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Who wants to be my 100th Classic win? 🏅🎊

Hey there!

Thanks for taking the time to read my profile 😀 My name stands for Ego Sum Qui Sum, meaning "I am who I am" - hoping that it adds a bit of anonymous mystery to my profile as well as showing that I'm happy to have the kinks I have! Feel free to call me Ego or E for short 😁

I'm an articulate lad, late 20s, 6ft, dark hair and eyes, sporty physique (I play a lot of football and basketball) and you can generally find me in the Classic mode - I'm a true switch and mostly go with the flow of a good game (whilst still wanting to win of course 😉 ). However, I love experimenting so if you want to try one of the other modes with me, or if you would prefer a public game, just let me know! (I do periodically explore my subby side in IRL / RP modes and I can be a good boy too ☺)

I also have a real hypno kink - I love the idea of being seduced by sexy, sultry, confident women but that doesn't mean I'll be immediately giving in to any use of hypno actions! I'll put up my fair share of resistance to all but the best attempts to put me into trance! (Although if there are any true dommes on this site who want to push me into sub-space until I'm a mindless brainwashed mess, please slide into my DMs - I have enough hypno experience that, if pushed in the right way, I can mentally cum over and over without physically cumming so do with this information what you will 🥵)

Up for all sorts of scenarios and kinks and am always on the lookout for both high-detail RP matches where I can paint a filthy picture with my words (for an hour or three) as well as quick n' dirty fucks laden with trash talking. Just let me know what you might be interested in trying out at the start of the game or chat to me beforehand!

And if you like our games, drop me a star - it's tough to earn them as a guy so I promise to have deserved every one!

Quick list of things I'm not into:
❌ Scat / pee / food / cum play
❌ Illegal stuff (incest, underage, bestiality etc. although some grey areas like CNC I'm OK with)
❌ Feet
❌ Sending pictures of myself
❌ Chastity / lengthy periods of denial
❌ Painful BDSM (sounding, fisting, rough CBT, wax, etc.)
❌ Silent matches 🤐

Other random things I like (either giving or receiving):
✅ Gentle domming
✅ Teasing
✅ Power exchange
✅ JOI / being seduced or ordered into IRL play
✅ Repeated / forced orgasms
✅ Bondage
✅ Banter / terrible puns 🤣

I also enjoy:
✅ Magic / fantasy / sci fi RPs (slimes, aliens, tentacles, succubi, lamias, plant girls etc.)
✅ Using my mouth to please (as dom or sub)
✅ Getting to know people better 👋


21/02/21: After losing our first game and being drained twice by her oral skills, I was eager to get a rematch against Cumslut Tiffany. After an amazing back and forth match (one I thought I had no chance of winning after being tied up and hypnotised into submissiveness early on), I finally broke through her defences and made her submit to my cock with an earth-shattering anal orgasm! For being such a good cumslut, I allowed her to build up her edge count a bit more (by this point well over 100!) before granting her a well-deserved release as she flooded my dick with her juices AND came hard IRL 7 times for me, breaking her streak and sending her giddy with pleasure! 💦

26/02/21: I chanced upon Princess Anastasia one night in her castle and it was clear that she saw some potential in me when she invited me into her bedchamber. After taking her time to tease me with her body, I found that I was unable to resist her charms - which must explain how I spent the best part of half an hour trapped between her thighs and worshipping her pussy! She made me cum with her elegant hands (whilst still keeping me between her legs) and then she truly had her way with me, using my mouth and cock to satisfy her every desire. By the time I had cum a second and third time, I was just delighted to have spent the evening serving such a beautiful Princess! 👑

24/03/21: Caroline messaged me out of the blue wanting to try something a little different and I'm glad she did! We turned on RP mode and together made up an amazing scene where she wanted to rise up the corporate ladder but found me in her way - she bet that she could make the office "good girl" cum first in a 3-way as a means of securing promotion, but little did she know that "Brynn" and I were in cahoots the whole time! 😮 We double-teamed Caroline all evening, making her our own personal slave. She ended up being spit-roasted by the pair of us and I shot a huge load of cum all over her ass and back, making sure she knew her place. We then spent the whole weekend keeping out new toy tied up and desperate until she couldn't resist us even if she had wanted to...

11/04/21: Sunny rescued me from Matchmaking purgatory with a request for a naughty RP - I couldn't resist slipping my phone number to the flirty waitress at the restaurant and we arranged to meet up after hours. As she fixed us up some cocktails, sparks began to fly and I soon found something else I couldn't resist...🍑 She took me into the back room and seduced me with her curves until I couldn't think of anything other than her ass grinding into my face as she teased my cock through my pants. That soon changed when she saw the size of my dick and it was her turn to drool helplessly as I fucked her all night long - long enough that the next shift arrived to join in the fun too! Aelya, Debtor Taylor, and Juan all came together with us and our fun is perhaps best left for you to read yourself....

07/05/21: One of my favourite times on EF is when a domme submits herself to me - Crystal had gotten the best of me in our first encounter but she had seen enough to have me on her mind for several weeks afterwards. We finally met again and she showed that she is equally as talented at being a sub as she is at being a domme! She ended up collared and obedient, happy to take my cum wherever I so chose, and once we were done we held each other close as she admitted to loving being my cute little princess 👸

09/05/21: A good RP idea will always get me hot under the collar and Scarlet had just that - she ran a brothel here on EF and had been dominating people left and right to add them to her growing numbers of staff. She tried the same on me, but it soon became apparent that her ass was quite the weak spot and she was cumming hard for me in no time. As a punishment for her tough words earlier on the match, I dragged her out into the main hall of her brothel and got her to pole dance naked for everyone like a common slut. But I wasn't done there... I showed no mercy in ramming my cock into her ass on stage, making her cum over and over again until she couldn't stop squirting for me! She came so hard and so often that she lost her mind, moaning and squirting every time my hand spanked her ass! I left her humiliated in front of a rabid audience with my cum covering her ample chest and a promise of a VIP experience to look forward to 💸 UPDATE: After claiming my VIP tour of the brother's aphrodisiac-infused hot springs, Scarlet tried her best to make me a more permanent resident. She again found herself on the receiving end of a humiliating loss, as I dragged her into the staff locker room and made her cum repeatedly in front of her loyal subjects like the common whore she was. UPDATE (AGAIN): The brothel is returning! And under new management... Cherry Red, Scarlet's daughter sought me out to do what her mother couldn't and make me a part of the brothel. In a way, she succeeded....but not as she intended! After a hard fought match, Cherry proved to have the same weakness as her mother and came hard from an anal full nelson. As a prize, I got to use both Scarlet and Cherry like the dirty sluts they are but unbeknownst to them I recorded the whole thing and you can see it for yourself here! Comments flooded in, humiliating the pair, and everyone saw as Cherry announced her total submission to my cock and handed me complete control over her and her brothel! I commemorated my victory with a water fountain in the lobby of a squirting Cherry succumbing to that anal full nelson! Cherry eventually took her revenge (and control of the brothel back) by drugging me with an aphrodisiac and riding me until I came all over her, and now I am a member of the brother's growing number of sluts for hire. Definitely not planning a coup from within...

26/05/21: I found myself facing the magical Sock Witch in a battle for my very existence! She teased me mercilessly and had me mindlessly drooling all over myself early on, but I attempted to mount a comeback by giving her a taste of her own brainwashing medicine and she later found herself waking up from a deep trance having been tied and vibed until her mind was mush... That only served to anger her though and she eventually made me spurt all over her ass, sealing my fate as she used her magic to turn me into a cute pair of over-the-knee socks! 🧦 At least I was apparently very comfy....

11/06/21: Shy-girl proved to be anything but shy when we finally matched up one-on-one after scoping each other out beforehand... It seems she did her homework much more thoroughly than me though because I quickly found myself on the verge of cumming for a second time after first being helplessly drawn to the shiny plug in her ass and then tied up and milked hard! Thankfully, I managed to break free long enough to tie her down and make her cum with my cock buried deep in her ass and a vibe buzzing away on her clit, but I wasn't able to press home the advantage and she expertly finished me in her mouth before threatening me with handcuffs if I misbehaved again... 🔐 UPDATE: Shy and I matched up again and this time, the game took a very different turn from our original encounter.... She found herself helplessly tied up (in game and IRL) as I slowly added ropes and straps onto her, teasing and tormenting before finally spreading her legs wide in a frogtie and pounding away at her exposed ass and pussy. She couldn't stop edging herself over and over (made tantalisingly difficult by her wrists being bound together and her elbows pinned into her chest) until she finally exploded on my cock, leaving a puddle of cum between her legs!

18/06/21 - Part of my reason for being on here is to explore my kinks and generally find new ways to be horny, and Adam Hex was the best introduction to trans play I could have hoped for! We both started out strong, trying our best to seduce the other, before Adam fell into a deep lust for my mesmerising cock... 🍆 Surely that should have been an easy win, right? WRONG! It seems my hypnotic powers were TOO effective, as the slutty little sub I had unleashed proved to be relentless in the quest for cum and I couldn't stop spurting into his mouth for days afterwards!

19/06/21 - Fresh off my chastening hypno experience with Adam, I practiced my technique and found a willing subject in Garden. She was so eager to drop into a deep trance for me, and she found that the more she sucked, the more she stroked, the more she submitted... "Suck. Stroke. Submit." became her mantra and she moaned it over and over as I made her cum all her thoughts away until only a slutty mindless slave remained - just how I like my opponents! 🤤

25/06/21 - I (somewhat foolishly) challenged the Demon Lord of Pride, Krynyla, to a match. She was certainly prideful and confident of a victory right from the outset, but that turned out to be for good reason - she toyed with my body and my mind as I struggled to resist her demonic charms and she used her mouth to drain me twice before passing me off to the Demon Lord of Gluttony, Gorgeth, for further training (and draining) after my defiance. I was then Gorgeth's willing pet for a time, filling her throat with my seed whenever she commanded 😈

06/07/21 - I found myself a very cute and obedient little subby in Louise Stone! Despite some early mishaps with a set of tentacles that threatened to overload both of us with pleasure, Louise soon realised that that was nothing compared to how good she would feel as a helpless pleasure puppet for me... 🥴 After making her cum over and over until her mind had leaked away, I filled her completely with my seed and my control over her was complete. Now she is unable to resist me and lives to be made to cum (and be refilled with mine...)

08/07/21 - Having lost a close game to Christina (following which I had to use actions where I pleased my opponent's cock or strap-on until I won five games (5/5 won)), I was made to challenge Mia to try and stop myself from becoming her breeding slave as well... Mia upped the stakes by saying if I won, she would want an "introduction" into Scarlet's brothel and throughout the course of our match, she proved what a good addition to the roster she would be as she came all over herself! Oh and I bred her to boot, firing my cum inside her after she was defeated and giving her a little bun in the oven 👶

09/07/21: My addiction to Goddess Anna began. I crave her control of my mind and body, doing everything to please her, and in return she takes such good care of me ❤

19/07/21: After giving me a right good scare when we first met, Sabrina the Ghost 👻 tried to take advantage and leave me drained of all my cum, but it was her that ended up on her knees once I started toying with her ass! She couldn't resist cumming twice in quick succession, before opening her ass up and squeezing me inside her where I finally came hard. Talk about filling a girl up...

23/07/21: Oh Holly The Gooner Girl, such a cutie! She came into our match full of confidence (and fresh off a period of denial, having not fully orgasmed for a month) so I was especially eager to make sure we had a memorable time together - and we definitely did! She edged over 50 times for me as her mind melted before she came like a very Good Girl - hopefully the first of many times I can leave her shaking and moaning with delight.... (Don't read our game logs back too often Holly 😇 )

04/08/21: Investigating a strange light coming from my back garden, I encountered an Alien Lifeform 👽 who was eager to conduct some "experiments" on human test subjects! I was happy to oblige (for science of course), cumming into her intergalactic ass until I was completely drained. Clearly I proved a ripe specimen as I was transported back to her ship for continued seed extraction....

09/08/21: I chanced upon two newcomers to EF who looked like they needed a hand from a kindly passing stranger - Celise and Eclipse were an angel/demon duo that gave me an unforgettable evening after I offered to help cheer up Eclipse's day. As Celise teased me with her ass and then rode my face, Eclipse took charge of my cock and butt until the 3 of us came! But that wasn't to be all - Celise wanted a turn riding me too, and we came together in a tender moment, before Eclipse came back to finish me off completely in her mouth. Celise and I passed out from the sheer pleasure, leaving Eclipse to snuggle us both 😴

13/08/21: Artemisia really knew how to press my buttons and handed me one of my most embarrassing losses on here 😳 I spent the majority of our match tied up or hypnotised (or both), unable to stop her from edging me senseless until I was begging her to cum IRL before either of us had cum in-game! She graciously agreed but kept me under her control enough to force a second IRL orgasm out of me at the end of our match, and to command a third one later on. I hope to one day challenge her again and give her a taste of her own medicine!

17/08/21: I can honestly say there have been few games I have looked forward to as much as this one with Nicky Wright. The two of us teased each other relentlessly for 3 weeks beforehand after Nicky unceremoniously ruined my orgasm in our first chance encounter - we set each other tasks, made it very clear what we would be doing to the other if we won, and built ourselves up for a big high-stakes duel ⚔ In the event, Nicky took the upper hand quickly and made me cum first on her cute face....Facing an uphill battle, I fought back with some strong mind games, encouraging her to act out our sexy scene IRL, and before the end of the match, she had submitted to the pleasure she knew I could provide! We both made each other cum hard, but now she faces a spell as my little toy, and that might be the last time she cums for a while...

25/08/21: Having lost a game to Stephanie, I was required to be her toy for the evening... She threatened to turn me into a gooning sissy for her if I misbehaved, but even my reputation as a good boy meant that I fulfilled at least half of that description! She edged me for several hours, used my toys to fill my holes and keep up a general level of "positive vibes", and by the end I was a desperate mess for her, happy to do whatever she wanted! After ruining me once, I was allowed to cum, and will try hard not to think too much on this when we next match up 😖

09/09/21: It's no secret that I like to act as a welcome for new players testing out the waters in a public bot game, or anyone who finds themselves alone in a public game for that matter! Olive was one such memorable occasion - I watched her succumb to a dominant bot and thought I should be kind enough to teach her a thing or two! (After I'd made a note of all her weakness of course...) We each started strong, and she almost had me submitting to her near-legendary mouth 👄, but her overconfidence proved to be her downfall as I rammed her ass full of my cock until she was cumming and squirting hard for me! I hope she enjoys the start of another losing streak... If you want to read the full tale, click here

22/10/21: I shared a wonderful evening with JessSexFights which was a nice change of pace, slow and sensual romance with plenty of teasing along the way...By the end I was happy to fill her heavenly pussy with as much cum as I could muster, and would happily do so again if she promised another magnificent time together 😚

Multiple occasions: Laura and I keep up what can only be described as a "friendly rivalry" on here - I'm only too glad to make her into a mewling, whimpering butt slut, but she's equally keen to try and turn me into a cumming loser who can't resist her perky tits or bubbly ass... The score between us currently sits at 10 - 4 to me, but I know that will only make her more determined to even up the scores sooner rather than later! 🏆

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