Blair the witch (Level 5) mail warning

Looking to RP DM me first and we'll talk~

Heya I'm Blair (she/her) I promise I'm nice out of game but I'm a super competitive brat in game.

I don't tend to go into matchmaking very often nowadays unless I'm bored, but that doesn't mean I'm not willing to play :) Feel free to send me a message anytime and if I see potential/I'm not busy I'll get back to you.

When I'm on-top and winning I like to lord my victory over my opponent, berate them, mocking them and let them know what a total loser they are being beaten by lil ol me :3 Whilst I'am a sub it's only so I don't get matched with other subs who will give up and try to lose early on. I won't go down without a fight!

(However, if I lose somehow, I like it to be rough and humiliating, I want to really taste defeat so don't go easy on me I certainly wouldn't show you any mercy ;) )

I do try when it comes to roleplay and have the most fun when roleplaying with someone who's as into as I am. Constantly short and low effort answers are a real turn off for me ^^"

I plan on becoming the most powerful witch there is and I do so by collecting the sexual energies of my opponents, there have been a few hiccups on that road sure but that wont stop me!

I challenged Romantic for the hentai belt... and lost. I thought my magic would be enough to overwhelm him, double teaming him with a shadow-clone I summoned but he made me and my clone both cum our brains out on each other. Now I'm a yellow rose and 'Assistant Enchantress'

I was defeated by The Collector and taken away from the Romantic estate, I'm now being displayed as an art piece for him and his guests perverted pleasure. After a short stay there I was then transferred to compound 14 where I must now wait until I'm released again...

Blair's tips to not bore a witch
-I always try to rp my character, so please don't try and get me to talk about what I'm doing irl or how I'm feeling etc. We don't know each-other.
-If we get 30mins into the game and I have a feeling you're throwing because being dommed by a goth girl is your dream come true I'll probably just try to rush to the end or say it's not working out and move on. Remember, we should both be trying to win. Don't let the sub tag fool you.
-No I don't want to become your sex slave or cumslut or anything like that unless we've discussed it prior to the game. Of course if I had fun and you seemed pleasant then I'd more than happy to discuss a longer term rp or some kind of rivalry or dynamic we can both have but don't expect it to be the norm

Blairs rule for Blair- I'm really bad at getting back to people in DM's sometimes so please don't assume I'm annoyed or dislike you! I sometimes just forget and then leave them too long and they feel like too much time has gone by that it'll be awkward and them leave them even longer and I'm so sorry to every I've done that to! ^^"

-I have a real knack for destroying and creating clothing, so watch out ;)
-I'm able to summon little tentacle helpers from beyond the veil to toy and demean my opponents
-I'm able to create a mirror image of myself to help outnumber my opponents. However everything the copy feels I also feel leading to some... unexpected situations...

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