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win streak: -1

Hi there, im looking to have some great fun, Be it with a great rp, or with a tight competitive match.. or both!
Anyway there is ill always give my 100% to win and make u embarassed, so fight with caution and no throwing!
But if u end up on top... dont u dare put me in a skirt do it do it do it
I awser faster on discord.. so hit me up there too ^^ DanDan#5090

BETS: Im willing to bet lots of things.. like writing on profile or making a new rule for the loser :3

*For losing to Shirley anytime i get tied up with ropes i must skip a turn, if i get a cum test involving ropes i must cum. (5/5 wins)
*lost to Ollie, so now everytime i have an option to suck a cock, i must do it (0/5 games)
Dice rules: When hypnotized or bound have to roll a d6.. and if i dont have a 5 or 6 i skip, maximum 3 rounds.(talk to me before the match if u want to play like that)

I reaaly like: hypno, femdom, feminization, cum, humiliation, turning people into sluts and beeing a slut ^^
Not really into: scat, blood and exessive pain, a lil spanking never hurt anyone ;)

Win wall: You will end up here if you are not careful ;)

After a super close fight with two orgasm to both sides i managed to beat Iris and cum on her face with my friends


Making Grant cum back to back after he made me cum and got cocky is something will never forget.. (3-0, HE LOST AGAIN LOL, now hes my bitch ^^)

Another cocky one i had to put in place, but this time i went the extra mile and turned Tbone into a lil cum addicted sissy, put him in matching clothes and gave him a facial he´ll never forget..

I had a great fight with Jeanne that ended up with her taking it in the ass like a slut.. and we both know she loved it.

I beat Shelly in a match and after draining her with a machine that later made her stuck, me and my friends gave her a messy finish witch she loved

Me and subcamslut where already friends and talked abt life, so when he lost to me i knew i had to make it special.. so making he take a mixture of his own cum and some other stuff, i turned him into a obidient slut, who i livestreamed to the world making slutty actions, with things that wherent even there! trully a kind of humiliation to suck on a invisible dick, even more to cum by imaginating getting fucked by it.. well this is how he ended up (or at least how he believe he did)

I got into a fight with this kitty and she tried some neat tricks on my behind.. even getting me to cum once. But after i got her cuming for the second time i made sure to give her a rough assfuck that made her pass out after beeing bread.

Came across this succumbus named Komiyo who tried to get feed on my life source straight out of my semen, but i found out her little secret and made her cum twice in the same position, later fucking her so much her mind melted and she could only moan while looking silly.

Subcamslut probably forgot how our last meeting went and accepted my request for another fight with and interesting bet. The loser became a sissy for a week, and as you can see for what side of the wall this is in, i had no problems in FUCKING him so much he could only accept my orders of drinking his own cum mixed with my science straight from a pink dildo. He-... i mean, she.. started feeling the diferences right away, with a new body and a smaller dick, and everytime he tried to talk abt herself, the only thig that could come out was "im a sissy". So she stayed like that for a week till the effect went off.. but im sure she wants more...

Found this newbie wondering arround and tought it was a good idea to show him the ways.. and by that i mean spawn my tentacle friends and make ways inside his holes. That all worked when he finally came to one of the tentacles, but he tought it was over... ooh poor Yukki. As he still didnt knew how to call the slimy friends i tought it would be good to give them some alone time, so i pushed him into theirs house and took a pic right before it all went dark for him, ya can see it right under here

Loss wall: A lil reminder so i dont get cocky..

I had a close match with Vivi, we where both tied on 2 cums each and i was aboutto win, but after she managed to pin down and fuck my ass, all i could do was take it and moan.. . and as she added, like a sissy

After i called Bente a slut multiple times, she must have gotten angry. Beacause after she finished draining me with her beatifull ass, she made me suck on a dildo and admit i was the real slut >///<

Despite my confidence and doing the fucking most of the match, Avery´s tight ass managed to milk my cock multiple times

I gotta say, i came out of the sky with parachutes for this title match against Saduharta Ramangini. But when i least noticed, i was having one of the best matches of my life, so intense and descriptive as it ever got. It started well for me and submissive for her, but it turned upside down when her agility made me end up on my knees, and after that, things got even worse for me as she tied me up in a way i coudnt escape, even making me cum like that. After that, she let me free, only to push me in the ground and pound my ass.. But! thanks to a drink herself gave me, i got my stamina back and held her in missionary till she came. Tho after that, i was got ahead of myself forcing her to orgasm, but that all backfired as she put a devilsh device on my alredy rock hard cock that made me cum out of the sheer intensety of it. After all that i figured she was still not done due to her still hard dick, so i asked her what i could do to help release all that tension i had caused. She told me to lay on the bed as she fucked me with all of her cock size, beacause of the position she was able to put it all inside me, making me cum again right as she came deep inside me after making my hole gape and my insides twisted. After that i went to sleep with a deep feeling of emptyness in my ass. But i still think i need to find her again and give her payback.

Tournment fun matches, not all of them.. but the most interesting...

My first Tournament ! and my first Tournament loss too.. Kendra beat me by milking my cock with her beatiful titts... there are worse ways to lose.. and i even gave her a facial... but right there i started planning my revenge...

Finally! after some weeks of plotting i finally got my revenge on Kendra. I challanged her to a jobbers match with a new kind of bet.. the loser would go to become a slave at coumpond 14. It was risky... and the shot almost came backwards.. but in the end i managed to put her in her place, and as revenge she is now serving as a buttslut, getting fucked all day and night in the ass.. really a losers treatment. and it makes me so happy to look at.

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