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Battles, bets and bondage. For a "bondage battle" see my profile.

If my name didn’t give you a big enough clue – bondage is my thing. I’m obsessed with it in all its forms. I love tying girls up and watching them struggle but as a switch I also love being the one tied up (note: when in character in battle I will however always adamantly deny this!).

Here on EF I tend to stick to Classic and Wrestling modes. I like my battles competitive with lots of back and forth, both competitors giving it their all, fighting for dominance, lots of trash-talking, not knowing who is going to come out victorious and who will have to face the consequences of losing. I always try my best to win but do also try to roleplay along with the actions - picking the move that fits best at that moment.

I’m always up for a wager so if you have any ideas try me. My favourite wager is that the winner can give the loser instructions on how to tie themselves up in real life. I’ve been on the right end (and the wrong end!) of this one many times. I’m also generally up for anything profile-related, post-battle domination/humiliation and/or real-life chastity time.

If you would like to play a so-called “BONDAGE BATTLE” in Classic, let me know. I've played various versions of a "bondage battle" over my time here but at the moment the version I like most is as follows: every time your opponent uses a cum test on you, you roll a 6-sided dice. Each number 1-6 corresponds to a restraint (or toy) that you must use IRL. My own ready-made list is provided below. So using my list as an example, if I roll a '1' I have to put in my ballgag IRL, if I roll a '2' I have to put on my handcuffs IRL, and so on. If you roll the same number twice, it cancels out and you can remove the corresponding restraint/toy. If at any point you end up with ALL SIX restraints/toys being used on you, you LOSE the battle. It should go without saying but if you cum IRL (naughty!) then that is also an AUTOMATIC LOSS.

Optional additional bondage battle rules:
1. An "in-game" bondage action is treated the same as a cumtest and you must roll the dice to determine an IRL bondage item 1-6.
2. For the cumtest(s) that make(s) you cum in game, the IRL bondage item that was added to you during that cumtest becomes PERMANENT and cannot be taken off for the rest of the battle (even if you roll that number again later).

My current list for bondage battles (can be adjusted on request):

1 Ball gag
2 Handcuffs (to restrain my hands)
3 Rope (to tie up my legs)
4 Collar
5. Vibrating cock ring
6 Chastity cage

Full list of my toys/restraints:
Handcuffs [2 pairs]
Bed restraints [a cuff for each corner]
Lots and lots of rope
Bondage tape
Ball gag
Ring gag
Vibrating buttplug
Vibrating cock ring [x5]
Chastity cage

My kinklist:

Proud to say that BDSM Stacy is now my personal cocksucker after I defeated her in a 'loser becomes the winner's oral slave' match.

Not so proud to say that Amber totally destoyed me in the wrestling ring, smothering me with her ass until I tapped out and making me cum twice. She left me helplessly hogtied on the mat and used my own face to have herself a victory orgasm.

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You pin him down and smother his face between your cheeks. Smother him with your ass You tie her hands behind her back and toss her on the bed like you mean business. Bind her hands and throw her on the bed You decide to show him who's boss by sticking your foot in his face and ordering him to worship it! Make him worship your feet You trap his cock between your thighs and work him up into a frenzy. Thighjob She can't escape as your cock mercilessly pounds her ass all the way to a huge squirting orgasm! Full nelson squirt You decide to claim his cock as your victory prize - locking him in a chastity cage. Oh the things you could make him do to get that key back! Locked in chastity