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Hello fighters.

So a little bit about me....
I'm 25 years old, with waist length red hair.
I'm short at 150cm, slim with above average size boobs and toned ass.

I'm very submissive. I enjoy when people taking control and use me like the slut i am. I enjoy edging and orgasm denial so remember that when i'm begging you for an orgasm ;)

I break easily, for IT support please refer to my lower back: 'Сучка Алены'

Special people


From the first time we met Aly knew exactly how to push my buttons and make me obey every command.
From the time she turned me to her stripper and used me as her stress relief doll to the time she spend time with me cuddling on her bed, Aly always made me feel loved and special.
I was so happy when she decided to claim me as hers!


Cas is always making feel special and loved here. Best EF boyfriend i could've asked!

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check Kinks: Female domination, Male domination, Hardcore BDSM, Anal (Receive), Chastity belts/cages (Receive), Pain (Receive), Pussy Torture (Receive), Pet Play, Humiliation (Receive), Mocking (Receive), Bondage (Receive), Foot fetish (Receive), Armpits (Receive), Lick Ass (Receive), Threesome/Audience participation, Exhib/Outdoor, Cum play (Receive), Hypnosis (Receive), Cock Worship, Pussy Worship, Orgasm Control, Monsters, Alcohol (Receive)
shopping_cart Toys: Gag, Anal plug, Dildo, Suction dildo, Dildo vibrator, Wand vibrator, Vibrator, Nipple clamps, Collar, Leash, Shackles, Rope, Paddle, Full-length mirror


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