Tilla the Tempest (Level 10) mail warning

Mostly doing bot / short matches for now.

Full disclosure - this is a cross-gendered character. Male playing female.

I'm not interested in any IRL play, but am a regular roleplayer.

I'm a enthusiastic tomboy (read: brat), looking to have as much fun as humanly possible! Normally that means I'm ready to fuck you up and then fuck you hard, but if I end up on the bottom then I'll enjoy that just as much.

Watch out for my mouth in matches. It's claimed more than its share of cocky men who thought their cock was something special...

Generally leaning (slightly) towards sub, but definitely a switch. Either way it's got to be a contest!


I love seeing an overconfident fighter lose control (even if that happens to be me sometimes!)

Spanking, Bondage, Rough sex, Punishment, Mild humiliation, Forced Orgasms, Dirty talk, Toys


Scat, Watersports, Heavy violence / beating, Breeding

RP Backstory

Tilla moaned desperately, trying to keep it together as her opponent's hips slapped into her ass over and over. He had been far stronger than she'd expected and had kept an iron grip on her waist for the last ten minutes. She was nearing her second, match-ending orgasm, on the brink of begging. The only thing keeping her going was his ragged breathing as he reached his own limit.

Part of her couldn't believe that she signed up for this. It definitely wasn't how she planned her first match to go. She was getting fucked harder than she ever remembered before, in front of a crowd. Tilla couldn't stop it as she was jackhammered from behind. But at the same time, it was thrilling!

She tried one final gambit - dropping face-down with her ass in the air, and faking an orgasm. With a gasp of relief, he finally grunted and blew his load and collapsed. Grinning, she raised her head back up to wink at the crowd in time for the bell to ring.

And just like that, Tilla was hooked on sex-fighting. She's come a long way since barely winning her first match, but that same struggle for power still keeps her coming back for more!


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