The Merchant (Level 10) mail warning

I guess im one of the european champions now? How did that happen?!

(This section is for the rp character. Doesnt apply to Classic/Femdom/Interactive. For that read the last section. )

Current bets: Going confident into the match against the seemingly innocent Touga i got tricked by her charms and fell victim to her lusty side, getting drained and ridden over and over, cuffed to the bed, over and over again. She will return this night too... shudder

After a loss to Cassie ill have to edge for every cum test i do, and surrender if i go over. (1/5 games)

Jen gets to toy with me for 2 hours in 2022, minimum 50 edges. She totally won.

(Owner of 410 redits... for now.)

(Dominant at heart, however especially strong-willed oponents might be able to break and turn him...)

The grim looking man throws a stern look over the crowd. That is until he notices you. His face changes from bewilderment, to anger until he finally puts on a fake smile.

Haven't seen you... around here.
Pleased to make your acquintance.

He bows.

You can call me THE merchant...Of course, that is just a nickname.
Who would call their child that.
Hm? My real name?

His mouth opens for but a second, before he points with his thumb over his shoulder.

Quite crowded here, is it not?
Say, why dont we find a more... private spot, and i'll answer all the questions you want answered?

While the tone of his speech is welcoming, his smile tells another tale...
Would you follow him?

How you might end up playing me:

On your knees - you gaggins is not a reason to stop.

When im about to unleash inside of you:

You will be taking it like a good girl

Associated with:

Soliana: Coming to him from a shared acquintance, this little bratty princess did not find help - but instead she found herself at the bottom of the hirarchy in the slums - getting manhandled by his goons like a cheap piece of fuckmeat. After some draining into her her exhausted body got dragged off to her new home, a small cell in his establishment, awaiting her new life, and training.

Anna: After finishing my last piece of work, i just so happened to stumble over this lovely young lady, who had strayed from the safe path. Over 2 sessions she was corrected, and put in her rightful place. While timid at first, her true colors showed pretty quickly... Now she is under my supervision.

Bente: In an attempt to make add another rule to her list, I found myself bound and toyed with... getting free didnt last long, for her heavenly mouth pushed me over the edge and ruin on the spot. The humiliation doesnt end here, for off intot he cage it goes, getting sold off as merchandise myself... this bi-!

... How did THIS happen?
Well you see - if you have read any Manga in the past few years you might've picked up on a trend: At around chapter 2 the valiant hero must save a damsel in distress - be it from monsters, bandits or slavers. However - what if the slavers were not just one time tools, to make the woman fall for the Hero? What if they used a different means than just using brute force to make their slaves obey? What if they actually controlled them through dominance, not fear? And wouldnt those slaves behave way better in the long run - perhaps even start to like their fate?

Thats how "The Merchant" came into existance.

About me:
Call me a switch baby, cause both sides turn me on.
Yeah ok, that sounded better in my head.

Though im mostly sub, i found myself only domming here - who could've guessed. Scratch that. Domming some of the needy boys n gals around here its pretty much up to my other how dominant/submissive i am. Teasing and getting teased are things i enjoy. Pleasure for both of us is my primary goal.
Open-minded, certain stuff might require negotiations however...
Just ask! I for sure will. I am open for irl - bets - dms!
Also i found out i really like teasing people over interactive. Especially cute femboys~

For those interested in femdom
To be fair, i donot have the most experience... mostly offline stuff following prewritten orders and games and such. So i was quite surprised by my first actual session with a real domme - Lady N. While i kinda knew what was coming, it was still overwhelming! Way different than anything i had before... i had disregarded the information in the article about sub and topspace for i had never experienced it - now i know better! The session, the afterglow - it was amazing! And while i hated my own physical weakness, to not be able to fully satisfy all her needs, she still was very caring. (and demanding, of course! :D) In hindsight i feel like i could have written more about my own condition - but at that time all i wanted was to please. And damn, i was pleased in return...

Now, to those new to femdom: Dont be me! Read the articles carefully! They would have been really helpful, if i had just trusted the information given.
Also, if you are uncertain if it is for you: just try it. You can always say no. And even before that you can just talk to your domme.

Things i especially like:
Edging: My absolute favorite. You get all the pleasure of an impending orgasm, but no drawbacks - nice! Sprinkle in some ruins, and we are primed for a good, long session!
Blocked cumshots: The idea of cuming but nothing shoots out is quite interesting... and hot.
Blowjobs(both giving and receiving): There is just something about it - cocks are just great. Seeing someone working on yourself, while they glare up... and on the other side, watching him squirm, coo~ Its great! And once the pumping starts...
Cum: Hard to describe... even though i dont dig the taste too much, just knowing where it came from, that it is not for eating... you can paint someone with it, too! And its sticky gooyiness... imagining myself how naughty i must look, aswell as sharing that fashion makes me rock hard.
Forced orgasms till dry: -Done, courtesy of Lady N-
Anal: I may have not been able to get the taste of an anal orgasm, i for sure try. If you know about the stages, i am able to reach stage 3 frequently.
On that note - feel free to ask for control of my toy. I will give you the code, gladly~

Things i'd like to try:
Sounding: While i do own some, its hard to make use of them.
Tasks: Rather than just a simple sitting, id like to follow tasks for a longer time.
Cum tributes: Well, what can i say. I saw it on reddit, and kind of want to give it a go... like really want to give a miss what she deserves, be it from a full or a ruined O...

No go's:
Scat, watersport: While cum is fine and dandy, this stuff is trash! And thats where it belongs.
Excessive pain: While slaps, t/spanks and choking are nice, hard pain is a no.
Unfitting insults: You might had the displeasure of getting a taste of it - insults focussing on stuff that is not relevant, or not even not you are just a huge turnoff.
Public (irl) related stuff: I like having good relations with people.

1 small plug, 1 inflatable one, 1 medium dildo, 1 way to big dildo, a chastity cage, a prostate massager, 2 sounds, some beads.
While i do own many toys, my favorites are without a doubt "theHandy" and "lovesense edge 2" - both beeing able to be controlled remotely. Also household stuff.

While i am experienced in RP, erotic ones are new for me. So cut me some slack, please.
Constructive criticism is appretiated.

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Your toy is not worthy of a full orgasm, so you order him to ruin and to block it in. No mess today! Ruin while blocking, then continue! You order him to ruin, and he has to block it in. No mess today! Block and ruin You need some time to catch your breath, so you wave the audience for help. Some agree and flash their tits! Have the audience distract your opponent He gets an orgasm, but not really. You order him to block it in and cum for you this way. Block and cum You allow him to cum, but he has to block it in. No mess today! Block and cum.