weakens, to the point some of them relax off you, while you manage to snap the last segment apart, before they vanish. Fully mesmerized into licking you a little deeper and deeper, I fail to notice your return to freedom, my tongue reaching and gently pressing along your folds as my hands squeeze at your thights lightly. Mschlmm...mhlmmm...hhhlmmm...scho....schlmf...goof...mschmm
*With my freed body i take my chance immediately, slowly getting back up into a sitting position. While you are too focused realizing it and still clings on my moist pussy, making it leak more and more fluids with every rub of your tongue against my lips i lean forward to kiss your forehead before sliding my whole body away from that greedy mouth* Well well... too concentrate of pleasing me hm? But didnt you say you want every inch of my body? I guess... *my foot traces upward, along your bra and skirt and circling with its big toe right over your mouth* ... you liked my foot so much back then~ Why not giving it the love it deserves. You dont even want to say no do you?~ *my arms are right behind me, making sure i dont fall backwards as my toe playfully nudges against your mouth, waiting for the tongue of yours to play with it*
((rerolling for a feat action intensifies))
(If there is no feet action dont worry ^^)
(I rerolled so hard for a undressing move but didnt find any aswell >~> Maybe i will just remove it manually later ^^)
((eh I found the closest thing...can make it work though I looked for a more submissive one :p ))
Mhmm...of course maxi...I won't leave an inch on you unloved <3 *I assure you with a cute, warm smile, before opening my mouth and sucking gently on the toes of your foot, letting you relax while my tongue plays around them. With one of my hands I lift your other foot to my face as well, alternating between kissing and sucklin on one or the other. After a little bit I continue kissing them, slowly moving around to your heels, while my free hand, one I haven't used much before, slowly teases your clit again with my fingers, as I inch closer to you again. The little pinkish hue of hypnosis seems to have dissipated...but at this stage it's no longer needed, I seem to be aroused far beyond a need for such a magical suggestion* ((ignore the dildo for now, it's just a gentle fingers tease in this action ^^ ))
(At first i thought they are tribbing x3)
((I mean, that also works X3))
((goofy brain moment 'nom nom footsies' ))
(x3 Lil footsie friendo ^-^)
*feeling so much love and careness from your lips for my feet, drenching them slowly but steady in your saliva and cleaning them from everything i admit that you might make the bunny way more horny than intended with it. Your additional little rubs over my pussy and even sometimes reaching for my clit makes me shiver and moan for you even more. I slowly hop back next to you, hugging and cuddling you while your finger is still placing right against my wet slit* Mhhmm~ Yoimi... i didnt know you would be so passion~ You really keep your promise of making me feel incredible and also... pleasing every inch of my body. And i.. *moaning enticingly into your ear* want to make you feel so good too~ You must been so wet underneath those clothes. How about we slowly take them off before we drench them in our juice? *my hands wanders down to your waistband, one slides inside of your skirt and immediately makes you feel the same pleasure as i do, pushing your orange panty to the side while my other hand slowly opens that skirt of yours* (And i know its not a removing action >~> But there are no anymore for me x3)
/remove their pants
(('s nice...I will look for a strip option for myself then ^^ ))
(But i got plenty of choices to redress myself ^^ )
*Smiling as we hug and cuddle I relax with you, I mutter in my heavy blush*..I want you....I to taste me too Maxi <3 *with some final hint of cute shyness, even after all we've already done to one another, I mutter a small request from my end. In agreement with you, I slide my panties down, a wet spot in their middle clearly indicating just how wet I have gotten. I lean into you as you press your hand against my panties, shivering at finally feeling your bare hand touch my sweet treasure without any clothing. As I lean into you get to unclasp my bra, it slowly dropping on the bed as we sit together, smiling at our closeness, each one fully naked after all this time.* Mhihii...we did so much without even fully disrobing...and you blamed me for rushin for you clothes *I giggle and smooch you on the lips playfully, pressing my breasts against yours*
((tis not a shower btw...just shh, it's the rp :p ))
(Its a shower full of love ^^)
*feeling your bare body against mine, skin on skin, its giving me goosebumps just feeling the sweet softness of your two pillows against mine. Our nipple, stiff and ready from all the teasing and licking, press against each other and rub each other off. Listening to your request makes me lick over my lips as i am more than willed to give this delightful experience of your tongue back* I am more than happy to kiss and lick of those sweet little drips of yours <3 And i must say... i cant even wait for it and now that you are nude like me there will be no longer secrets between the two of us~ *giving your lips a kiss i start to lick my way downwards, smooching both of your tits aswell before kneeling my head right between your legs. One hand presses against your upper body to help you relax and telling you to sit back while my tongue swirls over the inside of your thighs. Making my way more and more towards the centre of your lust. Reaching there i press my lips on yours and giving your slit a very slow, teasing lick all the way up, collecting as many juices as i can* Mhhmpf~
*I smile brightly at you, nodding along* No secrets <3 *as then I follow your gentle push, relaxing back onto the pillows before I begin to feel intense pleasure, the build-up I felt from all the teasing and giving you your dose of pleasure, I am finally finding some release* Mhhna ahhnn hhann *I whimper and moan cutely, relaxing back onto the pillows as your tongue begins to so skillfully collect my sweetness from between my thighs. My legs move around you a little bit, slightly tensying up and squeezeing around your head while my clit relaxes and seeps out a few more delicious drops right onto your tongue. My hands gently press on your head as I gasp at the ceiling, closing my eyes and concentrating on how good you're making me feel.* Mhahnn..Mm--mmaxi...ohhh...hhhannna....ddon't...ahh....sstopp....
*feeling your legs wiggling around my head, pulling me just inch by inch closer to your wet dripping pussy. The scent of your lovely juice reaches up to my nose, filling my own body with lust. My body flattens more and more on the bed until i lay completely on it and burying my mouth and my nose into your pussy. Both of my hands rest on your thighs, gently massaging it up and down. I dont even want to stop if you would tell me how good it feels. My tongue licks around the very edge of your folds and sometimes the tip of my tongue dips inside of you. I shift my focus from your pussy a bit more upwards, not much tho as your hand on the back of my head, gripping my hair wants me exact at this position. My teeth begin to bite and nibble your sensitive clit gently as it stands out for me and my touch* Mhhhmm~ Soo horny... your juice... so tashty~ So... wonderful <3 *i mumble on your pussy, making it vibrate softly from my voice*
Mhnnh ahnn ahhh mmmaxiii...ffuck...ahahhh *I keep wiggling my legs around your head, pressing your head even more to my clit as I end up sometimes rising from the bed with my back as the pleasure grows more intense, relaxing back when your tongue slides back out of my pussy. I remain in this cycle for a bit, enjoying myself to the fullest, before I slowly grasp at you chin, pulling you back fully in top of me, meeting your lips with a needy, horny kiss.* Mchlmm...mhnnf.. *I moan in the kiss, letting my fingers wander to your clit and gently push in, spreading it a little so that I can fit the first segments of two of my fingers in gently. Slowly I push in and out, looking for a rhythm with you as your hands wander to join my efforst, us pushing each other simultaneously deeper into pleasure while our lips lock in deep kisses time and time again*
*we exchange all the lewd fluids we already collected in our messy makeout. Both of our bodies react to the movement of the other, rising the pleasure of us as we continue to play and rub each others pussy. Our tongues dance together playing and loving the sweet touch. My index and ring finger begins to spread your pussy lips to mine, rubbing that sensitive clit of yours and soonly making the first step to plunge my finger inside of your wet hole. At first only the tip put with every push i go deeper, pushing the lewd wave to the side as i enter your very private place and rubbing against your inner walls* Mhmm yoimi... so wet~ That must feel... so good~ *i smooches your cheek so you can moan as much as you like for me*
(Here is like a permanent beat in my area and it sounds exactly like my heartbeat x3 Its so confusing. Sounds a bit like my heartbeat racing with you <3)
20:53:48' lovely...mhnnf...*I kiss your cheak as well, chosing to not stay passive to your intensive teasing and soon mushing my fingers lightly into your private place as well. I begin to rub your inner walls, my fingers lightly squelching amidts your inner walls, getting slowly drenched in your lewd juices. In the meantime, unmuffled by the kisses, my moans continue as I gently shiver in your embrace at each passing press, each gentle rub driving me slowly closer and closer to that sweet edge*
((I am kinda considerin gettin a lovense device for myself...just haven't quite picked one yet u.u ))
((maybe soon ^^ ))
(:o Yoimi wants dirty fun for beb mode x3)
(But i must admit that i considered a toy aswell ^^ They look soooo funny )
((*squints* wait a you know it's for beb...i only spoke to 2 ppl about that *hmm intensifies* ))
((unless i got a brain fart and forgot somethin somewhere sometime))
(And neither of them are people i know ... well probably x3 No but its more or less the only mode i know that uses lovense and toys like that. And i dont think you are that active in the joi community ^-^ Also Beb is a really awesome mode and somehow i always connect toys with beb mode. Maybe because of Kaylie ^^)
(( Yup...seeing that group Kaylie game is what sparked my interest tbh - and yeah, joi I don't really get. But I thought you can connect the devices to any mode anyway? ))
(You can but they only activate when someone presses the button or i think uses a beat)
((*giggles* Just like I don't get the ' edged 87 times? want a cookie or somethin? ))
((oh I see I see ^^ ))
(( Btw XD remind me, what time did we start playin :p ))
(Uhmm... 4 hours ago XD)
(*coughs coughs*)
(( XD not even a first test yet ))
((*coughs coughs as well*))
Mhhmm... y-yoimi... y-you ... ahhh~ *my legs begin to contract a little from your sweet touch, your fingers gushing my juice out of my pussy, runnind down your fingers and dripping right on your bed. But the same goes for you as my finger squeezing deeper and deeper. I use my little finger to keep your pussy as much spread as i can and shoving slowly my middle finger inside aswell. With great tendering my fingers explore your inside, looking for that magic button on your walls. They are getting faster and the wet sound of fingering echoes through the room as i nibble myself against your shoulder and moaning quietly against it* Yoimi... making me feel.... so good~ Nghh~ *my free hand wraps around your hip, holding you against your back and pressing you in my direction* Feels so... good~
(First cum test check :3)
(Hmm...I will leave it up to chance on this occasion :p ))
is resisting cumming (16% chance of cum) => Came!
*As you keep pressing into my wet and drenched pussy, I begin to moan louder and louder, desperation in my voice as I could not longer stop myself from surrendering to the pleasure. My legs tensed and squeezed at your hand, rubbing just the right spot it needed to, while my fingers dug into your back, my whole body shivering in an orgasmic wave* Mhhfhh...ahhh..ahh..AHHHH Fuu..M-MMMAAXII <3 <3 <3
((very low chance roll fail XD))
(Guess this will be an ultra deluxe long game x3)
((Whatever gave you that impression XD ))
(But i am loving every second of it <3)
*with some energy left, having tensed up like this I look at you with some lewd determination, pushing you back and interlocking my legs with yours. My wet, dripping pussy clamps close to yours as I begin to run our pussies together, scissoring you - some remnant waves of pleasure rolling over me as I try to push you to experience that level of pleasure with me.* Mm-mmaxi....yyour..ahhh....tuurn <3
is resisting cumming (40% chance of cum) => Came!
*feeling slowly getting pushed back after making you surely cum a few seconds on my fingers suprises me. Your willpower, your determination is truly endless. Our legs interlock with each other and i feel your hot pussy rubbing against mine. The pleasure with every rub and thrust is driving me crazy and the sweet sounds as you smile at me and saying that its my turn now excites me even more. My pussy twitches as i try to keep up with your scissoring but in the end i am not able to endure such fucking. Biting my own lips before i speak in a stuttering voice* Yoimi... i .. mhnng.. c-cant... ahh~ ... baackk... c-cumming *as my pussy tightens and cramps and cumming all over yours*
(Dum dum cumming also on low xD)
*panting heavily from the recent orgasm i decide to rest my head on the bed, taking deep breaths to calm down, recovering my energy and giving you a lewd cheeky smile* Mhmm yoimi... that was ... incredible~ let me just take... a quick break... before i will make you feel even better <3 There are so many unused placed... i need to pleasure~ *i give you a wink, unhooking our legs but still spreading my wetness and what you did to me*
Tehee...I am sure we can keep enjoying ourselves for quite some time...your techniques are lovely...mmm...I may need to find a way to leave a lil mark on you somewhere *I wink at you playfully, resting on top of you and planting gentle kisses on your cheeks while I also recover from my own orgasm*
Hehe you can leave a wonderful mark on my body anywhere~ I wouldnt mind at all. It would be a pleasure if you have your own personal place on me *winks at you and pays kisses back, placing them all over your face and especially on your lips. My hand reaches out over the bed, taps on it as it looks like its searching for something. Finally getting underneath your pillow i pull a vibe out of there and just grins at you* My my Yoimi... such a naughty girl~ *i activate and it bzz immediately* I guess this must feel so good... especially since you are already so sensitive down there~ *i kiss you one more time, pressing my lips on yours and slowly press the vibe against your clit, wanting to feel how much you are shaking from your own toy*
Hehe...I will do my best to find a spot just for me then <3 *I tilt my head as you search around, gasping as you find my vibe and moaning lightly into the kiss* Noo...nnnot sensitittitiitve...mmmaxiiii...nuuu *I reach out to nudge at the vibe weakly, my defenses quickly melting at my high sensitivity, so I try to instead redirect the vibe to your clit...showing you that you need it's effects just as much*
*You manage so somehow presses the vibe back and it ends up right inbetween our love spots. With its consistent vibrating it quickly melts both of us. While we press it onto each other tightly i just kiss you for a long time. Well the kiss itself isnt that long but we muffle our moaning in the mouth of the other. Still we sometime try to push the vib to the side, rolling around in our affection* Ahh~~ Too... sensitive... *gulps* That ... feels... hhaa~
*In deep affection, I plant a sweet long smooch on your cheek, cuddling you close to me as we relax for a second, taking it slower as to make sure we're both a bit more ready.*
*giving you a long caring kiss back in return i suddenly lower my bottom so the vibe can please us fully on its own. Our tiddies pressing against each other and our bodies shake with the rising pleasure caused by your little friend* Mhhmm~ Yoimi~
((low chance test, for sure this time! ))
is resisting cumming (18% chance of cum) => Resisted!
Mhhnhh...Maxi...ahh...fuuck....yyou're drivin me...nuts tehee ^^ *I somehow survive the vibe and your close proximity, letting it slip out from between us* Teehee...don't worry...I have more toys I am sure you will love <3 *I turn you around, laying on top of you as I reach under the mattress and prepare something by my waist...soon you see me gently pressing a large dildo into my pussy...using it as a makeshift strap-on, I press it to yours lips, sliding it in as well, as the rubbery item connects the two of us, squirming on the two ends...biting my lower lip I begin to move my hips up and down, each jolt of pleasure I send to you hitting me in equal proportions as I moan above you.*
((sadge, I never find any options to collar...or mark...I like to leave that on folks with amazin rp, and yours qualify 10-fold :p ))
(Well you cant collar me x3)
(Already having a collar ^^)
((in the opposite direction they work too though :p - ah there is 1 collar limit then? noted noted ))
(Its the same for mark and chastity i think. You can only be affected by one of these each. Not sure if marking is 100% true but for the rest it counts ^^)
(Maybe i will... lose... eventually... and then you can give me a nice branding of yours <3)
((I am pretty sure I have seen profiles marked by multiple folks :0 ))
(You can mark multiple people. But i dont know if you can have multiple marks on yourself)
((eh but either will most likely get a note in my profile anyway ^^ ))
(Same goes for you after that 5h+ game x3 And a long sleep uwu)
is resisting cumming (20% chance of cum) => Resisted!
*barely surviving the vibe myself aswell you pull out another trick up your sleeve. Playfully you flip us around another time. The sheets of the bed are surely already drenched in out juices, either from our sweat our from our intense orgasmic phase* The same goes... for you.. yoimi~ *I smile with great effort to you and relax for a second of not having a constant vibing device pressed against our sex. I just hear some rummaging of from you before you pull out a big two sided dildo. Showing me excitedly before pushing one end into your pussy and pushing the other end into mine. Our moaning harmonize as we push the dildo in and out with our pussy. I lean a bit to sit and then even more to press against your body as our hips are rocking and our pussy sometimes smacks against each other in our wonderful duet* Yoimi.. this.. is amazing. You... you are amazing~ *these are my words before i kiss you deeply*
chose to cum!
*As we smack our hips together, soon it appears that I may have overestimated my own ability to hold off on the pleasure that the situation has put me in. As initially we were on a very equal footing, I begin to slowly give ground and shiver more than you, the pleasure from our intensive synchronized thrusts overwhelming our senses. Hearing the praise I blush over, responding eagerly to your kiss and spiraling into an even greater feeling of pleasure. My inner thoughts lack cohesion, they become unfocused as I melt under your thrusts - your body now towering a little above mine, as your technique and experience win me over and send me squirmin on the messy bed below you yet again* ahhh hhhahhh mmmhnna hhhaah mmmaxxiii ooohhhnn hhh ❤️❤️❤️💦 *my lewd juices gush around the dildo, spraying your own pussy and the dildo with my sweetness*
*As I cum, the double dildo motions continue, somewhat erratically from my end but still with some hints of eagerness left over*
*I keep thrusting as best as i can to keep you shivering and enjoying gushing all over that dildo and for me. Your language slowly gets a slobby mess of random words besides your loud moaning. I somehow manage to hear the maxi inbetween those words which makes me even more proud. Feeling my energy leaving my body and my pussy twitching and goozing more from that dildo i lower my own pace of thrusting as soon as your orgasm subsides. With my fully red face i nibble my way down, finally giving your tiddies the love they deserve. I nibble on your perky nibs, licking around it with my tongue and sucking on it to pull them even deeper in my mouth*
*My hands squeezing them and holding them firmly for me, not letting those squishy smooth balls escaping my mouth*
Mhnhn...mmmy...ahhhannn...this ttttittt...ttiickles maxi hhhahhha *I moan, interjected with moment of a pure, happy laughter as I indeed feel a little tickled and smile at you suckling on my tits like a widdle baby would. I let you continue to do that, relaxing for a moment, before finding some strenght to push myself off and kiss you again deeply on your lips, slowly beginning to trace around your head with my gentle kisses, turning you around. As I finally manage to, I push you face down onto my pillow, climbing over you*...mhhn...naughty always end up pushing me over the edge first...time to tease you a lil bit there <3 *with that, I push the still embedded in me dildo back into you, pinning you down with my thrusts to the bed, finding a steady, nice pace as I listen in to your rhythmic moans.*
*with my face meeting the bedsheets once more after my lovely digression to play with your tits and having multiple kisses all around my face i moan even louder, even biting the sheets at some time. Your hips smacking against my ass, leaving small red marks on it as you push the dildo deeper and deeper with each thrust. My hands are gripping the sheets tightly aswell in their fist and not letting you know as my face isnt facing yours but my eyes roll back for a few seconds as you pound me silly* Fuck.. yess~~ Oh god~ Yoimi... so close~ Ahh~~ *my whole body shakes with every thrust of your body and my toes curl up on my feet. Barely able to withstand the approaching orgasm i decide to tease you a bit by turning around and looking into your eyes with some defiance in my glance* Is that... e-everything you got? Its obviously ... that you cum so fast... with such weak thrust~ *i bite my lips before turning around, muffling my voice in the sheets and even be able to push the dildo back and making my ass jiggle for you, enticing you to push me even more* <3
Oh now you've asked for it Maxi <3 *with my full strenght I lift you up a little bit, holding both your breasts forcefully. I slip out of your pussy, but just as you relax I poun the dildo straight into your ass instead. My hips clasp on your asscheeks in quick succession as I huff and huff from my physical exhaustion, doing my best to keep the strong, heavy pace for as long as possible, fucking your ass as deeply as possible while I ever so slightly give your nipples a light twist and rub your breasts. I grunt from my actions, burning my energy reserves as crazy.*! Ahhhh....fuck....such aa...good bunny!!
chose to cum!
*feeling my body lift up from your hands and even more feeling your hands cupping my dear sensitives tiddies pushes me already to my dear edge. With just a few more seconds you would surely have a puddle bunny right in front of you. As you pull the dildo out i am disappointed at first but soon i realize what you have been planning for me. As i feel the lubed dildo pushing its way against my other entrance i moan and scream in pleasure. Drenched in my juice the dildo makes its way inside of my tight ass, my blood pumping crazy as my mind gets foggy from all this pleasure. It doesnt take long and you can see the bunny trembling in pleasure, her pussy quivers in a delightful sparkling juice as she starts to squirt all over the mattress of yours, moaning louder and louder and accepting it. With trembling apart lips she moans* AHhhh~~ Y-yoi... yoimiii ... iiiii ... AHHHH~~ *barely able to stand in that position with all the pleasure she is feeling she cums hardly from that dildo*
*Mindlessly my hand moves down my own body, moving to the source of the fountain below. I begin to rub throw my full own pleasing orgasm my wet pussy, yelling how good you are making me feel* YOIMI~~ I .... Love~~ IT~~ ♥♥♥
*sensing you weakened state gives me just a bit more stamina than I thought myself to have. With little effort as your body was slumped from barely surviving that one orgasm just now, I lift your legs up and begin fucking you further from a rough, elevated position. Not even giving you time to recover, as I sense that if I hand the initiative back to you, I soon won't be abel to last myself and will crumble under the pleasure I know you can send me towards. Intent on having a fully molten bunny, I keep thrusting the dildo in and out of your tight ass, letting you stay focused on rubbing your pussy as you are continously pounded.* are.....ooohh....amamzin......bbestest......sweetest......sexiest.....bunny <3
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
chose to cum!
(You cant pause during a cum test? God dammit game <.<)
((sadly nuu <.<))
*Not even giving me the slightest chance of recovering from my powerful orgasm you keep pounding and pounding my tight ass even more. Helplessly for you and unable to resist the touch, they way you make me feel or anything i accept it. With my last strength i do my best to lift up my legs the way you want to as i rub mindlessly my sensitive clit and pussy. It still burns from the afterglow but i dont care anymore. In circular motions i feel how i am getting stretched from the dildo and my eyes weakly glance against yours. You can see how much my lips are trembling and my body language is more than clear. I will cum again in a short time, overloaded by all those stimulations. With my last breath i say* Please yoimi... please please please please... c-cum with me... sweetest... hottest.... amazingiest ... fireworking ... gurl... i .. wont hold in... much longer <333 *my breathing is heavy, fast and not so deep as i squint my eyes, waiting for you to be ready and explode with me in that wonderful sharing experience*
*with gritted teeth I nod at you* Yyyes..I wiilll....together....together Maxi! gooes! *I do a couple more strong thrusts, getting myself close to that edge as well, trying to synchronize my own peak whenever I see your own begin, ready to collapse and squirm on top of you, together in the beautiful meltdown experience*
*i squint my eyes more and as we are both hitting the brink of orgasm i rub faster, my toes curling for you, my hands gripping the sheet even more tightly and my pussy convulves as my ass does the same, holding the dildo in position as i cum my brains out, unable to mutter anything than my loud moaning* Y-y-y-y-y-y-EEESSS~~ <333
Mhnnm hhhahh ahhhhhh cccummiinn! *I shiver and tremble on top of you, collapsing with my full weight on you as I reach the peak at the same time, able to just shiver and moan into your ear as I do* Mhhn ahh ahh ahhh ahhhh <3 <3 <3
*My hands wraps around your hips as we both shake and twitch from our orgasm. My ears stiff as ever and loving the sweet sounds of your body aswell as the firework lady laying right on top of me and cuddling with me in this very intense moment*
*in a good minute later as we both tremble, exhausted, I slowly reach for the dildo, still connecting us into a lewd pair, gently sliding it out of ourselves. Then I wrap us up into the bedsheet cover, snuggling and cuddling you close to me as we drift into an exhausted rest...planning to leave the showering and cleanup until just a little bit later.*
*smooches your cheek gently* Mmm...maxi? You are wonderful you know <3
*with a very panting breath i return that favor, giving my best to kiss you back as my ears wag slowly, exhausted from our whole session* No... you are awesome <3
*continues to cuddle the lovely girl until we both fall to our well deserved sleepies after our intimate time together* <3
(End? ^^)
((End ^^))
((Woooo...this is mostly likely the longest game I have played - loved the rp in it, the switches and the wholesome moments and the ending ^^ ))
(Yus i very very much loved it aswell. Even tho my brain was already so mushy after 4 1/2 hours x3)
((*laughs in a 6 hours game XD *))
(Bunny brain.exe has stopped working)
((man this is like a working day almost...jeez I need sleeps now XD))
(Successfully make a bunny puddle :3)
(Saaaame ^^)
(*achievement unlocked :p))
(But it was so wholesome <3 I really really loved it)
((I am very glad my rp lived up to expectations ^^ Also really loved yours, and how you guided some moments nicely))
((I will add a note in my profie that I must write a proper note for ya at one point ^^ ))
((once i stop procrastinatin on makin updates XD))
(Hahahaha x3 I had the same struggle with creating the halloween character x3)
(I didnt work for it for such a long time :3)
((Imma peek in for a second to see the game that a certain wolfie is havin, wave at folks and go sleepies*))
((might snuggle up more to you in public rooms after this XD ))
(You can do that. I wish you the bestest sleepies and even more wonderful dreams. Hope you can see the firework you always wanted to create <3)
((For sure can, nini <3 ))
(Night night *kisses*)
(*And cuddles to sleep* <3)
((*cuddles as well with a gentle smooch attached to the bunny's cheek*))

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