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Praise be to Day: Freer of Dru. Breaker of glass cages. First of her name.

Who I Am

My name is Drucillia (my friends can call me Dru... you can call me on a telephone). I'm a 5'7" 34A/28/36 Blonde bombshell wrapped in leather and ready to ruin your life. I'm here to make bets and chew gum... and I'm all out of gum. Guess I will just have to chew you up and spit you out instead :P

About Me

-I am a switch (Who doesn't love being tied up and played with like a toy for a little while every now and then? :D) I will take you on, break you, and make you mine. (Don't simp for me, I will ignore you. I want to win you in battle. :D) Just because I am tied up at the moment DOES NOT mean I will always be tied up... watch your back :P

-I'm a college student so my schedule is a bit weird. I'm not looking for anything more permanent than a little bit of role playing on here. Don't try and send me a thousand pictures of your dicks, or your tits, or whatever... I'm not going to travel somewhere to meet you. Keep it cool. Keep it on here.

What I Will Do To You (my kinks)

-Dom/sub play
-Public Humiliation
-Group Play
-Public Sex
-Pet Play
-Gratuitous Displays of Affection at Inappropriate Times

(For some reason I have 20 Redits)

The Compound

Wearing the C-collar:

(You will wear this collar until your superior (victor of a game of course) takes it off. You are now a slave of Compound 14
Until that day you have to keep this passage in your bio.)

Just Hanging Out At The Compound...


Making New Friends At The Compound...


You Expect Me To Cum Like This?!?!

While my prospects may have changed somewhat... I am confidant that I will still be running this place before they can manage to break me :D
Having escaped my room and clothed myself in whatever mismatched clothes I can borrow from my exhausted victi... Partners I leave in my wake and from the lockers that arnt properly secured in the compound, I am cursed to wander the halls of the compound looking for the exit or my next plaything. Unless they can manage to stop me :/. But, nah. :p

Until her time on the loose came to an end. She did not make it out thank you very much for asking :p Mari locked her up after she tried to suprise sex Mari while she was enjoying watching one of the exhibits. :/

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