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Well hello there...
So tell me, would you like to RP as a catgirl?
Well if we're strictly defining it...I don't have a tail! But I've purred since I arrived her and now have fluffy ears?
Understood 😏
Is there anything in particular you'd like for this game?
As always (but especially for our first game), let me know anytime if you want more or less of something
Hrrm~ Well for rules I do like the Hypnosis and bondage rules~ and for a bet...ooof~
We can certainly play bondage/hypnosis
I saw how I reacted to the last game I watched of you. ~ and It's...difficult to hit my limit with humiliation~
Got it. Then I assume you like things a bit on the rough side/demeaning side?
'A bit' may be a slight understatement. But yes!~
Hehe, got it. Well, let's see where the evening takes us...
* You enter the room to find me rolling up my sleeves. A wicked smile crosses my face at the sight of you *
Ahhh, so glad we could finally get to know each other a bit better
(oh and you mentioned it's long do you want to go?)
*She paces up to you with a fierce little grin; pinpricks of blush growing in her pale cheeks as her ears softly twitch!* I'm glad too~ I've been thinking of it since I watched you last time!~
((Hmm! It's a friday! So at least a couple of hours. :) Plenty of time for a fun game and some consequences after.))
Is that so? Tell me Alis...* I move into your space, our height difference weighing on your mind as I slide my fingers over your collarbone and then deftly slip them under your top, idly teasing both shirt and bra off your shoulders *
...are you hoping to suffer the same fate?
*Exhaling in a soft rush as you slide her garments up and away from her pale perky breasts; she softly sinks her teeth into her bottom lip as she gazes up into your eyes; softly beckoning you closer and closer before gently guiding your face between her breasts as she softly murmurs in your ear!* ~ I wouldn't dream of telling you if I was~ It's so much less fun that way~
mmmmmmm....* I give my head a little shake, breathing you in as I enjoy the soft embrace of your chest. My hands trace up your sides, taking hold of your waist just beneath your ribs and suddenly giving you a rough shove back onto the bed *
Well I suppose I should have been more clear. Are you /ready/ to suffer the same fate?
* I grab hold of your waistband, stripping your remaining clothes from you in a series of sharp tugs *
redrew a set of actions
*She blinks in shock for a moment; her ears flattening as she rushes out a soft gasp; her gaze momentarily held fast as she drinks in your words. Shaking her head to free herself; she huffs and pushes her curvy pale frame out of the bed; resting a hand on her hip as she waves the other to draw your attention downwards. Her voice is a soft purr as she finally answers!*~ I'm ready if you are!~ Because there's no chance that I'll give in~
* I let out a soft chuckle, leaning down towards you and reaching out. My curled fingers tilt up your chin while my thumb teases your lips *
NO chance?
I saw that look in your eyes from the audience
Silently wishing you were the one being broken
*Softly she parts her lips around your thumb as her eyelids flutter; a shiver running up her spine as her ears spring up to better hear those taunting words. A moment later however her eyes have a sudden change; playful and teasing as she gently closes her teeth over the tip of your thumb before withdrawing; ducking down and popping back up inside your grasp as her deft fingertips work at your buttons; before pushing down your loosened pants!*~ Mmrrrr~ Maybe a little bit~ But would you even want me if I just ...gave in? Isn't...the hunt....part of the fun? The risk....that your prey might be stronger than you expected?~
* A mischievous half grin crawls up one side of my lips as I look down at you, impressed with your dexterity *
You are absolutely correct. What fun is enjoying a meal you didn't get to catch...after all
* I start unbuttoning my shirt as you pull my pants from me, smoothly rolling it off my shoulders and tossing it over the back of a chair *
And I've certainly been looking forward to catching /you/
*She casts her eyes over your exposed chest; giving a light chew of her plump pink bottom lip; appreciating the sight; before she glances up at you softly; beckoning downwards as she slightly parts her pale thighs, her voice a quiet purr*~ You should have a taste before you decide if a meal is for you~
((Must needs be remarked: That gif is ridiculously hot. <3 )
* I accept the invitation readily, dropping to one knee and tilting my head between your legs. I give your waiting sex a slow, investigatory stroke of my tongue *
(riley reid is a pro, to be sure)
*She lightly purrs and flashes a soft grin down at you as her purring voice rolls out a quiet taunt*~ Good....boy~
* My hands drift up to your hips, pulling you forward so my mouth can press in more firmly. I kiss your folds before sliding my tongue deeper between them, teasing your lower lips apart *
*She allows this for but a moment; before her fingertips slide through your hair; short fine nails gently stroking over your scalp before she tightens her grasp with surprising firmness, guiding your head back and shaking her own as her ears wiggle*!~ That's enough for now~ You'll get all you can lick when I'm done with you~
We're just getting started
* When I suddenly rise I lift you with me, easily picking up your much smaller frame and pulling you into me as I carry you several long strides across the room. Your legs wrap around my waist instinctively as your back hits a wall *
* I pin you there with my weight as I reach into the neighboring dresser, retrieving a long length of rope. Held aloft, you've got no leverage to keep me from snaring first one wrist, and then the other, pinning them together in one omnipotent fist while I deftly loop the rope around them and cinch them together *
As I finish I toss the other end of the rope over the rafter above you, giving it a tug to pull your arms up as I let your feet settle to the ground *
*She widens her eyes in shock at the ease with which you lift her slight frame; the realisation hitting her that you're just as strong as she is agile, though it seems a little too late as she finds her hands arrested in rope above her head; dangling from the rafter; her pale body; devoid of any sign of hair below her eyelashes flexing and straining as she struggles to take the weight. Without heels; she's forced to stand en pointe on the tips of her toes; which she barely manages with a certain amount of difficulty.* ~ H..huff~'re really playing to win aren't you? *She huffs out as she tentatively tries to probe for weakness in the knots!*
mmm...I'm playing for so much more than winning, Alis
I'm playing for the joy of reducing you to my own personal fucktoy...
* My hands wander over your body as you pull at the rope, teasing your sides, squeezing your breasts, traversing your spine. *
* My fingers find your nipples, giving them a sharp pinch and tug *
*She softly tenses and flexes her body; unable to find a weakness yet and so is forced to endure the teasing exploration of her body; with her slim metal collar tight around her throat and a tattoo marking her pale bicep it's plain that she has given herself to two....and why not add a third mark to her? At least this thought might be obvious as she flexes and mewls quietly as her stiff pink nipples are pinched!* Mrrmm!!
mmm...and what fun it will be...
* I give the gold chains hanging between your throat and nipple a soft flick, sending them jingling as I take two steps back. I watch your eyes fall to my crotch as I slide off my boxers, letting my already swelling manhood pop free *
*She tenses as your fingertip clocks across the chains connecting her piercings and collar; her eyes fluttering as she continues to probe at her bindings with little success; her toes straining to keep her balanced as she rushes out a soft whine!* ~ U..ugh~ It takes a lot to make me a fucktoy~ only two can honestly claim that~ Do you really think you have what it takes?~
Oh I'm more than confident...but no need to take my word for it.
* I stride in a slow half circle around behind you *
We'll just have to /see/ if I have what it takes - but really, it's the journey and not the destination, don't you think?
* You vaguely sense my hand rising, but you've no doubt when it comes down harshly on one ass cheek. A spike of pain flies up your spine that makes you lose your balance for a moment. You've only just recovered when a second spank accosts your other cheek. Then a third, then a fourth. Each one bringing a rising red glow to your fair skin *
*Her body strains and struggles against her bondage; muscles flexing and body trembling as she struggles just to maintain her poise on her toes to avoid putting the strain on her shoulders~ She isn't made to stand en pointe~ Her body far too thick in the hips and thighs and fat in the rear and chest to be a ballerina; and only the slightest bit of luck saves her from a painful suspension hold; each smack that ripples the soft jiggly overlayer of her ass and impacts the firm muscle beneath sends her closer and closer to tipping over; but just as the fourth lands she finally slips one of the knots and tumbles down onto her hands and knees with her ass; now decorated with firm pink handprints, raised in the air!*~ O..ooohh~ Frick...~ You have a firm hand~...but I'm not helpless anymore~!
(May have got a little carried away~!))
(never! I love it)
* You've hardly barked your retort when a hand closes around a tuft of your hair, giving your head a rough yank to pull you to your knees. Your eyes come to focus on the rising shaft in front of you, which I flex and bounce intimidatingly *
You may not be tied up...but you'll very soon be helpless
*Her eyes linger on the flexing bouncing shaft; taking in every slight imperfection and imprint of a vein on the stiff mast; before her eyes flick up to you; trying to distract you from the fact her toes are flexing and tensing in pain as she tries to recover them; she flicks her eyes downwards as she softly squeezes her breasts into her palm; her slight frame knelt before you with her hands barely covering the fair skin of her breasts!*~ M..mhmm~ It's a pretty cock....I'm sure I'll make great use of it later~ If you're lucky it might be more than as a scratching post!*~ *She lightly flares her fingertips to show her nails at that; grinning, but the gesture is slightly ruined by the civilised little manicure she's gotten herself*~
(Did it again! You just give me so much to work with. <3 )
* Our eyes meet, will vying against will for a moment. My other hand wraps around you, pressing into the small of your back, and I pull your hair back harder, forcing you to arch *
Well...I do find that I'm very, very "lucky" when it comes to pretty sexfighters...
* My lead leans in slowly, my lips closing around one of your nipples as I hold your chest thrust out to me. My tongue swirls around the little nub, forcing it to harden under my attentions *
*She flexes and moans as she twists her head softly to try and find a painless way to pull free of your grasp; biting her soft bottom lip for a moment as she stares down at your lips sealing around a pierced and stiff nipple; her body glistening slightly with the exertion of escaping her bondage earlier*~ H..hng~ Flattery will get you nowhere~ No matter how handsome you are~ I've already lost my wrestling title today~ I'm not losing to you as well~
* I give your nipple a last little tug with my lips as I let it pop free, and then give you a knowing look as I move to its partner. You squirm a little as my mouth entraps it, giving it the same treatment, your body made to react to me as both nipples are soon stiff and aching *
[ignore gif]
*She closes her eyes for a moment as you repeat the motion; only making her attempt to escape when you draw your head back; not even needing to glance down again to know that both of her nipples are glistening with your saliva and hard as industrial diamond drill bits; she finally manages to pull her hair free of your grasp with a minimum of pain; and takes her turn to push you back now; mounting you; pressing her hips down low to avoid lining herself up for easy penetration; and slowly grinding her plump; soft ass back against your cock as she stares deep into your eyes!*~ wont deny you've a firm hand...nor a strong will...~ But I'm not so easy to break~
* You grind forcefully enough into me that I find myself pressed back to a seat. My cock twitches between your cheeks appreciatively, and my hands soon find their way to your stomach and chest. Your talent is is the effect your steady rhythm is having on my manhood. *
nnnngg....I wouldn't think so...
I do love a fiery fighter, they are so much more fun to tame.
* With a surge I stand and push you off, making you stumble down to your knees.. A powerful hand cups the back of your neck as I pivot around you, immediately resting my cock in its fullness against your cheek, thereby allowing you to appreciate the fruits of your efforts *
But then, taming beautiful fighters is what I do
* I keep your face held firmly against me, letting my manhood shift up and down your cute features. You can feel the heat of it against your skin, as well as the occasional twitch of excitement *
*She gasps at the sudden upheaval of her comfortable seat in your lap; but as your firm grasp guides her in against your cock another sound rushes out; one she barely attempts to stifle, the moment her perhaps...overly sensitive nose inhales the musky scent of your cock, the moment it begins to rub and stroke across her pale features....she rushes out a delicate faltering moan; tugging herself free of your grasp only to nuzzle her way down the underside; inhaling and squirming in place on her knees as she goes; before her plump full lips seal against the flesh of the sack beneath; soft murmurs and slurps sounding as she begins to aggressively suck every inch of it as her fingertips grasp and dig into your thighs!* ~ Mmmm....mmrrphh~
aaahhhhaaaaaaaa * My own low, vibrating groan falls out of me as you suckle at my balls. They feel heavy on your lips, promising to fill and cover you in the near future. I roll your head softly back and forth against me as I moan in pleasure *
mmmmmm....such an eager little cock worshipper....can you feel the loads I've got waiting for you?
*She doesn't think to answer you; her nostrils pressed tightly to the base of your shaft with the eager way she smothers her face into your sack; her lips parting wide as she desperately tries to fit the sack; and the cum-stuffed orbs it contains past her full lips to worship them entirely; all while deeply inhaling the musk of your skin!* ~ Mmrrmp!~
23:09:43 excellent answer. It can be so hard to focus once you get a taste, can't it. * I grip the short hairs at the base of your skull and give them a quick tug. The brief shock of pain is enough to make you gasp, which makes you take a deep, musky inhale.
* As you breathe deeply my voice seems to drop an octave, and an odd, but pleasant weight settles on your mind *
It's only natural Alis....good sluts serve cock....
Isn't that right?
(booooo...I even used my hypnotizing voice :-P)
(Disappointing!~ <3 ))
(now I'm just a weirdo talking deep 😘😅)
*She blinks a few times as the potent scent fills her mind; and for a moment it seems like she will drop so deep for you...but something about the careful way your voice changes makes her pause; bringing her back up out of the haze your scent has spread over her mind as she pulls back with a soft laugh; realizing what was happening!*~ H...hah!~ Goddess save me!~ You almost had me!~ You're gooood...but not quite good enough~
(Buhaha~ I will say objectively that made -me- melt. Only the dice gods saved Alis~ )
* You're half surprised to find a look of approval rather than disappointment on my face * Ahhhhh, so you've got a bit of willpower after all. Better than most of the weak-minded whores around here...
Of course, that just means I get to work on you for longer
* I release your hair but grab hold of your arms, pulling them above you and twisting them enough to keep you locked on your knees. I drag my cock across your lips, but refuse to slip it onto your tongue, leaving you the yearning temptation to tilt your head forward and taste me once more *
*She rushes out a soft purr as she's once more brought within breathing range of that powerfully intoxicating scent; her eyes focusing on your shaft now; then focusing in on the very tip; then the full sack beneath that still glistens with the evidence of her greedy worship. With obvious difficulty she sinks turns her head slightly away; forcing herself to breathe through her mouth!*~ Mmm~ smart....probing the first weakness you find to the greatest extent~ Pushing your prey until they're desperate and make mistakes!~
* I push both of your thin wrists into one hand, letting me keep them held aloft as I pull my cock from your lips and kneel in front of you. My free hand slides up the side of one breast and then caresses the tender skin at the side of your throat *
Why thank's always nice to be complimented.
But you're not going to make any "mistakes", are you Alis?
Unless you're having trouble thinking clearly...
*She flutters her lashes at you softly as she hears your words; feeling the hand teasing her throat around the slim titanium band of her collar. She takes a deep breath in through her mouth; then carefully tugs her slender wrists three of your grasp; easing away from your hand and ducking her body gracefully beneath it to come out with her lips before your cock; she doesn't seem mindless this time, she has a plan....and that plan involves the soft plump lips you feel enveloping the head of your shaft; a portal to the sweet sticky heat of her mouth as she bobs her head down towards your lap, expertly taking you to the border of her throat but never once making herself gag!*~
oooooooooohhhh....thinking to....mmmm....make it hard for ME to concentrate perhaps?
* I can't help but thrust between your lips, relishing the warm welcome my cock receives *
* You can tasted the slightest hint of pre at my tip, and feel the rigid desire in my shaft. I grip your head for a few deeper thrusts, before sliding free. With a nudge I send you to your back, dropping to straddle your waist with my spit soaked shaft nestled between your breasts. *
* After a brief chase I manage to snatch a wrist in each hand, pressing them up over your head and planting them to the ground, before easing my way down your body. I lay a trail of kisses across your chest and breasts, teasing you with the knowledge of what's to come. I can see your nipples stiff with anticipation, and soon I'm sucking at one again, harder this time, until it feels as if I'm trying to consume your breast whole *
mmmmmmmmm....such a delicious bit of prey
* My mouth pops off with a wet smack *
I do love how you squirm and writhe...* My mouth falls upon your other nipple, hungrily suckling *
*Her eyelids flutter and she lightly flicks her tongue out between her glistening lips to tease you; her expression surprisingly devious. She doesn't even attempt to resist your lips or the hold you have of her; warmly curling a leg around your midriff to make it difficult to back away as she tries her own voice out this time. Not dropping an octave; but noticeably slower as if weighing each word carefully before she speaks*~ That' delicious...bit of prey...and you just need to keep...on...tasting me'
* A low, involuntary moan emits from my chest as I lick and suck greedily...but you also notice a slight waning in the strength of the hands at your wrists *
(ack! Putting on voices is clearly bad luck~ )
(next time I'll use a kermit voice...maybe that will help, haha)
* ...but what you think is the onset of your mental spell turns out to be a sudden shift. I drag your arms down along your sides, looping my own arms over them as my hands sink into the base of your spine. With a tilt your hips are lifted up, and your legs splay out for lack of balance, opening you perfectly. My thick tip finds your entrance like a hunter spearing its own quarry, and in one smooth thrust my cock splits your folds and stretches you * *
mmmm....thought you had me, did you?
But it seems you're the one who let down her guard
*Her body tenses up and you feel every slight bit of pressure as your cock drives into the slick; smouldering furnace that is her heavily aroused sex; her inner muscles spasming around the thick shaft to provide an intensely blissful sensation around every centimetre; she stares up into your eyes; and for a moment the dismay at her little trick failing leaves her with nothing to do but roll her hips in time with your thrusts; grinding her body in to meet you!*~ H...ha....hnnng!~ I did say you had a strong will~ But even the strongest will fails eventually!~
Ha...I could not have said it better myself..though I suspect we might have different expectations in that regard...
* I drive deep into you, wielding my cock with menace as I press against your inner walls. After a particularly savage series of thrusts I hilt myself and hold...and just as you look up to wonder what's next I close one vice-like hand over your throat *
* My eyes light up with a new spark as I slide out of you, pulling you up by your neck. I smoothly roll to a seat, bringing you with me. You kick and push against me, but my grip proves immovable as you are pulled into my lap. My off hand pulls one of your legs out from under you, robbing you of any balance and letting me settle you down back onto my waiting shaft *
* You continue to fight, but now every buck and twist is accompanied by the feel of my rock-hard cock shifting inside you. The hand at your throat keeps you forced down, shifting futilely on me, and soon you feel aggressive fingers assault your clit, grinding the little bud down *
Ahhhh....yes this is better.
Still think it's /my/ will that is going to break Alis?
It's really a shame we don't have an audience...watching you break will be such a show
*Her eyelids flutter as she feels the vicelike grasp around her throat; only her tight collar preventing you from blocking her breathing entirely, her body tensing and squirming; her entire body trembling with excited vibrations with every thrust of your firm thick cock into her sticky sweet honeypot making the sensations more and more intense. Then it comes...her eyes roll back....her bottom lip quivers and with a wailing cry she pleads! 'Yes!! Breed me daddy!!!' but even as the words come out; they sound unnatural...and they are swiftly proven so as she immediately focuses back on; tugging her body free and lunging up to grasp her limbs around you; tightly pressing her hips to yours and grinding down on your shaft without ever giving it chance to penetrate her!*~ H..hnng!~ Did I ever...for a moment say I wouldn't enjoy you using me!? It doesn't for a moment mean that my will shall break!~
((Sorry. I had to!~ The perfect ruse!~ _))
(ha, ruses are totally allowed)
* I grunt with the effort of keeping you in my lap, even as you manage to pop me out of you. My cock throbs against your ass, but I refuse to let up. The fingers at your clit curl up into you, replacing my cock with a shallower, but more frenetic attack. *
You didn't say you'd break, Alis...aaaah....I....I did
(1 moment i just opened a bottle of fanta and it fizzed all over me. -not- the kind of wet i expected to be
* I shift my hand up above your collar, pressing thumb and finger up against the arteries along the sides of your jaw. You feel a light headedness wash over you. *
(ha! oh no! Just let me know when you're back!)
(Okay! I'm back, got most of it. Thanks for waiting so I could enjoy your lovely words in real time. <3 )
(no worries! Do you need more time? Not a rush :-) )
(also, what flavor? I'm a sucker for orange...boring but classic)
(It's fine. <3 and lemon!)
( where were we)
* You feel my fingers explore inside you, seeking out, finding, and then punishing your g spot with a hard grinding motion *
is resisting cumming (17% chance of cum) => Resisted!
*She growls softly; still clinging to you as she stares up into your eyes; squirming and moaning; but ultimately resisting no matter how good it feels to ride your fingers whilst her slight yet filled out body is pressed so tightly to yours.~ She knows she has to time her escape well...and so in a rush she pulls herself up to kiss you firmly on the lips; and then flexes her body out to pounce away from you like the little feline she is~ She doesn't stop there however; tackling you, praying that surprise is on her side and finally having some success in overpowering you as she tackles you onto the bed; mounting your hips confidently and guiding the head of your shaft between her folds before pushing down to envelop it once more in the intense slick tightness of her womanhood. She rushes out a purr...and finally leans over you as she begins to raise her hips and smack them down in your lap; taking all of your shaft deep inside her as she pins your face beneath the soft; bejeweled weight of her breasts!*~ Hnng!~ You do make this a challenge!~ And I'll admit I LOVE it, but you're going to cum for me in the end!~
(*Slaps you with a short novel*)
* We practically bounce as we hit the bed. My hands scrabble at your sides for purchase, but soften as you deftly tilt forward and slide yourself back onto me. I give a short groan, and you are rewarded with a hard, involuntary flex of my cock inside you. My momentary distractions lets you settle your breasts over my face, making me wheeze out short breaths as I try to regain my focus *
* Whatever - surely shakespearean - retort I make is muffled completely in your ample chest, and itself gives way to another long moan as you pick up the pace of your bouncing *
is resisting cumming (0% chance of cum) => Resisted!
* My hands slip off your sides as our sweat intermingles...and I flex again, harder this time. Finally I manage to get some purchase along your ribs, forcing you up and managing a deep, recovering gasp of air. Finally able to breathe I plant my feet and roll us, sending you toppling off and away from me. I have to take a moment to let the color return to my face (and the oxygen to my brain), and find myself fixated on the slow curling of your toes as you right yourself *
*cough* ha...*cough*...not too bad Alis...
*She flashes a gentle smirk at you from the side; taking a moment to recover herself; though she makes a point to flexibly arch her back to give prominence to her breasts to draw your gaze as she flashes a surprisingly gentle smile across at you!*~ Mhrrm~ I'm starting to get the feeling that neither of us are truly going to break~ But whoever gets fricked into temporary insensibility....I think we're both going to enjoy it...quite a lot!~
* I move onto my toes, sliding to the side looking for an opening *
Don't sell us short...I'm sure we've got it in us to leave one of us a completely destroyed fucktoy...
*She rises up warily to meet you; fluttering her lashes in your direction!*~ Mmm...maybe!~
* I launch myself forward, sending us sprawling in a tangle of limbs and grunts. Your quickness lets you slip out of my first two attempts at a hold, but when a thick arm wraps over your midsection its my strength that ultimately wins out. We spin to the floor with me behind you, and even as you try to push yourself free my arms envelop you. Your back is pulled into my chest, and I slide a hand to your inner thigh, peeling your leg up and letting me pierce you once more *
* Once I've got you impaled my arms lock you up, leaving you kicking wildly but unable to dislodge me *
Yes! Haaaaa.....there we're certainly a spry little thing...
Though I imagine you'll slow down once those legs are reduced to jello
*She gasps in surprise as you show off your own agility; blinking as she's carried down to the ground and firmly trapped in your embrace; truly appreciating your strength as she feels your strong arms locked around her; helplessly pinning her in place to receive your cock. She can do little but lay there for now; waiting for an opening as she quietly moans; out sweating; tensing bodies firmly held together, though she does deign to turn her head to the side to offer her lips to be kissed; her fluffy little ears twitching with excitement!*~ O....ohh!~ Godsss you're so damn strong!~
Too strong, can can resist...but eventually you'll be overborne...
* I my arms slowly work their way around your own, every little squirm and nudge seems to lock you up tighter. *
* With your arms increasingly lost to me I roll you onto your stomach. My weight presses your chest into the ground, my cock still lodged inside you, and then you feel me slip two fingers under the back of your collar. They start to pull, lifting your neck up and making it difficult to breathe *
00:11:24 know these collars can be such a liability...
Oh no...please don't.....anything but that!~
* The tightening pull of the collar renders you more and more immobile...which in turn lets me begin to pump into you with abandon. My cock saws in and out of your dripping pussy as choked sounds fall from your lips *
mmmm...anything but what Alis?
is resisting cumming (54% chance of cum) => Resisted!
*Her words are choked off towards the end; her eyes growing wide as she rasps out a forced breath; her body trembling beneath you as she feels the pleasure building as her mind begins to grow foggy as she tight titanium collar; so suited to dig into a neck...almost completely cuts off her ability to think. She has to go against her impulses...and it takes an almost superfelin, divine effort to do so. She pushes forward...not back....almost at her limit of passing out when she finally twists herself free; gasping in a deeeeeep gulp of breath before lunging around; pouncing you; hoping she'll have time as she stares up at you wildly; her lips once more enveloping that deliciously sticky cock; her hands joining her lips and the three sources of pleasure work in tandem; stroking; sucking and kneading at your cock as she squirms in place on her knees!*~
Whaa---*I let out a surprised sound as you bend yourself wildly and slip free...but my question is immediately cut short as you ravenously wrap your lips around my shaft. Your own juices coat my cock, letting you slide your hands and mouth along its length rapidly *
nnngg.....fuuuuuuuuuck.....youuuu clever....little
is resisting cumming (30% chance of cum) => Resisted!
* My hands fall to the sides of your head, trying to control, or at least meet your tempo. My cock throbs wildly, and it becomes a true test. I start to pump against you, my cock hitting the back of your throat and making it more difficult for you to keep your rhythm. You counter by squeezing my shaft powerfully, pulling a pained groan from me *
* But as my grip at the side of your head starts to strengthen you realize that your moment of opportunity has has the chance for a quick escape. Soon my thrusts gain vigor, my tip pressing hard into your throat with each savaging pump, sending spit dripping down your chin *
00:20:22 nearly had me there....not that it would matter in the long run, but you might have bought yourself some pride
But now...*I continue to jackhammer into your mouth, leaving you only the slightest chance to breathe and moan between gags *
*Staring up at you in dismay; she feels the tightening of your grasp far too late; and can do nothing but submit as you pummel your cock well past her limit; her throat distending against her collar as her face brutally slaps against your skin; her body helplessly squirming and trembling; her hands ineffectually pressing to your thighs, her breasts are soon decorated with more than just jewelry as thick ropes of saliva trail from her mouth from your continued and vigorous use!*~ MRRMPH!!~
* The bulge of my cock presses just deep enough to be felt against your collar, the twin degradations combining into a near overwhelming force *
(I almost wish we did have an audience for this~ <3 Actually I do wish that. I'm not quite as bad as I thought)
00:24:14'm going to remind you of your place
(you're wonderful! You have nothing to worry about !!_)
* With a firm grip in your hair I yank you off of me. A stream of drool flies from your mouth as you gasp for breath. I give your cheeks a pair of quick, demeaning slaps *
Come along, little slut. Time to start breaking you /properly/
* I pull you to your feet by the hair. Your disorientation makes it hard to keep your legs under you as I drag you several awkward steps and throw you up against the wall. You hit it chest first, a pretty mewl forced out of your lungs, and then I pin you to the wall with a steel grip at the back of your neck. I kick your legs open, and you feel the feminine thrill of a woman being put into a breeding position as I move up behind you *
* You have only the moment's anticipation before I take you. My rigid cock easily parting your lips and burying itself in you once more. There is nothing refined in my rhythm now. Instead I absolutely rail you, your own wetness allowing me to fill and empty you in smooth, gliding strokes *
is resisting cumming (66% chance of cum) => Came!
*She feels the stinging slaps across her cheeks; the saliva dripping from her chin; the ache in her jaw and the overwhelming sense of helplessness as you lift her up; worse still you could feel the thrill that the slaps sent rushing through her body. She mewls as she's forced against the wall and her shame deepens as she does feel the thrill you described; she's an enlightened half-nekomime yet here she is; unresisting and presenting to to you; in prime breeding position with her pierced breasts squashed into the wall; not even given the respect of facing you as you take her. It doesn't take long at all once you thrust within feels more like conquering her; her inner muscles are spasming and clenching; more in your control than hers by now as her gasping moans rise higher and higher in pitch; and finally she CUMS, HARD on your cock; gushing around it as her body trembles frantically; a rushing mewling desperate cry filling the room as she shamefully drenches her thighs in her sticky nectar; helpless to resist your cock!*~
(I...think I may have just melted. <3 )
* I continue to fuck you through your orgasm...though my strokes slow a bit...languid thrusts press up into you. Slow, rhythmic, unceasing even as you crumble around my cock. You can feel the predatory rumble in my chest against your back, and as your orgasm subsides I give one of your twitching cat ears an ungentle bite *
yeeesss...there we are...
The first is always the toughest...don't you think?
*She mewls again and finally slumps down; pulling free of your grasp; staring up at you in shock; she manages to reach a hand up to your cock; still glistening with her juices but that's all she can manage; her blushing; unfocused face has all the image of 'Fucked senseless' and though she does grasp your cock tightly; her thumb rolling over the frenulum; even that will end up humiliating her...given her position...directly below your cock* ~ A.........oo.......mew?
is resisting cumming (52% chance of cum) => Resisted!
(ack, I hate when there's now options and I can't build the suspense!)
(Sadness!~ )
* The cock in your hand throbs powerfully...but you can tell it remains entirely in my control. I let you tease it a bit, confident in my bearing, before pushing your hand away and kneeling in front of you. I cup your chin in one hand, tilting your face up to meet mine as I stare dominantly down into your eyes *
Not to worry, little Alis
You'll be getting plenty of that cock soon enough...but first...
* I reach my other hand down between your legs. My fingers slide along your folds, teasing your inner ridges as my whole palm cups your sex *
00:39:45 is this pretty little pussy doing, hmm?
Starting to feel like it wants to submit?
Go on and say it...
* Before you can, I press my lips down onto your own, curled by the force of my grip squeezing your cheeks *
*Her eyelids flutter as she gazes up into the dominant visage looming over her; her hips trembling with every touch you provide to her; her hand lazily drifting down your body and squeezing around your shaft; but she can barely muster the energy to do even that~ The conflict in her eyes is clear; for every part of her that wants to resist; there's another part of her trying to chain it down so that she can offer herself to the man who put her in such a shamefully subservient position!*~ *She moans softly against your lips and is helpless to resist just...returning your kiss...the touches of her own soft full lips meek and gentle!*~
(Just ignore the move chosen. <3 Broke the flow too much.)
* I break the kiss, and take a moment to enjoy the soft flutter of your eyes and lips *
mmmm, there it is....the crack through which all that fight and resistance is draining away...
* My fingers move more quickly, teasing your sensitive lower lips, never letting you relax *
*She trembles softly at your words; but for once she is speechless; her bottom lip quivering softly as she stares up into your eyes; a soft moan rushing from her lips as you increase the pace!*~
You're strong, your fact stronger and faster than most...and in the'll be broken just like the rest of them
Doesn't that sound nice?....To foresee your own conquering?
* My arms wrap around you, lifting you bodily up and in one smooth turn dropping you on your knees along the shallow windowsill *
Perhaps we can get a little audience after all, hm?
*You can see it in her eyes; the conflict again; she could so readily be give herself to you...and in that moment of weakness she doesn't resist being lifted; her body trembling, not with fear or exhaustion...but with pleasure as you push her towards the windowsill before propping her on the slim edge*...h...huh...
* My hands wrap themselves into your hair, taking their time to find a grip. The methodical nature of my movements only heightens your awareness of your own creeping exhaustion and submission. You feel yourself arched up and back once more. Your body is stretched and displayed before the window, to the delighted notice of a few passersby on the ground floor. *
* I tilt myself under you, my still raging cock sliding along your slit for a few strokes, re-annointing itself in your juices, before taking up its place inside you *
*As she's stretched and displayed before the window....she's too exhausted...too worn to do anything but surrender the sensation; and you can feel the thrill running through her body, translated to your firm grasp as she notices the passersby gawking up at her; deepening her shame as witnesses are provided to her humiliation. Her hot panting breaths fog the glass as you penetrate her once more; and all she can do is mewl and -take- it; not even trying to form words as she simply mewls in bliss!*~
That's a good slut....I can feel that war inside you...the tensing of your muscles even as they give way...
Let me make it easy for you..* I reach one hand around you, pinching one of those proudly erect nipples hard and making you squeal for the onlookers *
...that war is already lost...
* When the interminable shock of the pinch finally ends it is followed by a humilating upward slap of each of your tits, sending them bouncing *
...all that's left is enjoying the spoils
*With a weak tremble as you maul her helpless body; you can feel the trembles of arousal growing more and more powerful; until they come to dominate her body; and with a weak whimper as her stubborn mind still tries to reject it....she gives a slight nod of her head; her fluffy ears flattening against her hair as....slowly so that all of the passersby are sure to witness it....she eases her hands behind her lower back in a submissive posture and whimpers out!* ...I....I admit's lost....I can't....I can't take it...I just want you to....use me...until the only name my mind can think of to describe our relationship is the most awfully degrading terms you can dream up...~
* The only response you get is a smile you can't see but can certainly feel. The hand assaulting your chest takes hold of your left wrist and pulls it wide. From behind the hanging curtain my other hand pulls a cuff, already attached to a concealed ring embedded in the wall. As the cold metal clicks shut over your skin you realize it was put there specifically for this purpose. That this was the plan all along, and despite your fight you have ended up exactly where I intended. *
* Your right wrist is pulled to a matching cuff, leaving your arms held to your sides at head height with you on your knees upon the raised ledge *
Well then...I'd say we can finally get started...
*She hangs her head in disgrace as she feels her wrists being manipulated into the cuffs; and soon enough it's too late; there's no way out, her submission whether a ruse or final, and she has to accept it as she kneels on that slender ledge; presenting her ass and arched back to you; presenting her breasts to the audience outside!*~
[changing up a bit from gif]
* I give your ass two sharp smacks, and then reach the offending hand between your legs from behind you. My fingers expertly work into your pussy, teasing your folds apart, curling inside you, flicking your clit. I toy with you for at least a minute, letting the situation sink in, before pulling my hand away. In the next moment your chin is cupped and your face tilted up to me, while the hand covered in your dripping juices smears itself across your face *
* A combination of your cum and our sweat suffuses your lovely features. I make sure your cheeks and chin and hair are all smeared haphazardly, leaving no doubt of your status *
* Even your adorable little ears do not escape, as their short soft fur is matted in cum *
*She's already trembling as your fingertips delve into her sex; the heat...the dripping slickness leaving no doubt of just how desperately aroused she is by her situation, no matter how much she stubbornly refused to want it....~ She releases a low whining grown as she's forced to endure the marking...the stripping of what literal status she had; her cheeks burning beneath their coating as you don't miss a spot; the scent of her own juices flooding her senses as she lays there...and despite her utter shame to do so...the disgraceful act draws out a moan from her throat!*~
Now you
are looking the part...
* Wanting to add a bit more, I spit into my hand and return to work, adding yet another level of humiliation *
No one will mistake you for anything but a used whore once I'm done with you
Of'll also be more than happy to tell them yourself
*You feel it the, the severe shudder as she hears you spitting; a stronger reaction than she's given before; she releases a soft whine; yet her lips in the reflection are clearly still parted as your hand moves around to smear your saliva into her face; adding to the disgrace...and of course making her trapped and helpless body tense with shameful desire!*~ I...i...~ *She falls silent; staring down at the mocking faces below her as she submits to your control*
01:06:56 that do you?
* I give your hair a tug, facing you up *
Mouth open slut...tongue out
(not to break the moment...but are you okay on time? I know we've gone long)
*She looks up at your face as it looms over her in sheer horror at the tell she gave you; barely being conscious of it herself in her all consuming lust and shame....and that shame only deepens now as she parts her full pink lips, and softly hanging her tongue out as she meekly murmurs!*~ Please...I do like that~
(I have nothing to do tomorrow, I feel a little tired but now awfully so. :) Continue exactly as you are!~ This is the perfect end to a late night as I see it. :) )
(you got it - not that I plan to go forever, just wanted to check!)
* I spit down onto your tongue, and then immediately rub my palm across your tongue and face, mixing our saliva together *
mmm? You enjoy being used and humiliated?
Is that it? You like knowing that you're nothing more than a toy to be used for my pleasure?
* I spit again, repeating the process...making you answer through the mussing hand *
*She slumps in your grasp as the spit and your words hit her with equal strength; the last of the fight going out of her as the second flecks land and your hand smears and muffles her voice!, she sees nothing to gain by denying it now as her slumped body trembles!*~ Y..yes...I enjoy it...I enjoy being knocked down from my pedestal and degraded ~
...and such a pedestal it look at you
* I finally leave your face and release your hair *
Spread those knees wide, toy
*Weakly she whimpers; but there's no fight left in her; she couldn't even make you cum once. She spreads her knees and pushes herself forward against the glass; offering her dripping; drooling smouldering sex to you as her body trembles with lust!*
* My hand returns to cup over your pussy, my middle finger tracing a threatening circle over your clit *
Was this the pussy you planned to break me with?
*She moans quietly and her words come in a soft despairing rush*~ Yes....that was the pussy I planned to break you with~
* The slap that accosts your pussy in the next instant is as vicious as it is unexpected. Your whole body spasms in response as pain radiates from your folds *
*All the air rushes out of her lungs in a sharp squeal at the slap; her folds aching; sensitive; desperate to be touched yet with such frazzled nerves that even the slightest touch makes her cry out!*~
And you thought I would bend to this pussy? That it could best me? Make me yield?
* My hand finds your soft hair again and yanks roughly *
Answer me, toy
*She whimpers as you yank her hair; feeling the roots straining even though they hold; her body squirming with undisguised need as she meekly whimpers out!*~ Y..yes...I I did....I thought I could...~
* Another slap, just has harsh as the first though at least this one was expected. Still, the blood rushing to your crotch has only rendered you more sensitive, and the stinging pain only adds to the cacophany of sensations rattling through you *
*She gives another sharp squeal; too far gone to even attempt to stifle it; held firm in your grasp...your control...her submission so blatant...the passersby who happened to glance up have been treated to the complete taming of the fierce kitten*~
And now this weak little pussy has failed you. All your speed and strength and skill did not matter...and now this pussy is mine, along with the rest of you.
Say it...
*Even now...she pauses...but that moment passes in the blink of an eye; and in a soft slow rush she gasps out the words* ~ My weak little pussy failed my pussy is yours...and so is ...the rest of me~
* Even your submission earns another slap...this one layered in with even further humilation. My hand withdraws and I drop down behind you. When my tongue meets your lips, it is both torture and salve to your enflamed sex *
mmm...and what a fine pussy it is...
So fierce at first...and yet so perfectly tamed
*Her breaths can only leave her now in soft little moans; her folds so sensitive to your tongue; every slight adjustment and trace causing her to tense; her head nodding at your words as she feels the heat growing in her core...knowing that the final act of submission is being slowly built up to....and she can't even feel dread at that...can't even deny that the thought arouses her weary trembling body*~
* After drinking in my fill of your lust, I pull back. My hand replaces my mouth, and my fingers trap your clit between them, pinching ever so ominously *
Now tell me, slut...what becomes of weak, conquered pussies?
*She trembles now; every word seeming to hit her far harder than the touches of your fingers; pushing her to new heights of this disgraceful form of arousal; her voice is practically a gasp as she responds to you*~ W....weak conquered pussies...get breeded ...~
That's right, slut...
You walked in here with all that confidence, all that fire...
And now you're nothing more than a perfect little breeding slut
It doesn't matter whether you were a challenge, whether you were faster or better than others...
You've been reduced to this...a warm body for my cock and I to enjoy
Now...offer up that pussy and beg me to breed you
like a good, obedient whore
*She can't even hide a moan as she listens to your descriptions of her; and the only thing she asks in response is a simple question* W...what do I call you?
* A hand massages the back of your neck * "Sir" will suffice...though even that is not necessary. I do not dwell on such ceremonies...all that matters is your surrender
*She trembles weakly as she hears the word; and she weakly nods her head before shuffling her trembling; restrained body on the ledge, facing the glass and leaning forward as best she can to present her dripping hole to you; the words coming in a soft rush!* ~ Sir...I offer you my weak pussy....please...complete your conquering of me....please Sir...breed my pussy~
* MY fingers lace into your hair once more...though now it is mere formality. I step behind you and sheathe myself into your dripping sex as if it is only natural, and being to rhythmically, methodically, grind into you *
Louder slut...
I want all of our guests outside to hear you
*She squeals as she feels your shaft once more sheathing itself in the dripping furnace that was once her pussy....and is now your hole to breed; the inner muscles responding to your thrust; clenching in excited spasms as if also greeting their owner as she raises her voice; laced with pleasure to cry out!* ~ PLEASE SIR BREED MY WEAK HOLE OF A PUSSY!
redrew a set of actions
redrew a set of actions
[no tests! round]
(Can skip a few turns if you want. <3 )
redrew a set of actions
* I pick up my pace, working into a true rut. You feel a wave wash over you. Whatever intentions you had for this fight, you've been brought to this most natural state. Beaten, bound, and fucked into submission, you feel a deep knot of complete, utter surrender building inside you as your pussy is about to be claimed *
*Within moments of you taking that steady rutting pace she has surrendered completely to the sensation; her cum coated ears twitching frenetically as she pushes her hips back to meet every thrust; and you know that her surrender is...entirely complete....all that's left is for your throbbing shaft to force the terms and take the prize!*~
* The cuffs at your wrist bounce and jingle as I fuck you wildly, letting every primal urge take over as you near the moment of collapse. My cock saws into you, my hips slamming into your ass at the top of each gut filling thrust *
is resisting cumming (71% chance of cum) => Came!
mmm...pretty little Alis...
You're going to make such a lovely trophy...
*It doesn't matter how long it takes; there is no escape for her now; and she knows it; she's surrendered completely...her breaths fogging the glass with every frantic cry of pure lust and shame; and finally her body tenses up completely, her cry of bliss catching in her throat as her eyes go out of focus and she CUMS, her body shaking like she's caught in an earthquake as she gushes over your cock*!~ AIiiiii!~!! Cumminngggg Sirrr!~
* As your orgasm slams into you I grip your hips and hilt you fully, making you shake and squeeze down on my cock as I hold it as deep as I can. Your cries are a symphony, and the feel of your body shaking violently and then slowly, tiredly slumping down is exquisite. I wait through all of it, holding you impaled, imposing my full control. As your orgasm slowly fades your defeated pussy can only tremble on my shaft and wait to be seeded by its victor *
* No more words pass, as there's nothing that needs to be said. I slowly withdraw and begin to thrust anew...your oversensitive sex fluttering as the final moment of defeat approaches. With no need to hold back, it does not take long. In a last flurry of thrusts my cock twitches and spasms before flexing /hard/ inside you and exploding. *
* You can feel it pulsing against your walls, each pulse sending another jet of warmth into your belly as you are bred like a bitch *
*She's nothing now; just a trembling wreck as your continued thrusts refuse to let the spasming pleasure of her climax die down; her body trembling with every hard thrust that stretches her muscles tightly around it; and when the moment comes....she can do nothing, nothing at all...but cum again, cumming as her womb is flooded with shot after shot of your seed...marking her...finally completing her conquering with a mass of witnesses outside to watch how she moaned and panted and came her way through the disgrace! Her voice is weak...quavering as she speaks* T...thank you...for breeding your owned pussy, Sir....
* My orgasm seems to go on forever...yet even when I pull out at last a few more twitches send a spattering of cum across your lower back and ass *
No need to thank me,'s what you're for...
(would you like anything more lasting?)
(What do you have in mind? :) )
(A few options. Since you've already got the chain, we could put a thin chain between a nose ring and an ear-ring for your new ears)
(We could do some body writing. We could add a chastity belt if you wanted to go that far)
(or if you are happy where we are, then I am too! I want to finish whatever way will make you the most happy :-) )
(I do love body writing...even if it's just to enjoy now and be seared into lucky Alis' memory. I'm also sure that she'll come running when called now...unless she's already busy with one of the other two people with a controlling stake in Alis' body ^^ )
(You can also write up a little comment you want seared into her profile describing just how badly she lost to you. <3 But that can wait.)
* You feel me move away, only to return a moment later. A hand slides around your side and up your chest, eventually taking a soft hold of your throat and lifting you back upright. Through the fog of your afterglow you feel something cold and wet touch down on your chest. As it moves across you in varied strokes you realize it must be a marker, and in the back of your mind you note the practiced experience I must have to be writing at the odd, over-the-shoulder angle I have you at *
* When I finally release you, leaving you to hang limply in your bonds, the faintest reflection in the mirror before you reveals the words "Broken Breeding Bitch" etched in a diagonal, graffiti style across your torso *
* The final picture is perfection, the writing merely echoing the body it resides upon. As you raise your eyes you see the rest of the reflection. Your sex leaking our combined fluids, your face and hair utterly smeared and defaced *
*She doesn't protest; she can't protest; all she can do is hang on their on display, a perfect trophy to display the strength of your dominance, the strength of your will; a warning to all who would try to challenge you that becoming a broken, senseless, breeding bitch is the only fate that awaits them!. As her head raises....she looks into the faint reflection...examining through a hazy fucked senseless mind, the ruin that has become of the once fierce Alis...she can't even muster up a groan, her lips part and she meekly calls back!* ~ Thank you Sir~
* You do not deserve, or get, a response. You hear me gather my things, and the soft click of the closing door as I depart, leaving you with several hours on display before housekeeping will find you *
(Thank you so much!! What an awesome fun game. I can't believe you were worried about your writing 😍)
(Is there anything else you'd like in our scene?)
((No. Thank YOU so much! That the top three experiences I have had on this site. You were absolutely amazing. I don't think you need to worry about whether she'll come back for more. 😊 I think that's a great place to end it~ and It was worth every minute I stayed up.))
((The reason I was worried about my writing is that I didn't want to disappoint you. :) ))
(Thank you, I'm sincerely glad you enjoyed it. And thanks again for staying up :-) )
(I will bid you goodnight and /very/ pleasant dreams 😏)
((...I have absolutely no doubt that I will~ Talk again soon! or 'talk' whichever comes up. ❤️💋))

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