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No Nut November day 30/30

2021 Challenge: I just can cum when someone allows it during a IRL game. Otherwise I'm in denial. The permission cannot be postponed.


I am a Spanish guy who loves trying new things.

I'm Bisexual but sometimes it's difficult for me to classify myself. Something that I demand of myself and others is to always be polite and respectful of other people's tastes.

I really enjoy playing Classic, Hentai and Interactive (Switch vs Switch) modes. Love long arousing chats, Role Playing and In Real Life play. Don't usually play just to win, I prefer that the actions have a continuity to make it as real as possible for my partner and I.

A deep lover of Tease & Denial, but mostly vanilla in terms of kinks. On Role Playing, Step-something scenarios really turn me on.

If you want to make Bets I turn into a very competitive person, and I take them very seriously.
(Please avoid bets like "Im a Sub and if you win you can Dom me." Clearly wanting to lose the fight.)

Direct Messages are welcome ;)

I'm a humble farmer, servant of the sweet Princess Anastasia

I'm Prinz Eugen 's lil Snack

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