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I only able to release in different places. Never repeating the same place. REY

Curses & Achivements

No Nut November 2021 Completed!

No Nut November 2022 Completed!

2021 Challenge: I just can cum when someone allows it during a IRL game. Otherwise I'm in denial. The permission cannot be postponed.

2022 Challenge: Ruin all the orgasm this year unless someone tells me otherwise

- Cum Twice Curse: (byNicole ): I have to Cum IRL If I lose a Cum-Test. My opponent can chose to Ruin it or give me a Full release (5/5).
- Limited amount of edges per day (1-10 edges).
- Edge every time i read 'CUM'. I can safe it for later.

I am a Spanish guy who loves trying new things.

I'm Bisexual but sometimes it's difficult for me to classify myself. Something that I demand of myself and others is to always be polite and respectful of other people's tastes.

I really enjoy playing Classic, Hentai and Interactive (Switch vs Switch) modes. Love long arousing chats, Role Playing and In Real Life play. Don't usually play just to win, I prefer that the actions have a continuity to make it as real as possible for my partner and I.

A deep lover of Tease & Denial, but mostly vanilla in terms of kinks. On Role Playing, Step-something scenarios really turn me on: Step-Mother (my biggest kink) makes me feel more Sub, and Step-Father more Dom. (Not underage things)

If you want to make Bets I turn into a very competitive person, and I take them very seriously. I usually pal in Private mode, but im not close to a Public Game

Acceptable Punishments (I don't enjoy them but i will do them if i lose): CEI, Censored Porn pics (vanilla pics censored) and specially I really hate not been able to touch myself.

(Please avoid bets like "Im a Sub and if you win you can Dom me." Clearly wanting to lose the fight.)

Direct Messages are welcome ;)

Edged until exhaustion by the hot Goddess REY, her thicc body always makes me lose my mind. I can't resist her eye-contact, her stares made me forget about my own pleasure and just wanted to please and served her.

I'm a humble farmer, servant of the sweet Princess Anastasia

I'm Prinz Eugen 's lil Snack

I've hired Slutty Amethyst as my lovely new MAID. I have been told that she is a loyal and loving servant, always ready to please. She will take care of all my needs, with her braids and her cute outfit.
Maid Amethyst

wc Is hetero
autorenew Is a switch
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check Kinks: Female domination, Male domination, Hardcore BDSM, Anal, Feminization, Chastity belts/cages, Pain, Cock and balls torture (CBT), Cuckold, Humiliation, Mocking, Bondage, Foot fetish, Armpits, Tickling, Lick Ass, Threesome/Audience participation, Exhib/Outdoor, Cum play, Hypnosis, Cock Worship, Latex, Medical, Monsters, Alcohol
shopping_cart Toys: Gag, Anal plug, Dildo, Suction dildo, Dildo vibrator, Vibrator, Nipple clamps, Fleshlight, Cockring, Prostate Massager, Collar, Leash, Shackles, Rope, Chastity belt/cage, Rubber band, Shoelace, Crop, Paddle, Full-length mirror


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You saw this coming a mile away, she spills her hot sticky cum all over your face. Your technique was perfect and you got the facial to prove it. Cum on her face! You use her hair to go even faster, making her cum. Her anal orgasm looks intense and she squeezes her asshole as hard as possible, making the action even harder to handle for you. Cum while being fucked in the ass Clearly affected by her charms, you put your cock against her lips. She's not sure if she can take it all in your mouth, but she decides to take a chance. Too much to handle A mix of surprise and excitement appears on her face when I suddenly lift her up. I start licking her wet pussy effortlessly. Up there she is totally at my will. Oral-Lifter You tease his locked up cock until he is straining against the cage and twitching. Chastity Tease You approach her from behind. Without taking off her bra, you grope at her breasts roughly. Foreplay with her bra on You bend her over and thrust your dick deep in her ass. Take her ass This is getting interesting. You make yourself comfortable and enjoy the moment. Enjoying the moment You lock eyes as you blow him, watching his face contort in pleasure as you work him to orgasm. Eye-contact blowjob You don't hold back anymore. You pick him up and fuck him, completely dominating his defenseless body. Full Domination

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