Jada Terrell - 🇺🇸 VS Hitomi : History listed publicly (74 turns)

Hitomi grants Jada a private rematch

Their first match ever was a huge nation battle... Jada was so new... naive... barely knowing what she was doing and lucky to have someone like Hitomi, so talented in the ring with her. A punishment match followed and Jada yearns for a re-match to test herself against Hitomi again. One on one. Private Gym - No Crowd - No Ref Match rule - Toy Coin Flip - If any toy is used then the abused does a coin flip. If heads they skip. (Does not apply to CT move)

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(Would have sweared I wrote a message before. Sitll Love the suit!<3)
(let me update the header)
(Would you like to go for a swimsuit too? I´d like to give back the favor~)
(entirely up to you... you look incredible as you are.)
(I´d like to do it <3 Which color would you like?)
(I love dark blue if you have it. 😍)
(Give me a moment, also do we remove clothes before we start so it´s just underwear?)
(I can do that. Yes.)
/remove my pants
/remove my top
/remove their pants
/remove their top
/remove my shoes
/remove my socks
/remove their socks
(Hope you like the bikini~)
(OMG!!! So Sexy!! Thank you!)
(A literal pleasure dear 💋)
(Ready for this?)
(I am... want me to start or you?)
(If you want I´m up fr it)
(you start us off then. 😘)
(Hehe sure <3)
*I wait for you in the ring you had told me about abour. It had been some time since we have had a nice fight in a ring, even if the punishment was fun I still wanted to have something like our first time, a true sexfight between the tow of us intil one submitted to the other, I especially like that this one will be a bikini match. I´m waitng for you while only wearing a blue 2 piece Bikini, I try to rest on the ropes and calm my excitement for a bit, altough I know you must be as exited for this as me I canpt help but get a little blush while I imagine what we are about to do*
*I enter the gym after getting dressed in the locker room... my pink one -piece splits in the middle as I know better than anyone that the clothing is going to come off in this hot fight. You sexually brutalized me in the big arena match... then taught the lesson further in the following punishment match. I like to think I am a different sex wrestler now... but that does not change how sexually dangerous you are in the ring. You look stunning in your blue bikini... as I slink through the ropes* "Glad we could finally do this." *as I look at you from my corner*
"Me too dear" *Isay trying not to devour your figure with my eyes, I keep my arms on the ropes resting while trying to give an air of confidence* "I hope you don´t mind if the end is same as last time tough, but I´ll make sure is enjoyable" *I get up and sway my hips walking towards you, until my put my hands in your arms, giving a light massage* "I have waited for this a loooong time my dear"
*licking my lips as you massage me* "Oh... I would like a different end if that is okay with you." *teasing*
*My hands move towards your abdomen, givng little tickles while I move my lips to almost touch yours* "I´m absolutely fine with that beautiful, but you´ll have to earn it"
*your luscious big breasts press into mine.* "mmm... I would expect nothing less." *my nipple slips out as we press into each other.*
"Hehe you are getting hard dear" *I move away and walk towards a corner in the ring* "Do we need a bell or are you going to try and beat me now? I want you to go all out on poor little me Jada, I can´t promise you will win if you don´t"
*I giggle then motiion my hand in the air* "Ding... ding." *we lock up... groping each other... you have such incredible breasts... and I am so enticed as they joust with mine. I score a takedown with a leg hold... able to apply some pressure to your pussy mound with my foot* "I will give you my best, Hitomi... nothing less."
*You manage to get a good start after our little competition, I groan as I feel the pressure of your foot* "Ahhh Mmmh Thanks Jada" *After a few more moments I breake the move and clim above you* "Now let me return the favore" *I move your bikini just enough to expose your nipples, after that I kiss and suck the right while pinhcing the left*
"UHH..mmm.. AAAh!! Those dangerous pinching fingers!!" *reacting to your work on my tits. I pull you into me with a deep kiss while sliding my hand down to your tight mound... giving it a little rub*
*I make sure to return the kiss as you rub me, moaning your name softly from time to time but I also keep my little play on your nipples, a smile forming of my face with each little coo I make you do as I make them get a bit harder every time* "Those delicious lips and finger Mmmmmh"
"OOO.. mmm... oh" *Your groping, pinching, and sucking of my mocha twins makes my face flush. You are so skilled... I grab you by the hair pulling you into my breasts... smothering you in a tight sexy bear hug*
"Mmmmmph! MMMMH Mmmmh" *I try to trah around hoping to get free but I just wasn´t expecting you to do this move at the moment, in the panic my air gets cut and I can feel myself getting weaker while being trapped in your beautiful chest*
*Sensing I have worn you down a bit... I slide my fingers inside those gorgeous blue bikini bottoms teasing that sexy pussy... fingering your folds... licking your nipples.* "Hitomi... I love how are bodies collide... mmm... ooo"
"Ahhh W-Wait Ahhhhhh" *I try to recover my breat after my punishment in paradise but each breath I take cames out as a moan, my nipple getting hard in your mouth while my hips try to follow the movement of your fingers*
"OOO.. looks like I hit a weak spot... mmm.... you body is divine!"
*circling your hardening nipple with my tongue*
"Ahhh Y-Yes you did Ahhh please Jada!" *My hands now weakly try to push you away but it´s clear you are the one who decide wherever you are going now" "Ahh Don´t tease me like that"
"I want my pussy on your mouth, sexy" *we tangle in a kiss as I slide my sex over your mouth. My head arches back as you flick at my pussy with your tongue. The pink fabric does little to protect me*
"Mmmmmmmh" *I´m below you as your still clothed sex covers my mouth, despite that I try to follow your command and lick and suck as best I can. In the heat of the moment my hands reach up, tearing the center of the bikini until your breast are exposed, getting strenght from lust I play with them while servicing you from below*
"mmm... oooo" *reacting when the cooler gym air hits my now exposed breasts*
*your skillful tongue tantalizes my pussy even through the fabric. Staying in this position would surely result in a sexual defeat... I have to get off you... but press the attack by placing my foot on your pussy and jiggling it. Teasing your pussy and clit* "Such a sexy, woman... so dangerous with your tongue... I will be more careful where I put my pussy!"
*I get a breath of fresh air after you get up from me, unable to move I just feel you spreading my legs without me being able to stop you, opening my eyes just at the moment when your foot get´s pressed into my pussy* "Ahhhhh
*My airs begin to flail as the sensation overwhelms me, my legs begin to try and move back and forth trying to push you away, eventually I manage to make you lose your footing and take the opportunity to bring you down, then quickly crawl towards you and take one of your arms* "I´m dangerous with more than just my tongue Jada!" *I apply an ambar with one hand while the other moves in search og yoyr pussy, teasind it trough the fabric*
"AAHHH... my arm!! UHHH" *pain shooting through my shoulder until your fingers hit my sex* "OOOOO... fuck!!"
"This is still wrestling my dear<3 And I promised you I´ll give you my everything~"
*I knew this but was clearly getting a little cocky with my sexual gains... my smothers with my tits and pussy were working. I shimmy my body to loosen the arm hold... you are still working my pussy but I get a lick of your feet to try to distract you*
*Your lick make me giggle* "Tehehe Sorry Beautiful but I´m not that much into feet" *I move away and trun you arounf so the you rest on your belly while I climb your back* "I´m more of a chest girl" *After saying that I take of my bra, exposing my breat to nobody in particular but the sensation still fills me with excitement. I use my bra to force you up in choke while teasing you again* "I´d bet yo´d wihs I choked you in a breastmother as you did with me, but I canpt risk you licking me like you did again love<3"
*your bra slips around my neck as you yank back* "UNGH!!!" *I gag and cough as you choke me with the same fabric that could barely contain your heaving tits when this sexy battle started. With no ref... you are free to choke me as long as you need. My energy draining as you wrench me back*
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
"You know? this is like no hold barrles fight, I have had a couple of those, the ref is practically just watching and nothing more on those. I move to use inly one hand to chokve you while the other moves to tease you from behind as I push my tits against your back* "If I tokd you everything that has beend done to me in thos kind of fights, my poor tits were sore for a week after a girl tried to make "milk" for the audience pleasure, they just kept giving her thing after thing to use on me"
(Was trying to think about fight with noe ref, hope it worked)
(all good.. love it!)
*my hands reach up to my neck... desperately trying to make space as you speak of a brutal past match... my pussy strangely activated as you describe your tits getting milked as a ref does nothing but watch*
*I am barely able to breathe... my eyes flutter... you are working me over mercilessly with your bra... the red marks on my neck... I drool as I struggle to stay conscious*
*I let go of my bra when I feel you got weakened enough, moving without a care in the world from your back into your ass, with a smile I give you a litte wedgie before removing the rest fo your bikini, levaing you completely naked on the mat* "You are so beautiful Jada, even when losing I can barely keep myself from pouncing on you and have sex all over the mat"
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
(BRB... work call. 5 minute pause. sorry)
(It´s okay, good lucj with it) 👍
(Welcome back)
*now completely exposed and dazed from your bra choke... I writhe on the mat trying to recover*
*You are a sexual wrestling assassin as I hear your sultry voice describing how you want to take me... make me yours. I struggle to my feet using the ropes. My knees buckling... my pussy damp... from your no holds fuck fight story and the impending sexual devouring you plan for me*
*I move towards you, walking just behind as I watch you struggle to get up, after you I kiss you for a moment before using the ropes to secure your arms in them* "The will make sure to hold you while I give you something good dear" *I kneel in front of you and use my finge to rub your pussy, my mouth kissing all over your mocha skin, focusing the are around your navel* "Pain and Pleasure dear, it´s importat to feel both in this kind of things~"
*you strum my pussy and I am helpless at your touch.. gasping*
/play-sound girl moaning/damoan24.mp3
(Love your sounds)
(love you, babe! This is so sexy! 😘)
*I know I cannot allow you to just toy with my pussy like this... I will easily cum if I do not do something... I rise up which breaks the pussy rub and we tangle for control*
"Ahg! Ah! Jada! Mmmmngh Ready to fight back dear?<3" *I half expected you to lay there while I had my fung but seeing you fight agaon gives em even more excitement thant before. I can feel you begin to get an upper hand, my breath gets heavy but I still do my best to get over you. In the meanwhile I feel my body crashing and rubbing against yours, the sensation is simly amazing*
*in the tangle I even the score removing your panties and tossng them out of the ring. I have some energy back and feel like I have avoided what might have turned out to be a one sided contest*
*I´m not sure of how or when but suddenly I feel cold air hitting directly over my pussy. I push you away and move back to check on my fears, you have left me completely naked. "Come after me Jada" *After saying that I give a little show tasitng my now naked pussy, hoping I can if not distract you at least make you feel even more hot and bothered then before*
*This may be a trap but she is to sexy to resist... her perfect big tits... that tight pussy... she teases me with her prowess... I dive at her tangling my arms around her neck... squeezing as tight as I can*
*my wet pussy pressed against her upper back* "How is this, sexy babe?"
*First I was glad that you seemed to get right onto me but as we tangle I notice this isn´t any sexual move than i had hoped. You arms squeeze my neck chiking me while I feel your body in my back. soon enough I´m the one getting shoked now. "Ahhg Ghhhhha!" *In no time my arms fo down at my side while, my eyes begin to flutter and I struggle to barely stay concious*
"You sexy hot babe" *jiggling you as I squeeze. I spread my legs wider... rubbing my soaked pussy on your back... continuing to apply pressure*
(Mmmh I was thingking os skipping this one, but then I noticed the rubbing move and thought about being so out of it the I begin to rub my pussy while you choke me from behind. Which do you think I should choose?)
(you make whatever play you like, babe!)
"Ahhg Ghhha Ahhhh" *My vision blurries along with my toughts. Pain, lust, desire, sensation, all of that and more mix, separate and go back at it again, I try to move my arms but I´m barely able put one of them inside my body. Something brushes my pussy, feels good, I want more*
*Without you doing anything more you are able to see me use my own hand to pleasure my pussy, if there was a camera my choking face and blurry eyes would be accopmanied by an open mouth as I finger myself due to all the sensationd you have made me feel*
"Such a sexy slut" *watching you work your own pussy overcome with desire to fuck wrestle... to stay in the fight... to not give up. Aroused myself I release you driving my finger in your wet cunny replacing your hand... pulling your head back by the hair and sucking those incredible tits* "You are so fucking luscious!"
"Ahhhh Ahhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhh" *My arms go down, I feel like Ipm just tossed around by you as the pain in my head and back gets mixed with pleasure in my pussy and tits, I can barely hear you as my moans fill the empty room while you dominate me like a little rookie*
"Mmm... your pussy is so wet... so tight.. so sexy." *while I have you on edge I put on strappy then drive it into your hot cunny... you try to crawl away while I am in you*
** Hitomi flipped a coin! Heads! **
(I skip right?)
"Ahhhhhhhhh" *I+m getting desperate, as soon as you let me fall I try to crawl away, despite how dumb that is considering I have nowhere to escape, soon enough you are back and bury a stap into my sensitive pussy, after a long sream mixed with a moan my body still tries to flee despite of it all* "Ahhhhh Jada Ahhhhh"
*your pussy juice coats the toy and you manage to lurch forward to escape. I grab you... unable to use the toy but work my fingers in yoru tight wet pussy as you try to get to your feet*
(no toy here)
"Ahhhh Ahhhh Please Jada Ahhhhh At least let me feel your pussy toooo" *I´m practically beggin while trying to get up in the ropes, I doubt I can´t escape like this if you keep going*
"I am not just going to give you my pussy, Hitomi! Like you said... you will have to earn it!"
*I rub your tight sex... taunting you with your own words*
"Ahhhhhh" *My hands slip and I feel myself getting weaker, almost ready to burst, if this keep going I´m sure to be the first to cum in our fight* "Ahhhhhh"
(I know I didn´t have to, just think this makes sense)
(I do the same... especially when my moves don't make sense to the RP. Very kind of you.)
(Thanks dear, let´s see where this goes)
*My mind mives to her own words to me... "pleasure and pain"... her moans clearly show the pleasure is working... but I cannot help but want to apply the pain too. I rip you down to the mat... putting you between my thick ebony thighs. I squeeze with all I have.* "As you also said... this IS a wrestling match!"
"AHHHH You dare! AHHH!" *If nothing else the pain overrides everything else in my mind at the moment, despite how much I enjoy your body, the pain you are making me feel is enough to want me to give eveything back to you. I use everything I have to talk before going back into the fight* "Very WelI, let´s do this" *I get out one of my hands and take the strap as you crush me below your thick thighs, eventually I mange to tease you enoug to bury it into you, as the hokd gets weaker I pump it in and out of you*
(Hope you like it)
Uhh!! Uhhh!!!
** Jada Terrell - 🇺🇸 flipped a coin! Heads! **
*the toy forces me to break the hold and my pussy is plundered deep. I moan as you fuck me with the toy cock*
/play-sound girl moaning/7.mp3
*I let you gor a moment to get the stap right in my hips. after that I talk with clearly feigned affection* "Oh my Jada, you are liking it so much, let me make it better for you"
"Oh fuck.. fuck.. .mmmm .. my pussy!! UHHHH!!!" *you are rocking my cunny with the toy... I slap the mat as you fuck me... pumping me into a moaning mess. The ring shakes as I moan lustfully*
/play-sound girl moaning/breathy2.mp3
(That sound)
** Jada Terrell - 🇺🇸 flipped a coin! Tails! **
*you fuck me so hard... I can feel myself losing control. My pussy brought to the very edge... I manage to scramble away... using the ropes to get to my feet... my pussy leaking badly as you have scored so serious fuck blows*
*I let you go, too tired after trying to pund you into submission. I watch you from the other side of the ring, where I also use the ropes to mantain myself up* "Oh Jada, I was hoing the last pump would breake you, guess you really want to win this uh?"
"That hard thick cock punished my pussy!! You will pay for that!"
"You used it on me first!"
"You sexy babe... you loved getting that thick cock!!"
"Are you telling me you didn´t dear? I heard enough moans to know that is a lie"
"grrr!!" *growling I pounce on you... I spread those beautiful legs and my tits drip over you* "I will make you come without a toy, sexy!"
(sorry for all the typos!)
(It´s perfectly fine, honetly I think I have more, just hope you are enjoying yourself~)
(loving every second of it... I hope you are too. 😘)
(I do ❤️)
"Ahhh Let´s see if you can do that beautiful, you said I had to earn a pussy against pussy uh? Well I think I will claim it now!" *I push you and push my pussy agains yours, my tits bouncing with yours up and down as I try to force a trib fight between us*
"OOO...uhh...uhh.. mmm... OOOO" *Your pussy is so tight and wet as we meet clit to clit. You thrust your cunt like a weapon and I meet you in lusty battle*
"Ahhhh Ahhh you beautiful, sexy, stubborn, slut Ahhhhh I WILL win this you hear me?"
"You will not outfuck me, you sexy whore!" *our skin slaps as we moan and fuck pussy to pussy*
/play-sound girl moaning/8.mp3
"Ahhh Ahhhh I AM doing that! Ahhhh just a bit more Ahhh I will have you cumming under me Mmmmmh"
"UHH... UHH... you hot bitch!! MMM... nnnggghhh!!!"
*my pussy is overheating... I can feel the surge... doing anything to try to cool my sex*
"H-Hey this was supposed to be pussy against pussy! No hands allowed!"
"UHH.. mmmm... oooo"
"Ahhh Fine you don´t want to play it fair I don´t have to either" *I move away to reach for one of the toys I had brought with me for the fight, coming back with a pink Hitachi* "Let´s see if you are able to rub this out Jada"
"OH my god!!!" *I scream out as you place the vibe tight to my swollen clit*
/play-sound girl moaning 240BPM/240bpm2.mp3
is resisting cumming (44% chance of cum) => Resisted!
"Mmmmh Music for my ears Jada"
*your pussy to pussy work is legendary and you brought me so close. The vibe should have easily broke my pussy but I hold on resisting the machine*
"I am not finished... you failed in your first try, Hitomi!" *I show you my pussy taunting you*
** Hitomi flipped a coin! Heads! **
(I saw the gif before it changed)
(ahh.. no coin flip on CT's anyway)
*I am surprised as you resist, not only that I realize how tired I got myself moving us around. I breake away, surpireise clearly written in my eyes* "Way to go Jada"
"You are sexy... but my pussy is very strong today!"
"Very well, I suppose I´ll have to wotk a bit more to breake you"
"You want to finger fuck to see who is best?"
*I pat my wet pussy challenging you*
*I feel how close I am to bursting after everything we´ve done but I refuse to turn down a challenge like that* "Bring it Jada"
*we dive at each other in a pussy rubbing battle*
"your pussy will not hold up!"
(I thought this was a cum test)
*I gyrate into your rubbing showing you how tough my tight pussy is*
"Ahhh Ahhhh" *At first we are on equal fooring but soon enough it gets clear who is going to dominate this and it´s not me, as you get faster I go slower and slower. Eventually I´m just putting my body onto yours while moaning my heart out*
"Ha! My pussy is better!!"
"Let me work your weak tight wet pussy some more!" *I enter your folds pumping you. Licking your nipple... your sweaty tits glistening in the ring lights as I pump your juicy cunny*
"Ah Noo Ahhh Not again!" *I feel myself getting weaker on your hands, I´m practically putty under yout, my poor tits feel like they are on fire, my body practically beggin me to cum already*
*I feel you start to go limp in my grasp* "MMM... yes.... give in to it, Hitomi... you know I am out fucking you!" *I grab you by the hair dragging you to a ring corner then draping you across the top rope* "Time for me to devour that sexy pussy... so wet... so luscious... so tasty!" *I sink my tongue into your cunny and circle your clit*
*I can´t stand by myself, you easily carry drag me by my hair into the top rope. I´m left looking at the roof while you keep your taunting* "Ahhh Noo Jada-" *Before I can say anything more you sink into my poor pussy*
is resisting cumming (90% chance of cum) => Came!
*the empty gym and just you and I... the sounds of me sucking your wet pussy*
/play-sound cocksucking/heavy_slosh.mp3
"Ahhhh Ahhhhh AHHHHHHHH" *I scream my hearth out, moaning with every single lick and suck, I feel myself getting broken by your delicious lips* Ahhhhhhh Jadaaaaaaaaaaa 💦💦💦💦 *Your face gets covered in my honey while I´m left twitching on the ropes*
*I gulp as much of your sex juice as I can handle. Your squirt that I don't take splashing all over my face*
*I´m just twitching over the ropes, half moaning your name in whisper, my drunk love eyes still hard on the roof*
*I take a moment to assess my own pussy. Breaking yours was a pleasure... but I am so close... my pussy is so ready... so wet... so wanting*
*After far longer than I would have liked I bring myself out of the ropes and fall out of them into the mat like dead weight. Despite that I don´t seem to be ready to admit defeat* "I´m not done yet Jada"
"I actually think you are... hottie... " *I strap in then pull you down giving you a deep fuck with the thick black toy cock.*
** Hitomi flipped a coin! Heads! **
"mmm.. you love getting power fucked like this... mmm... you love it so deep in your pussy... your tight wet pussy!"
"Ahhhhh Ahhhhhhhh" *Once more I canpt do anything but moan as you dominate me, I feel myself getting more and more ready to just accept whater you say and do with me* "Ahhhh Yes I mean No Ahhhhhh J-Jada Ahhhhh"
*I pump you mercilessly crushing your pussy with the thick black toy while taunting you... posing as I fuck you* "Your hot cunt is getting broken by this sexy ebony bitch!"
** Hitomi flipped a coin! Heads! **
"Ahhhh Ahhhhhh" *It is, and I know it is, despite that I can´t do anything about it, I feel like Ipm being used by you... And I like it, I want more, can I really do anything to win now?* "Ahhhh Ahhhhh Jada"
*I thrust you deep and powerfully... panting... using all my energy... wanting to break you... but your tight pussy holds... and we break. I watch you get back to your feet as I rest on the ropes*
*Suddenly I feel you stop and look back to see you resting on the ropes, suddenly I understand* "Afff you overextended Afff Didn´t you?"
*giggling* "Maybe... you are too sexy... now get up and fuck wrestle me!!"
"Oh I will beautiful" *This may be the only opportunity I have to get back into this fight, my body acts almost like a loaded spring as I´m suddenly able to fight back. Almost immediately I get on my revenge fro what you did to me on the ropes* "Let´s see how much you like this when is done to you dear"
*I asked for it... and she is giving it to me. I was such a fool... so cocky... I have no idea if this will totally break my pussy leaving me in a mess in the middle of the ring. I try to hold but my screams tell you that I am about to explode*
/play-sound girl moaning 240BPM/240bpm5.mp3
is resisting cumming (88% chance of cum) => Came!
"Mmmmh You are such a great fighter Jada but we know you are not resisting this one"
*It is impossible to hold back... her luscious body before me... overwhelmed with lust as I watch her destroy my wet dripping pussy... shattering it into a thousand pieces... I cum hard.*
/play-sound girl moaning 240BPM/240bpm3.mp3
*I collapse to the mat... utterly exhausted. Covered in my own squirt... writhing... broken. Instinctively I check my cunt... but I am in terrible trouble*
*I smile at you, clearly happy with myself after finally giving you such an orgasm. While I lick my fingers from your delicious honey I say* That was good dear, are you sure you are able to keep going? *After saying that I put one of my feet just above your face, as if ready to make a 3-count*
"Uhhh... UHH... NO... No... I will fuck wrestle you forever if I have to!!" *I push you off me... on my knees... panting... stretching... ready for more*
*Still smiling I kneel beside you* "Dear there is no need for more, I think we have given more than enough in this, both of us" *I begin to gently massage your breasts as if I were offering a kind of peace* "Don´t you agree?"
*at first I am entranced as she rubs my sweaty tits... a double cum finish... a draw... an even contest... but the chance to take her down... to have the legendary Hitomi at my feet... out fucked.. beaten... it is too much to deny. I push you off me... I pat my pussy* "Clit to clit... cunt to cun... for all of it, Hitomi!!" *we intertwine locked pussy to pussy... unsure if this will break you... but I have to try*
*I look at you first with a bit of fear but the fire in your eyes makes me convinced that this is the right way to finish this* "Very well Jada, Let´s do it one last time! *I don´t think I will be able to resist but I promised you I will give you my all and I´ll be sure to do it!*
is resisting cumming (69% chance of cum) => Came!
"Ahhh Ahhhh Jada AHHHH" *As I feared I was still to sensitive to win anything like this, but I didn´t care, I wanted to be with you until the end, win or lose... And it seems this time I lose*
"Ahhhh AHHHH AHHHHHH" *Soon enough you are over me, my back completely against the mat as you keep rubbing your pussy on mine, still I smile as you keep fucking me for our pleasure* "Ahhhh Ahhhhh Jada! Take me! AHHHHH!"
*I drive my pussy into you lustily when your cunny breaks and you squirt. I milk you... continuning to fuck you bringing you more pleasure and then... I feel it in my pussy... the surge... it comes fast... I try to control it... but I explode in a scream while tribbing with you* "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! OH fuck... oh fuck... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"
*I cum hard then collapse on you... our tits colliding... draped on you... in an exhausted double cum pin*
*I can only whisper while hugging you after that explosive orgasm too tired to do anything else* "You win Jada, that was amazing"
"Thank you, Hitomi... you were incredible too" *whispering in sweaty post climax lust*
(Sorry that I have to run... this was incredible... thank you!! Loved this so much... win or lose. ❤️💋)
(Congrats Jada. And that fine. Thanks for the lovely time 💋❤️)
(I will catch up with you in DM's later. ❤️❤️)
(Plase do <3)

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