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I got told that the pentagram in my profile picture makes it look feminine, that I was at first my opinion then I asked some other people and they agreed, do with this information as you wish (maybe feminization, wouldn't mind trying it out/I am kind of interested in it and now I've got more of a reason to explore it)

!Bi but prefer games with female characters due to the lack of mm actions in hentai in my opinion(I can try having a game if you'd like though)!
Hey, I don't know what to say on here but you can call me Moth.
I've got thick dark brown hair, light skin and a 6 foot stature with shoes on, but as I mainly walk around bare foot (which foot fetishist love) I'm like 5foot11&1/2
Even though as much as it hurts I like to fantasize of getting my hair pulled and toyed with, I also enjoy bass heavy music as well as eargasms.

Current rp idea? LINK DOWN BELOW feel free to dm any time and propose an idea or game, I should probably mention, I'm not great at socialising so hopefully things go smoothly.
take care everyone and thank you for taking your time to read
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