Demanding Director (Level 7) mail warning

Dom/me conversion professional. Subs are fine, only if you fight. :)

Profiles with barely anything on and no profile picture will be skipped. Please put some thought into your profile before approaching me

Being the Director of multiple large global corporations, he sits high up at the epitome of Dominance, leading other Alphas to achieve great heights in the brutally cutthroat world. Open to the world of fetishes, he loves to take command as long as pleasure has to be had at their submission. However, all Alphas have their beginning, and his was rather unconventional for his current status.

Ever since catching his well endowed roommate masturbating in his room during collage, he started to focus more and more on cocks in the porn he watches. Falling down deeper into that rabbit hole as the internet starts to suggest more and more porn that focuses on cock. Soon, he got introduced to sissy hypnosis, then to bi confusion videos, VR goggles next! Before he knew it, he was neck deep into the scene, only to slowly claw back into being an Alpha.

He wonders..... will there ever be someone good enough to bring out his hidden side. Though once in awhile, when that hidden desire isn't met. Moaning Margaret steps out and takes over. Some employees have noted a strange, alluring woman stepping out of the Firm's grandiose lobby with a focused demeanor. If only they know who she truly is and what Moaning Margaret is so focused on.

Basic rules for hypno/bondage, with a max 2 stacking of alternating types (hypno/bondage, or bondage/hypno) with unlimited rounds. If you play by another rule, let me know and we can discuss it.

For the first time the opponent exposes her breasts, I become hypnotized and have to roll 5/6 to break free (5/5)

RPs that are detailed are the best, and when that comes around, multiple plays with those same characters but different scenario is always welcomed!

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