Rey (Transgender) (Level 11) mail warning

Some would say I have a gambling problem....its only a problem when I lose

Always down for a competitive game with hypno/bondage rules

Bets are welcome! (IRL, profile change, adding additional rules, ERP fantasy, ect...)

I am a very bratty switch that wants to win against others. While that does not ALWAYS happen. It does seem to happen when I need it too. With my competitive drive and a little thing I like to call slut luck where dice rolls and cum chances land in my favor. I tend to have a mentality that nothing bad ever happens to you think you can change my mind? Or are you going to be added to my collection of toys?

Goddess Tanya has challenged me twice. Although is wish our battles were closer but I can not resist her hypnosis orders that she gives me when we battle. Despite my abusing of her ass she has claimed mine as her reward

Mistress crypTicGal has claimed me as hers

I battled Goddess Lee Twice and lost both times and I am now her chastity slave

After several back and forths with Blank Slate I have realized I can't handle his nice thick cock and that its now found a nice home in my ass

Goddess Jeanne Defeated me and until I can beat her she can control my actions 3 times a match

Big V's good girl! May ODIN have mercy upon her!

What I thought would be an easy win turned out to be a huge loss. Emilio knew his way around bondage and hypno that I could never hope to understand. He made me his personal cock sleeve that he could use whenever he wanted.

Rules I have to follow:

I have to start every game caged. Once per turn I can roll to try and get out with a 6. Until then I can not use my cock. (2/5 wins)

Every time you get anal cum tested, I have to roll the dice if I get 1-3, I have to cum (1/5 games)

IRL Toy List:
Chastity Cage
Anal Beads
Vibrating Wand
Vibrating Egg
Hush Plug

Old Rules:

I have to train my throat, so for the next 5 matches I have to choose an Oral task if there is one. (5/5 matches)
I must play games with my cage on and my plug inside me. I am allowed to have my wand to help me get to edges. If I get over 30 edges I must ask my opponent to let me cum. They have the option of allowing me out of my cage or not and if I must cum or not. Otherwise I am only allowed to cum in my cage (5/5 consecutive wins)
I must edge for every cum overdrive you get. If I can't edge for some reason the edges add up until I am able to. (0 stored)
Must edge whenever someone preforms an oral task on me (5/5 games)
Instead of rolling to escape hypno I roll to see how many turns my opponents control my actions when I am hypnotized (5/5 wins)
I must edge every cum test and eat all my pre cum (5/5 games)
Locked in chastity IRL (5/5 wins)
Every time someone fucks my ass I need to skip me turn, excluding cum tests (5/5 games)
I must skip the first and last turns of hypnosis (10/10 wins when no other hypno rule is active)
Every time I fail a roll you have to edge (5/5 games)
I must start all my games in bondage and roll to escape (19/19 games)
every time I lose a cum test I have to edge the 'cum overdrive' bar (11/11 games)
hypno/bondage only applies to me, but not my opponent, so I never succeed in tying someone or hypnotizing them (11/11 wins)
I can only break out of hypno/bondage with a 6. (24/24 games)
If I lose I add 1 more game to the counters on all active rules (14/14 wins)
every time I have to skip for bondage or hypno I also need to redraw actions if possible (10/10 games)
I must remove clothing from myself if the option is available and I am free to make my own selection (6/6 wins)
I have been locked in chastity, I can not choose an action that involves my cock (1/1 wins)
When I break out of hypnosis/bondage, I need to recover my strength and skip (9/9 wins)
Whenever my cum overdrive increases I need to edge (7/7 games)
I must edge every cum test. (9/9 games)
For the next 5 games, I can only initiate 3 cum tests per game, when your opponents desire and pleasure aren't at 100 / 100 (5/5)
Any time I am put into an anal cum test I must fail it (18/18 games)

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