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Main Profile ~ Reddd

Hello It's reddd here, yes with threee d's :)

27 year old SUBmissive male/ person/ toy/ [add anything you want to call me here] who likes to be dominated by strong alpha goddesses/ Mistresses
I love being heavily humiliated and degraded I have no limits when it comes to verbal abuse
Cuckolding as well as incest roleplaying is welcome too :)

**Recently, I've been more interested in CEI (Mostly done tasting but willing do more with instructions).

Newfound attraction to SPH 😌

My kinks are shown below
and in addition to them , lingerie, mind games, brainwash and i really love IRL actions

OH, And armpits are a huge turn-on for me!!

Limits = Hardcore BDSM/ Hardcore Bondage/ Hardcore Anal/ Toilet play

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You split your legs, exposing your dripping, wet pussy. Inviting your opponent to take action, she obediently starts licking. Lick my flexible pussy You lay on your back, lift your legs and sensually remove your panties! Remove your panties Holding her by the neck, you pull her face towards you and kiss her. As you do so, your hand journeys down her body and begins rubbing her pussy. Rub her pussy while kissing You allow him to cum but only by playing with himself through his underwear. Cum through your boxers You grab your massive cock and stroke it fast, making it even harder. Masturbate You gently caress her pussy with the soft fibers of your paintbrush. She squirms in pleasure! Tease her pussy with the paintbrush Let’s cream those pants! You make him cum inside his boxers. Talk about a humiliating loss! Cum through your boxers You hold her head and make her deepthroat your cock. Holding deepthroat He has been a bad boy!  You tell him to slap his face 4 times.  2 hard slaps on each side and then beg you for forgiveness. Slapped like a loser Did he think You would take his cock in your mouth even over the boxers. No way. You instruct him to spit on his hand and stroke his pathetic cock over the boxers. Wet and messy but without your lips. Lets get a bit messy shall we?

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