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slowly getting back on my feet, short games with a rp are welcome!

Hello Hello hello,
I am Chubbs, a chubby (169cm and around 85kg) German girl with natural red hair, round ass and a nice D-cup.
I'm here to explore my sub side. Since I discovered my sexuality I knew that I'm submissive. I always enjoyed male dominance and everything that comes with it. I'm not saying that I am an experienced sub, I'm far away from that but I'd love to learn and explore more.
I've been in two real life Dom/Sub relationships, the first one was amazing and we both were truly in love. Unfortunately we found out that we were brother and sister had to split up, he moved to the other end of the world (New Zealand) and there was no chance of making that work.
The second one was something to forget, it became abusive and controlling rather quick and I put an end to it. The sex was amazing but that's about it.

Why am I here?
I love sex, I love to masturbate and I love to role-play. I have little experience in role-playing and my English is far from perfect.
I consider myself straight but bi-curious. If I have the choice between cock and pussy I would always go for cock (sorry girls). The same goes for EroFights game.
I really enjoy the classic mode along with some rp, I'm not playing for the win. In fact it might happen that I go quiet for some time, that just means you did a great job and I am enjoying myself and my orgasm.
Interactive is something I want to do more often, I know it might be boring for the guy that gives the instructions. Only do it if you are really into it!
Femdom is something I only tried once, it felt awkward for me and I guess not really enjoyable for my partner either. I'm willing to try that again but only for people that I know a bit better.

The discord server:
I'm logging in every time I am at home and don't have anything else to do. Even if it shows that I am offline I might be browsing my favourite channels #maledom & #hard-bdsm.
My DMs are always open, if I don't reply I might be working.

I might misbehave most of the time maybe a good spanking helps with that!

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