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Started by Winston


I am slowly putting together the framework for this year's EroPets tournament. This will be its third year and the first time its creator (Clara) will not be running it.

As such, this is new ground, and I want to kinda put my thoughts and ideas out in public to see what people think about them.

Firstly, I am honestly sceptical about this tournament's format.

For those that don't know, EroPets is a tournament where you join as a pair - one Master and one Pet.

In every round, the defeated team's Pets will be 'captured' by the winning team's Master, ala Pokemon. All players that lose a match must take a penalty and those that are eliminated must take a punishment.

The nature of the tournament, in which the team expands, has always been problematic. Each round seems to lag longer as each match-up takes longer to resolve - by the end, it's a full on 4 v 4 with tiebreakers on the cards.

Getting players and spectators to stay invested throughout is a challenge. Add on the usual hang-ups like no-shows, players not listening to instructions, not posting logs, announcing match times, not picking penalties and punishments, or picking them and not performing them… add that to the usual tournament high drama, it honestly starts to become a chore.

It has a lot of rules to pay attention to, and horny people aren't very good at keeping track of any of it x_x

The past 2 EroPets tournaments have never finished in a timely manner, and have mostly just been draining on Clara instead of it being fun.

I'm gonna give this a proper try. I'm going to try some new things to maybe streamline the competition and see if we can make this thing a success.

This will also be EroPets' last chance. If this goes well, fantastic. If not, I think killing it would be the best choice going forward.

To say something positive about EroPets: it's a great idea and gives subs a fun playground with IRL elements in tournament play. It's a truly unique format that deserves the support and love of organizers, players, and spectators.

So, right now, the major thing I will be changing is this:

Penalties and Punishments.

PENALTIES - Basically a bet that must be agreed upon by the players and announced alongside match time. Loser obviously has the penalty applied for the rest of the time they're in the tournament.

PUNISHMENT - For being eliminated from the tournament. Obviously this will only be applied to defeated Masters and the beaten finalists. Once they're out, they must pick something off a list of IRL tasks to perform.

Penalties will be some match debuffs. Maybe bondage rules will be applied, or they must skip when given a certain action, etc.

Punishment will be more IRL based.

The main reason I'm making this change is to introduce things that are popular in EF such as bondage rules and "skip if your fetish is played" rules to really get the subbies going. I want there to be some bite to games, add more horny stakes.

I also get the impression that the IRL task penalties either have little impact on the matches or people just don't do them or decide to do it later, which is… pfft.

So! Punishments, which are IRL based, will be reserved for those out of the tournament. For those who lose games, their matches will get harder due to their new subby penalties.

What do you think of this change?

Next thing on my to-do list is to create the Penalty and Punishment list!


Psyko 🇧🇪

I think punishment doesn't have to be IRL based only! I have at the moment an humiliating "punishment" that work in RP as in the game… i have to sing a song everytime spank my ass… and thrust me… when peoples in the audience with me while i watch a game and know it, they humiliate me a lot! PFP change could be a punishment too… we don't have sometimes the opportunity to do IRL stuff…



So, after some discussion that took place mostly in Discord, I am changing my approach. Penalties will have a combination of in-game effects and IRL, basically to make it more fun. Here are some penalties and punishments that I've come up with. Tell me what you think! There will be more, but I prefer to post a few so that I can course-correct as feedback comes in.


  1. Simp: Your opponent decides who moves first. If they decides that they want the first turn, you must skip. You must play the match naked and keep yourself hard / wet throughout.

  2. Tongue Slave: Choose between butts, genitals, or feet. When you see an action that licks your selected body part, you must choose that action. Masturbate for one minute, thank your opponent for allowing you to worship them.

  3. Mind Empty: Whenever your opponent uses a hypno action, roll a dice. Skip your move if you roll a 1 or 2, while masturbating for 1 minute. If you roll a 3 or 4, your opponent chooses your next action while you edge.

  4. Chastity Slut: You must play the match while in chastity. You must avoid using actions that involve your genitals as far as the game mode allows. You may use cumtest actions that involve your genitals only after seeing them for 3 turns.

  5. Public-use Toy: When your opponent uses an action involving multiple participants, you must skip your turn. If you own a Lovense toy, you must have it connected for the audience to play with during the match. Otherwise, edge.

  6. Bondage Bitch: When your opponent uses a bondage action, roll a dice. If you roll a 1 or a 2, edge and skip your turn. If you roll a 3 or 4, edge, redraw, then skip your turn. You must keep rolling each turn until you roll a 5 or 6.

  7. Orgasm KO: You must masturbate while playing your match. If you cum in the match, you must skip your next 3 turns. If you cum in real life, redraw and skip your next 3 turns.

  8. Cumback Kid: Whenever a cumtest occurs, you must masturbate and edge, after which you must beg your opponent for their cum. If they cum in-game as a result of the cumtest, you must skip 3 of your next turns.


  1. DENIED: Post a denial poll in #instructions or the equivalent thread in the Forum. Every react on your post on Discord and every reply you get in the Forum means +1 day of no orgasms for you. This will be capped at 1 January, 2025. You may post on Discord or the Forum, but if you post on both, your total denial period will be halved.

  2. SLAVE: Pick a fetish. You can only masturbate to material featuring that fetish and that material must be taken from the EF Discord server or the Forum, nowhere else. You can only cum if someone specifically says so in the post. Otherwise edge and try again tomorrow. You are not allowed to beg for cummies, but you can report on how horny you are in #instructions, or the Forum equivalent thread.

  3. GOONER: For the rest of the year, you must masturbate while playing a match on EF. Edge whenever anyone plays a hypno action or cumtest. You are only allowed to cum during an EF match, and only if you win.

  4. LOCKED: If you were eliminated in Round 1, lock yourself up in chastity for a month. If you were eliminated in Round 2, lock yourself up for a week. If you were eliminated in Round 3, for a day.

  5. SPANKED: For the rest of the year, you must have a public bot game with the match name "COME SPANK ME" as often as you are able. For every person speaking in the public chat, you must spank yourself once.

  6. BOUND: For the rest of the year, you must have a public bot game with the match name "PUBLIC TOY" as often as you are able. You must obey as many instructions given to you in public chat as is feasibly possible. Include your limits in the match description.

  7. PREJAC: You are denied for the rest of the year, or until you can cum after one minute of masturbation, whatever cums first.

  8. CUMSLUT: For the remainder of 2024, You can only cum if you're looking at cumplay porn material on the EF Discord or Forum. If you cannot find any after an hour of masturbation, edge and try again the next week.

Are these punishments and penalties on the right track?



Sounds fun, though I'm not promising I would take part. Punishments could be easier time-wise, like week of chastity max, month of spank game max. Geez, I only manage locktober once per year, I'd die during second one :D



The good news is that punishments have different difficulties simply because of one reason: you get to choose the punishment that you're most comfortable with!



Added 2 more penalties and punishments courtesy of the ladies responding to this thread.

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