Bondageman (13 级) mail warning

Looking for competitive Classic matches (RP or with IRL edging rules). Bets encouraged.

异性恋 / Switch

Hi there. What brings you to my profile? Let me guess. You saw my name and got excited by the thought of what kinky things a man called “Bondageman” might do to the girls that he defeats?

Or maybe it was my profile pic that caught your eye. Did it make you fantasise about being in that girl’s place, helplessly restrained and at the mercy of a strict, bondage-obsessed Master?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you’re in the right place! There’s nothing I love more than tying up a girl, watching her struggle and making her my personal bondage toy. Who knows? Maybe my next bound plaything will be you!

Important: Please DON’T submit to me straight away. I like to earn my victories in competitive battles with both people fighting for dominance until the end so make sure you bring your best fight! The most valuable trophy is the one you have to work hardest for!

Now maybe you’ve read this far and you’re thinking “who does this arrogant guy think he is believing he can go around turning the girls of EF into bondage ornaments for his own cruel amusement?” Well then Mrs Attitude! Try to turn the tables on me and teach me a lesson. I certainly won’t go easy on you if I win, so don’t hold back on me if you’re lucky enough to get the upper hand.


Want to make things even more interesting with an added wager? Sure! I love playing for high stakes and am open to most things so try me. Some suggestions are: post-match domination/humiliation session, winner gives the loser IRL bondage instructions, winner chooses a porn video that the loser has to watch (and edge/cum to), changing profile pic for a set time, adding in-game rules, IRL denial/chastity time, being added to my gallery (see below for more details).


After losing a "kinky chess" match against BDSM Stacy I am forced to advertise my (not secret anymore) top 5 weaknesses for potential opponents to see (although I will deny these in character in game):
Ass worship, facesitting, bondage, chastity, feet.

Rules I must follow:


EF stuff

I tend to stick to Classic matches. But on rare occasions you might see me in the Wrestling ring or in Interactive mode.

I play with bondage dice rules (5 or 6 to escape, no limit) but with a degree of “flexibility” to allow moves that could still be “realistically” done while bound. The same dice rules apply to things like gags, chastity cages, etc. If you've like to discuss/brainstorm more intricate bondage dice systems let me know.

“Bondage Battle”

A “bondage battle” is a concept I invented to add a little (IRL) extra thrill to Classic matches. The rules are as follows:

• Played in Classic mode.
• Regular bondage dice rules are not used (to avoid overcomplication)
• Before the match, each player must make a list of 6 restraints and/or toys that they have available to use IRL. These are numbered 1-6. For my own ready-made list, see below.
• During the match, every time your opponent uses either a “bondage move” (gags and collars count as bondage) or a “cumtest” on you, you must roll a 6-sided dice. You must then put on/use whatever restraint/toy from your list corresponds to the number you rolled. Example (using my list below): if I roll a “1” I have to put in my ballgag IRL, if I roll a “2” I have to put on my handcuffs IRL, and so on.
• If you roll a number that you have already previously rolled, you may remove the corresponding restraint/toy.
• If you “cum” on a cumtest in-game, you must roll the dice TWICE and those two numbers become “locked” and the corresponding restraint/toy becomes “permament” for the rest of the game (in other words, they cannot be removed even if you roll that number again). N.B. Items CANNOT be removed after a failed cumtest, only made permanent!
• If at any point you roll the number of a toy/restraint that is already "locked", you must re-roll.
• The match continues until one player has ALL SIX of their restraints/toys applied at the same time. That player LOSES! (N.B. this usually involves “continuing” the game after the “gameover” screen).
• The other way to lose is of course if you cum IRL (naughty!). Cumming IRL is an AUTOMATIC LOSS but you’re not pathetic enough to cum before the end, are you?

My current list for bondage battles (but feel free to adjust this if you wish):
1 Ball gag
2 Handcuffs (to restrain my hands)
3 Rope (to tie up my legs)
4 Collar
5 Vibrating cock ring
6 Fleshlight

Full restraints/toys list:

Diamo vibrating cock ring (Lovense remote controlled)
Handcuffs [2 pairs]
Bed restraints [a cuff for each corner]
Lots and lots of rope
Bondage tape
Ball gag
Ring gag
Vibrating buttplug
Vibrating cock rings
Chastity cage

Bondageman’s Gallery

Here you will find those girls who were brave enough (or should I say silly enough?) to make the “gallery” wager with me and lost! Their punishment? Being tied up in my gallery and put on display for all to see (and play with)! Enjoy!

I've lost count of the number of times that I've beaten VanessaM now. I think I've literally beaten her 10 times! Whenever we battle the result is always the same with me fucking her into submission - usually with my cock in her ass! Most recently I broke the anal slut with not one but TWO analgasms! Now she calls me Master and as my bondage slave she can enjoy her favourite thing in the world of having her ass fucked non-stop all day long! And on display in front of everyone!


Here you can see my very special "tickle torture" subject Selma who was completely sexually broken by my cock and now lives here, helplessly restrained in my gallery where she is subjected to frequent tickle torture session sometimes lasting several hours long. Visitors are encouraged to use the available feathers, paintbrushes, electric toothbrushes and anything they can get their hands on to tickle this one's feet, sides, armpits, inner body part is off limits. And no matter how much see begs for it to stop, show her no mercy - I never do!


Here's one who had the nerve to challenge me to a Bondage Battle - and guess what? She lost! And humiliatingly she lost because she had an IRL orgasm during the match! Naughty girl! That will teach Lina for bragging about her stamina and how a boy would never be able to last longer! It was her vibrator that broke her, making her squirt hard all over her bed and as a tribute to that I have decided to restrain her to my latest contraption that has an even more powerful vibrator for her to enjoy. Have fun squirting over and over again, Lina!


The latex bondage you can see here adds some nice variety to the gallery I'm sure you will agree. It's very appropriate too since Celine here orgasmed numerous times while restrained in latex during our match. The skin-tight latex had her so helpless that she just couldn't escape the powerful vibrator I fixed between her thighs making her cum again and again to the point where she was /begging/ me to turn off the toy. I did (eventually) but only after she admitted out loud that she was now MY bondage toy! Now cumming in latex bondage can be a daily thing for her!


The bound beauty you see here is Blank Bimbo Whore (aka Kate) who was convinced that I wouldn’t be able to resist her big bimbo boobs and hot, tight body. How wrong she was! By the end of our match it was she who couldn’t resist my cock – so much so that she came several times on it and was /begging/ for more! The good news is she’ll now be able to feel my cock inside of her on a daily basis now that she is a bound bimbo in my Gallery. Let’s face it, a body like that was /meant/ to be tied up and put on display!


Wren /was/ here...that is before she escaped. I offered her a rematch for her freedom at the price of her activating the anal kink and thus "putting her arse on the line". Although I did manage to give her arse a good fucking during our rematch just as I had hoped, she managed to resist my attacks and come away with the win. Enjoy your freedom while it lasts, Wren! I am determined to have my leggy, blonde bondage trophy back on display!


Here’s yet ANOTHER one who thought she had what it took to beat me at a Bondage Battle...and failed like they all do! AliceXO lost when her vibrator became “locked in” and she couldn’t handle the constant vibes – losing via IRL orgasm! Here she is in her new predicament: gagged, nipple clamped, stretched…and if you look closely you’ll be able to see the strategically placed wand between her legs (seeing as she obviously loves it so much!) You’ll have to moan loud Alice or else nobody will be able to hear you through that big ball gag haha!


Here I present to you the fabulous Ellika (well she certainly looks fabulous tied up anyway!) It took me two Bondage Battles to capture her after she somehow won the first one. But she couldn’t resist the idea of a rematch hoping to inflict more humiliation on me…but look where she is now! I’ve dubbed her my Bondage Secretary. The bondage might look simple but bear in mind that she has a remote-controlled clit vibe, vibrating buttplug and vibrating nipple clamps on under those clothes (the same toys she was wearing when she lost our Bondage Battle!) Good luck getting out of that door, Ellika…it’s locked!


UPDATE: Ellika challenged me to a rematch, confident of winning her freedom. It took a while to subdue the feisty brat but I did it in the end - first by bending her over my desk and fucking her ass until she came, then making her cum again by fucking her pussy while I fingered her ass (it appears she's quite the little anal slut!) So no freedom for Ellika. She remains tied up in my office as my personal secretary and all-round plaything. I've currently got her bound under my desk with a ring gag holding her mouth wide open so that I can use her as my own personal fleshlight whenever I like.


This one certainly has a big mouth! The amount of trash-talking that comes out of this girl – it hurts my ears. That’s why I’ve given Lucia the Silencer one of my biggest ballgags so that all I can hear from her now are helpless moans as she drools all over herself. She had bold ideas about taking over my entire dungeon but - after several orgasms tied down on my Sybian machine – she's now just another bondage slave in my growing collection.


Police Cadet Caitlin thought she could be a hero and rescue her police colleague Alicia…but it didn’t end the way that she had hoped! She put up one hell of a fight but in the end I fucked her to two analgasms in front of her captured friend – making her squirt so much and so far that she covered Alicia’s face in juices! How humiliating for the two of them! Caitlin is now one of my bondage slaves just like Alicia. Let that be a warning to anyone else who thinks they can play hero!


Not even Amazonian Goddesses can escape being captured and put on display in my Gallery. This is Mistress Marissa...although she’s less Mistress and more bondage slave now! I’d been waiting to use this contraption on somebody for a while and with her big juicy ass that she’s famous for using to facesit people into submission Marissa seemed the perfect subject! Just look at it sticking up in the air, completely exposed and open to being fucked on demand. A thing of beauty!


Say hello to my next captive - famous pornstar Sophie Moone who thought she could evade capture by using her stunning body to leave me drained and exhausted. As you can see from the photo, things didn’t work out well for the over-confident leggy blonde! After fucking her to two mind-blowing orgasms it was a piece of cake tying up the brain-dead beauty and adding her to my collection where her body will be mine to use whenever and however I wish.


J.B. (on the bottom here) sure was a feisty one with grand (I would say delusional) plans of turning me into one of her pets. Instead, she ended up getting chained up and fucked like a sex slave into submission! She says she doesn’t get along well with blondes – let’s see how well she gets along with the blonde I’ve tied directly on top of her! It’s in your best interest to play nice, Jessica!


Jenna is a mischievous little minx intent on making men worship her. Naturally I declined, telling her that she would be getting no worship from me and that I had radically different plans for her! Here she is helplessly restrained in the wooden stocks I’ve been dying to try out. In this position, her ass will make great target practice for my many spanking implements while she thanks me for every single one!


You would think the girls of EF would be smart enough by now to stop challenging me to Bondage Battles! Here you can see my latest victim Tomboy Sarah who thought she had me beat on several occasions only for victory to slip through her fingers. The price for her failure? Ending up gagged, cuffed, collared, buttplugged and vibed to a big IRL orgasm post-game! And yes there are a pair of socks balled-up in her mouth behind that ballgag!


It took a while for Nori to learn her rightful place but after a long hard fucking her orgasm was so big that the one orgasm was all it took to make her fall to her knees in servitude to her new Master. I of course wasn’t satisfied with making her cum just once though and tied her up and forced two more orgasms out of her with a vibrating dildo. As you can see I've kept her closely acquainted with that same vibrating toy that she seems to love so much!


Sophia sure was a confident one, full of fight and trash-talk…but that all changed the moment I managed to tie her down on my Sybian machine! After being vibed to multiple forced orgasms she was a lot more compliant and now calls me Master. The sight of Sophia cumming over and over again on the Sybian was so good in fact that I’ve decided to keep them together in my gallery! I wonder how many orgasms she can take before she passes out from pleasure overload? [Update: Sophia fought for her freedom but only ended up cumming to an intense ANALGASM which sent her on her way back to captivity!]


You might not recognise her on her knees with her ass up in the air like this but this is Katha The German Queen. She’s not really a Queen any more though – more like a bondage slave! It turns out that two of her favourite things are being fucked in the ass and being made to edge again and again. Lucky Katha, she’ll be able to enjoy both of those things in this position! I recommend fucking her ass hard and deep but not letting her cum!


After bragging so much about how I wouldn’t be able to handle her big booty and how she was going to smother me into submission with it, it must be humiliating for Maya to now find herself tied up on display with that big butt that she’s so proud of filled up with a nice big dildo. I’ve put one in her pussy too for good measure. Feel free to spank her on your way past to make her bounce up and down on those big intruders!

Big booty bondage

Rookie Ashley Valentine fancied the glory of taking down an EF legend (and there’s no bigger legend than me!) Unfortunately for her, things didn’t work out as she had hoped. Her audacious efforts to tie me up failed in spectacular fashion thanks to my incredible Houdini-esque escape skills. I then took great pleasure in showing her just how much out of her depth she was in the big leagues by fucking her into submission into a variety of positions such as the pretzel fuck where I restrained her with her own body – no rope required! I bet this position will constantly remind you of how you were no match for my legendary cock, isn't that right Ashley?


A very special exhibit

Wait a minute…who’s this? That would be…ummm…me! It is with great embarrassment that I announce that I’ve now been added as a display piece in my own gallery, bent over with my ass on show for people to see and…ummm…use. It only seems appropriate given how Aderma broke me so easily with her strapon. She utterly destroyed me, pegging me to not one but two orgasms. I just couldn’t handle the power of her strapon and by the end I was moaning her name and agreeing to her terms. A word of warning to everyone else: Aderma may look cute and innocent but she is not! She’s one of the most ruthless Dommes out there! She'll destroy you on the chess board AND in Classic! Do NOT underestimate her! Don’t make the same mistake I did!


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Thighjob You decide to claim his cock as your victory prize - locking him in a chastity cage. Oh the things you could make him do to get that key back! Locked in chastity You pin him down and smother his face between your cheeks. Smother him with your ass You tie her hands behind her back and toss her on the bed like you mean business. Bind her hands and throw her on the bed She can't escape as your cock mercilessly pounds her ass all the way to a huge squirting orgasm! Full nelson squirt You decide to show him who's boss by sticking your foot in his face and ordering him to worship it! Make him worship your feet