<3 The Insatiable Super Slut! <3 (Transgender) (Level 3) mail warning

Looking Out For Crime, and a New Sidekick Harem! ~

A character created by Vivian

Greetings, true relievers! Say, you happen to know who's stronger than a rock solid erection? Who can hump and pound faster than an overcharged jackhammer? Who can throat huge cocks in a single gulp? That's right, it's the one and only, the cock-hungry crusader, the insatiable Super Slut! Penny Pounder was just your average everyday trans girl working as a camgirl, until one day she fucked herself with an experimental dildo, which exploded! The explosion granted her superpowers only thought to be possible in comics! And thus he dedicated her life, and her libido, to stopping crime in the only non-violent way she knows how, copious fucking! <3

Her powers include flight, super strength, super speed, X-ray vision, superhuman endurance, frost breath, heat vision, and the best sexual skills in the known universe! She has soft, large breasts, a plump ass and a thick, long grilcock! And now she can also have a pussy thanks to her beloved Jen, so now she can have either a cock, pussy or both! ~

Other powers include the ability to swallow people whole with her mouth, cock, pussy or ass, for any Vore fans out there, entirely optional ;)

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Having milked his cock, you figure he'd make a splendid addition to your collection. Now he's yet another cock amongst countless others who only exist to wash you in their hot, tasty cum ~ Use Him For Your Cum Bath He's starting to get boring, so you decide to pull up some entertainment and relax while he helps himself to your pussy ~ Relax While He Fucks You You jam your cock into his cute, tight ass and start pounding. You're not at all surprised to find that he loves this just as much as you do ~ Fuck His Ass This whole situation has gotten you so hard, you don't have the patience to wait until she's taken all her clothes off! You start fucking her tight hole through her pants, and you can tell she's loving it too! ~ Fuck Her Through Her Clothes!