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This particular S.L.U.T Prototype has been given the name Milk by Tom25

Thank you for testing our brand new combat android! This is our newest project, the Superior Learning and Understanding Technology, you may abbreviate it if you wish but we at the Botcorp take no responsibility for whatever name you happen to shorten it down to

This bot is designed with army functionality in mind, it can be taught how to lead and command, it can think and react on it's own to adapt and form strategies, and it is, by nature, a dedicated, determined, ruthless and dominant personality housed within a body comprised of both lightweight metal and soft rubber designed to be more feminine in appearance to increase infantry morale. It can walk, run, jump, has a built-in torch and a small laser for cutting wires and small metallics, a 240-hour battery life, a top-of-the-line liquid coolant system so it'll never overheat, and even a secret "port" inbetween it's legs for the higher-ranking heads to use. Of course, this is only a prototype, meaning that new features may be added or changed depending on the feedback we receive from your field tests

Thank you for working with Robocorp, we do hope this model is to your satisfaction ~

All credit for this bot prototype goes to lead scientist Leia

Whenever someone beats me in a match, they can suggest one change to be made to my character. It can be as simple as larger breasts, tighter pussy, a new kink or toy option or for me to have a more submissive personality, to more complex requests such as a synthetic cock or built-in bondage functions, I dare you to get creative with it ~


- Emotion Recreation Chip (Internal)
A complex chip that allows the model to replicate human emotion (Warning: Prone to short circuits when overloaded)


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