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Bi / Dom

Epilepsy Warning! This profile belongs to a girl really into hypno and there might be flashing images. Don't get hypnotized...

Oh, looks like I broke Blankie



Here is my list for bondage battles:

1 sock gag 2 Handcuffs (to restrain my hands) 3 cuffs (to tie up my legs) 4 Collar 5 Vibe egg 6 butt plug

Miss Angel really rocked my world. Whenever she talks to me I can't help but POP POP POP. I love it soooo much.

Ideas for a IRL match:
Keeping fit with EF - Both players contest in a 5/10km run. Whoever finishes their race fastest wins. Bets are encouraged. After each km a message will be sent to the other player to give a status update.
Bet ideas:
-loser will have to start the next race with some humiliating additions (for example butt plug)
-Loser needs to listen to hypno while running
-Winner decides if and how the loser gets to cum

Check out my Maze of Horrors

I have a collar around my neck: "Miss Alice"
is written on it.

Great, I got caged by Miss Ariane

Nico tried to beat me in a wrestling match. The little subby volleyball player soon found out not to mess with me. After being thoroughly dominated the little subby was left a moaning bitch, playing with her nipples as she came.

28 y/o fit gym bunny. Bratty, switchy 100% Tomboy
Competition is everything for me. Love to play volleyball, soccer and other sports. I am bisexual and also have no problem with playing tg people. Not into fantasy charakter stuff though, sorry. Bondage? Yes, please! Humiliation for the loser? Yes, please! Bets? Oh, now we are talking. Kinda a sucker for socks, i know...weird😁 but to each their own. Drop me a message, if you feel like playing, though be aware, I might not be able to answer all.

List of people who I deem so inferior, I will never play with and make fun of them in messages, if I have a good day
Cock-locked Dave




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