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双性恋 / Switch

Here's a nice one from the back:


--- An post match interview with Penny ---
Penny is completely naked, some of her and her opponents juices on her after an intense match where her opponent was jobbing most of the time

Penny: giggles another great win to add to my list

victory 2

Interviewer: well that was a great match for you. You really showed. What was your secret?


Penny: oh it's no secret. Some girls just give in real easy. Sometimes all of takes is a few fingers willing I side of her and she'll gush everywhere and do anything you say.

Interviewer: ha ha. It was hot. She really seemed to be enjoying it. Sometimes it takes more than a few fingers though doesn't it?

Penny: pfft. Not usually. These girls can't help themselves

Interviewer: sometimes it'll take a fist... Winks

Penny: ...... I don't see what you're...

Interviewer: shows photo on phone
Fisting 1

Penny: what? You.. grr.

Interviewer: you seem pretty willing to do anything there you little- bitch...
Fisting 2

What about this time, that vibrator really got you "gushing"

Penny: looks a little angry and embarrassed

Interviewer: people get pretty creative. Look at you.eith the toothbrush... The girls who kick your ass say if you don't put your fist in penny you aren't using her properly... Is this true?

Fisting Toothbrush

Penny: storms off out the room

Interviewer: such a shame... We didn't get to talk about her getting ass fucked


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