Annie Jo (Level 7) block star_border mail warning

Bisexual brat😜🤪

Rp wrestler
Bi(leans towards girls)
Bit of a jobber (sub)
Energetic and flexible redhead
Competitive, just not very strong
Can you pin me? ;)

(Quick note- I seem to be pretty popular lol so due to the amount of requests I get let me just say I'm flattered but prefer women, strapons, and shemales. If you're a man that wants a match let's have a quick one with no chat, we'll call it "practice". If you win you can dominate me in the chat for 15 minutes! But if I win, I get to edge you for 10!)🤭(probably gonna ignore tho🤭)

I just started the sweetest rivalry with Natasha
We're currently 1-1 with her defeating me more recently.
Both our matches have ended with scissoring and cuddling in our own juices. sigh <3
update I took the lead in our series going 2-1 we didnt scissor this time🥺 but we cuddled and kissed after I bullied her into submission.

I'm not usually a dominating person but I did put my pretty pink collar on my little Latex Slut!
I just love watching her massive breasts bouncing ecstasy as I make her moan with my mouth, ass and fingers!
She already had a collar, but it wasn't as cute as mine, and it didnt have my letters 'AJW'. Which stand for Annie Jo...Wow!

I challenged scarlet to a match and forced her to submit to my superior cunt, as I pounded her into submission!☺🤗🤗 (it sounds mean, but I promise, it was actually very sweet!) We rolled around the mat until she finally fell victim to my skillful hands. We cuddled before I smothered her unconscious under my booty.😜

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access_time Local time: 08:33
send Classic: Has won 6 games and lost 1 games
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send Lesbian Wrestling Ring (LWR): Has won 12 games and lost 16 games
autorenew Is a switch
wc Is bi
public Public games
check Kinks: Feminization, Female domination, Male domination, Anal (male), Anal (female), Chastity belts/cages, Humiliation, Foot fetish, Lick Ass, Cum play, Tickling, Hypnosis, Cock Worship
shopping_cart Toys: Gag, Vibrator, Anal plug, Dildo, Fleshlight, Shackles, Chastity belt/cage


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