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Building a collection of breeding slaves

Hello all Mia here. I am 20 years old and stand at 5'0. I have long silky black hair tied into a ponytail and purple eyes. I have an athletic build with small perky boobs a tight little pussy and a extra surprise ;). Don't be afraid to send me a message if you don't mind taking your chances at being collared and bred by me ;) I am now also looking for a mate so if you think you can be it don't hesitate to drop me a message ;)

== Results from bdsmtest.org ==
100% Switch
92% Rigger
80% Master/Mistress
79% Dominant
78% Primal (Prey)
77% Non-monogamist
76% Submissive
75% Brat
75% Rope bunny
73% Experimentalist
72% Owner
72% Brat tamer
68% Masochist
67% Primal (Hunter)
63% Exhibitionist
60% Vanilla
58% Ageplayer
56% Pet
54% Boy/Girl
52% Slave
49% Sadist
44% Voyeur
44% Daddy/Mommy
36% Degradee
33% Degrader

Special Rules

  1. Anytime someone cums in me or I cum in them action or not a dice is rolled. 1-4 and I am bred or they are bred.
  2. If I am bred or I breed someone then a coin is flipped Heads=Girl Tails=Boy
  3. Hypnosis and bondage-You must roll a 5 or 6 to get out of any hypnosis and bondage actions or you skip your turn

My collared breeding slaves

  1. Diana [Children (1 Girl)]
  2. Lolli
  3. meep
  4. Shannaël
  5. Jesse
  6. Lust [Children (1 Half Succubus Girl in 5 days)]
  7. Kaga [Children (1 Boy)]
  8. Derackz
  9. Tamamo no Mae [Children (3 Girls)]
  10. Sasha Panther [Children (1 Girl)]
  11. Jessie [Children (3 Girls 1 Boy)]
  12. James [Children (1 Boy)]

Diana is the first girl I met here and had a nice fun little battle with. I started off staying in control for the most part until I made her cum first after which she managed to wrestle a little control from me till I came from her strapon. I managed to turn the tables back on Diana, tossing her strapon away as I slowly tortured her to orgasm with a vibrator to win the match. But that wasn’t satisfying enough for me. I tied her wrists and ankles to give me easy access to her pussy, and started fucking her senseless as a prize. She begged desperately for me not to cum inside her, but quickly learned who her master was as I impregnated her over and over. When she was too exhausted to fight, I latched a collar on her neck and leashed it, dragging her to my basement and throwing her into cage #1 as my first breeding slave.

Lolli is now the second girl that I have played against. She made me cum first but then I turned around and made her cum twice in row. Now she is collared and caged #2 right next Diana to be the newest addition of my breeding slaves

meep is my newest breeding slave and is arguably my second favorite breeding slave. She came into the game being good submissive girl and I made her cover my boobs with loads of her cum. For her good behavior I covered her face in my cum so that she could play with my cum as much as she wanted as I fucked her pussy until she convulsed and covered my cock in cum and shot rope of cum out of her cock onto my bed.

Shannaël the genie has given over to her lust to me and now I own her lamp

Jesse is a shy girl. She was very reserved and submissive at the start of our match until I started to hypnotize her and then I teased her relentlessly and fucked her ass until she came all over my floor. After making her cum she fell to her lust and started sucking my cock like her life depended on it until I covered her face in my cum. After covering her face in cum I forced her to fuck my pussy until she exploded inside of me

Lust the succubus thought that she was going to be able to easily beat me in her lair but I proved her wrong by making her cum twice with my cock and covering her face in my cum before breeding her

Kaga challenged me to a match hoping to collar me before Sir Romantic collared me but during the match I had her so hypnotized by the sight and smell of my cock that she ended up being my plaything until she came all over my face. She finally managed to break her hypnosis and forced me to cum inside her needy pussy but even after cumming I continued to pound into her pussy causing her to cum all over my cock. I was then given permission by Sir Romanic to breed her tight little fox pussy

Derackz thought he could make me submit but I keep hypnotizing and binding him until he came in my mouth but then he turned around and made me flood his mouth with my cum. After cumming in his mouth I pushed him down on to his back sliding his cock into my pussy causing him to cum again accidently cumming inside of me

Tamamo no Mae challenged me to a battle believing that she was the real predator over me and she managed to prove that in our first encounter. Tama came into the match thinking that she was going to get an easy victory over me but I proved to be more slippery then the prey she was used to hunting. I keep her hypnotized and bound until she came from my cock ramming into her ass. After she kicked me away from her and latched her mouth on to my cock causing me to cover her face in my cum. After cumming on her face I couldn't resist her pussy and came a second time filling her pussy with my cum. Our second battle came shortly after the first one after relentlessly teasing her about breeding her over and over again. This time the battle started off in her favor as I couldn't keep her under my spell or bound and she was free to battle me at her leisure. Even worse I came to my climax first filling her pussy once again with more of my seed but I didn't let that stop me. I pulled my cock out of her and attacked her pussy with my mouth making her squirt all over my face. After making her cum I managed to keep her under my spell until she was ready to cum again and just as I was about to finish her off she broke out of my spell. She broke away with enough time to finger my pussy for a minute before I pusher her back down and making her cum all over my face once again successfully beating her and making her mine. After making her cum I slide my cock back into her pussy and putting my collar around her neck before pounding her pussy until filling her womb with my cum and giving her 3 baby girl kits.

Sasha Panther thought that just because she was over a foot taller then me and muscle bound that she would break me with ease but she was wrong. I relentlessly teased her with my body and then with her vibrators and toys until I made her cum on my cock. She did manage to pin me down and fuck my ass with her dildo until I came but I didn't let that stop me from making her mine. We battled a nice little back and forth again until she was helplessly cumming on my cock again turning her into my chocolate muscle bound giant

Jessie: I tempted Jessie with my diary of stories of all the girls that I have collared and bred. She accepted my challenge with idea in her mind that she was going to beat me and fuck me with her strap on but I proved to be to much for her. We started off slowly teasing each other as our clothes were removed one piece at a time until we were both finally naked. Once we were both naked she took her chance pushing me over the couch and pounding my pussy with her strap on. I didn't let her get away with that though as I constantly keep attacking her pussy with my mouth until she was on the verge of cumming before finally fucking her pussy from behind making her cum all over my cock. After she came she took control and continued to ride my cock until I exploded inside her pussy breeding her for the first time that night. After filling her pussy with my cum her resistance all but crumbled and I made her cum all over my face. Before I even won our match it went from a battle into a love filled session of making love. After making her cum for the second time I clipped my collar around her neck and bred her for the second time that night. Once we caught our breath I let her have her wish letting her fuck me with her strap on but instead of it being lust filled we were making love as we looked into each others eyes and I unlocked a new power allowing her strap on to become a real cock making her moan louder and louder until she deep inside my pussy breeding me. After she came inside me I quickly pushed her back onto the bed and thrust my cock into her pussy cumming in her for the final time that night as her cock continued to shoot cum all over us until it turned back into her strap on.

James challenged me thinking he would make me bend to his will. Sadly he managed to put me under his spell for the first part of the game teasing me and fucking me until I finally broke his spell. Once I finally broke out of his spell I used my magical pussy to ride him until he filled me with his cum breeding me. After cumming in my pussy he bent me over and fucked my cum filled pussy roughly until I was a quivering mess on his cock but he tired himself out making me cum and I made quick work of him by making him shoot the last of his cum all over my boobs

My Master

Sir Romantic found me as I was scouting through the woods and challenged me to a battle. The battle was sadly one sided as he had more power then me and has now forced me into his servitude. I am his first yellow rose and master executioner. Sir Romantic magically created a yellow rose and its vines green as emeralds wrapped around my neck creating his beautiful collar for me. I now wear a emerald green battle suit with yellow highlights that has a yellow rose pendent on my chest where my heart is. I also carry a emerald green scythe with a silver blade and a yellow rose amulet infused on to each side of the blade. Sir Romantic has also given me a list of rules to follow under his servitude.
Rule 1. Was to describe out battle in my diary of conquests and to say that I am now his servant. I am also the executioner of his enemies.
Rule 2. I get to keep all of my pets and that I deserve them. I also get to keep any enemy I defeat and breed. Targets that Sir Romantic gives me will take priority over all others and I can not breed any of Sir Romantics friends.
Rule 3. In all rooms that we stay together in I will call him either Sir or Sir Romantic and I will obey every order given to me.
Rule 4. If Sir Romantic calls I will go to him no matter what. If I am told to have sex with someone then I must do it no matter what.

Unresolved Challenges

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