Psyko 🇧🇪 (Level 5) mail warning

Former CHAMP!I do mainly TWR with dirty talk and story related light RP but I'm open for everything!

Bi / Sub

Theme song: PSYKO KILLER

Belgium 🇧🇪


Speak French and English


High: 1m70
Weight: 75kg
Shape: Sexy Dad Bod
Feet: 44
Cock: ... cm (undress to know...)

Sexfighter with the autoproclamed Biggest Stamina of the Scene!


First TWR Title:

I beat Linda"TheBigButt"Sommer and strip her of the TWR title!!!

After some good wrestling action, we face each other in a 69 battle in which my tongue 👅 mastered as Linda squirt all over my face...

The fight still going and she manages to make me Tap Out by smothering me with her boobs! That drive me crazy angry and I fuck her doggy style until she cum all over my cock!

At this point, the match was under my full control and I exhausted her until getting her pinned and my finger working her demanding pussy until she squirt again...

Completely dizzy with only 1 life point left, I take her by the hand and invite her to sit on my face so my tongue 👅 finished her!

TWR title loss:

I lost my title against the gorgeous and skilled Savannah... 😭

I was pretty aroused by Savannah's body so as the match start, she try to wrestling while I sexually abuse her! This going for a bit of time and lead us to undress each other. Taking the opportunity, I start to pound her before the ref stop us to start the round 2.

The sex round start as the previous one end, with me trying to pounding her into submission but I was too confident on my stamina and she trick me by letting me enjoy her hot body until I cum (73%) on her ass while she's laughing at me.

Angry to get tricked, I start to finger her pussy, trying to make her squirt but she resist (93%) my fingers!?!

I get completely disappointed as my stamina and my fingers which are my main assets fails! I start to wonder how bad I am in this match as she blow me, which is a weakness of mine!!! But I manage to resist her skilled mouth (17%)

We then keep wreslting and sexfighting for a bit until she trap me in a bodyscissor and force me to tap out (37%).
(Damn this gif was so hot...🥵)

But I'm not the kind of guy who will give up my title that easy! So I manage to roll her on her back and licl her good until she cum (93%).

Unfortunately, that was not enough and this goddess manage to choke me as she stroke me until I cum(55%) and defeat me...

The new Champ thinks taking my title was not enough and decided to humiliate me more! She fuck my ass really good with her strapon then roll me over and ask the ref to jerk me until I spunk all over my face! I still hear them laughing as Savannah left her strapon in my ass and leave me laying there...


*Skilled maledome movements*


*Hands and fingers expert*

Pussy fingering

*Huge Stamina*



*Scholding and Spanking*


*Blow job*

BJ pin



Here is some kink i love:

Silk&satin/velvet/shiny clothes
Pegging/Femdom/Strapon/CFNM/forced bi/shemaledom
Wet swimwear and bikini
And more (just ask for...)

== Results from ==

100% Brat
100% Degradee
99% Submissive
92% Pet
92% Slave
88% Non-monogamist
88% Primal (Prey)
86% Rope bunny
81% Exhibitionist
80% Experimentalist
77% Voyeur
53% Masochist
44% Switch
24% Primal (Hunter)
13% Vanilla
12% Degrader
11% Dominant
9% Rigger
7% Sadist
6% Owner
0% Ageplayer
0% Brat tamer
0% Daddy/Mommy
0% Boy/Girl
0% Master/Mistress

I do mainly TWR with dirty talk and story related light RP but I'm open for everything! Love to bet before or during the game

Old bet:

After losing against Cris , for next three games I must skip after a blowjob 3/3

Named me "The sissy defeated" or 3 days after losing against Cris

wc Is bi
autorenew Is a sub
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